Why Liquid Proof Gloves Have High Absorbency?

11 May, 2022

By hqt

Liquid Proof Gloves
Liquid Proof Gloves

Our hands are everything, we can do anything. Therefore, we need to cherish our hands, protect and cherish them. Today, there are labor protection liquid proof gloves for you to work with peace of mind and improve work efficiency.

You will no longer have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your hands, or getting hurt by sharp objects. Actually gloves have been around for a long time, around the 80s but very simple, and not as specialized as now. With innovation and advanced technology, these gloves have been transformed with many materials suitable for all fields.

How many types of work gloves are there?

  • Glove fabric
  • Fabric work gloves
  • Medical protective gloves

This product is very familiar to our daily life. It is usually made of many different fabrics but all have the same purpose of protecting the hands. This type of liquid proof gloves is often used in agriculture, assembling components, and electronic equipment. Or produce plastic, personal items, paint, make glue.

Cotton fabric gloves: high absorbency and breathability

Cotton is a fabric made entirely of cotton fibers, very soft. So when you wear it, it will feel very soft, not too hard. In addition, high absorbency, breathability, and coolness help keep hands from getting sweaty.

Today, modern technology produces a pair of gloves with high durability from cotton fibers. But looking at the outside of cotton gloves, it will feel very rough and the price is a bit eye-catching.

Poly fabric gloves

This type of liquid proof gloves is made from 100% polyester, available in yarn or wool form. Highly resistant to dirt and mold, so it will last longer. In addition, it has poor moisture absorption so you don't have to worry about getting wet when working in a humid environment.

The price is cheaper than cotton gloves. But it will make our hands feel hot and wet with sweat because of its water resistance. It will be a pair of cheap labor safety gloves that are safe for your hands.

Canvas Gloves: good fire resistance

The canvas is made from double-sided, waterproof hemp fiber with a plastic coating. Liquid proof gloves have good sun protection, good fire resistance, protects hands from the impact of heat and fire. Because of this feature, it will be used in glass-making, baking, and foundries.

Medical gloves

Commonly used to prevent viral and bacterial infections, maintain hygiene. Compact design covers the table from finger to wrist. It comes of rubber, so it is very soft and gentle to the user. In addition to the medical field, it is also used in spas, laboratories, the production of thin electronic devices, etc.

Nitrile medical gloves

This glove is made from synthetic rubber, an improvement over normal medical glove. Because of liquid proof gloves high strength, puncture resistance, toughness, longer service life. Resistant to many harmful chemicals and protects hands.

The cost of this type of gloves will be slightly higher than normal gloves. Especially in this type of gloves there is a non-stick powder to the hands to make it easier to put on and take off.

Vinyl medical gloves: commonly in all fields

Liquid Proof Gloves 2022

Produced from PVC plastic is a type of medical work gloves, used quite commonly in all fields. It has a thin transparent white color and is more difficult to use, so the price is quite cheap. If you want to use liquid proof gloves for a short time, you should choose this product. Products are used in beauty such as hair dye, nail polish, cooking. This type does not have powder inside, so it is difficult to wear and hug the hand more tightly.

Insulated protective gloves

Electricity is a highly dangerous and unpredictable profession. So even if it's busy or urgent, don't forget insulating gloves. The main component is rubber but has high durability and stability.

The appropriate design makes the user more flexible, easy to operate, and has good elasticity. Composed of three layers including lining, insulating rubber layer, protective hand skin provides safety.

Labor protection liquid proof gloves and how to use?

Whether the product is worth more or less depends on how we use it. For cloth gloves we only need to wash, dry and reuse, they can be used for a long time. But can also be used once if you work in a chemical environment, sparks.

As for medical gloves, it is attached to single use. But because it is quite thin, it needs to be gentle while using or wearing to ensure the quality of gloves.

Anti-cutting safety gloves are products that protect users when working in environments that easily injure hands such as metal forging, glass-making. Cut resistant gloves are made from a variety of materials. After that, liquid proof gloves will be sewn with a layer of anti-cutting coating. Cut resistance is best when the coating is made of good materials. It usually comes from Nitrile and Latex rubber. 

The thicker the coating, the higher the cut resistance, leading to an increase in the price will be. Therefore, you need to consider the environment you will be exposed to choose the most suitable pair of cutting gloves!

Application of good cut resistant gloves

A good pair of cut-resistant gloves is usually made from Spectra yarn. Commonly used in the food processing industry. Because it feels comfortable, highly sensitive, lightweight, extremely flexible.

Liquid proof gloves made from Kevlar and Para-Aramid also features heat resistance. Used in the field of metal fabrication, glass.

Cut resistant iron gloves have high cut resistance and wear resistance. The links can be broken but can be fixed.

Check for holes, cracks, or tears before use

Gloves must be used properly, not too loose or too tight

Do not use cut-resistant gloves when working with power-powered cutting blades, saw blades

Gloves need to be cleaned after each use

The manufacturer's instructions should be followed when cleaning gloves

The usage time of cut-resistant gloves depends on the frequency of use, the purpose of use and the way of cleaning and storage

Liquid proof gloves are also considered an important protective item for our body. During the working process, no one can guarantee that there will be no risks. So prevention is always an effective measure. With different types of gloves will bring different effects.