• Rubber
  • Uncoated
  • PU
  • Water-based PU
  • Nitrile / Smooth Nitrile
  • Sandy Nitrile
  • Foam Nitrile
  • Crinkle Latex
  • Foam Latex
  • Sandy Latex
  • PVC



  • Aramid fiber
  • Cotton Interlock
  • Nylon
  • Cotton Jersey
  • Polyester
  • Terrycloth
  • Spandex
  • CoolMax
  • Polycotton
  • Flocking
  • Acrylic
  • Carbon
  • HPPE
  • Glass fiber
  • Steel fiber


Cut Level

  • ANSI A2 / CE B / 3
  • ANSI A3 / CE C / 5
  • ANSI A4 / CE D
  • ANSI A5 / CE E
  • ANSI A6 / CE F
  • ANSI A7
  • ANSI A8
  • ANSI A9


Manufacturing Gloves:


These gloves provide your hands with an ample amount of safety to avoid certain tragic situations when your limb or life is in danger. There is a possibility that you won't even be told at your workplace why you need to wear this gear - only that it's mandatory. You're continually reminded to utilize suitable personal protective equipment when working with sharp objects or caustic liquids (PPE).


Benefits Of Using These Manufacturing Gloves:


If you are working in any factory as a manufacturer, these gloves are a must-have protection tool that helps to protect workers from contusions caused by the unknown dangers that can occur at work.


Shielding Against Heat:


The workplace is tricky to work in sometimes because of a sequence of temperature swings or you might need to touch hot objects frequently. Working in such an atmosphere might be intimidating unless you have the right tools. Workers will be better able to cope with such significant changes and their health will be protected if they wear such versatile safety equipment. This tool made it simple to work in a sophisticated factory environment.


Protection against Cut & Burn:


Using these manufacturing gloves helps to reduce the risk of cuts and burns that are common in such industrial or factory settings. If an employer follows certain essential measures to provide a quality and stress-free working environment for employees. Safety hand gloves are an indispensable piece of protective gear that provides several advantages to employees.


Electric Shock Resistance:


While working in a computer or electronic manufacturing industry you might be at risk of electric shocks. The electric safety gloves have a high dielectric and raw endurance, as well as being versatile and long-lasting, ensuring the user's comfort. These manufacturing gloves are characterized by the power supply they can handle, protecting the user from electric shock.


Prevent The Loss Of Fingers Or Hands:


When working with potentially dangerous machinery, it is obligatory to assure and encourage its use in manufacturing. Your manufacturing gloves really shouldn't rust or erode, and even at low temperatures, they should remain flexible. For this purpose, NMSafety cut and impact resistant range of these safety gloves gonna be your top favorite as they are made of synthetic rubber which offers a great deal of dexterity as well as coated perfectly to maintain comfort while not losing on its main purpose.


Some Best Safety Gloves Ideal For Manufacturing Industries:


Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid:


This cut-resistant A4/D sleeve going to be your top pick because of its versatility, elevated level of comfort, protection, and whatnot. They’re made of aramid, glass, and spandex knitted fiber that add a plus point to make them flexible. One of the main benefits is that they're made of lightweight material that won't put any strain on your arms and silicon cuffs are ideal to provide slip resistance. These cut-resistant sleeves provide the coverage you need and may be worn for a variety of occasions.


Cut Resistant A5/E Sleeve:


It has an amazing rubberized fabric that protects you from cuts and bruises. Cut resistant A5/E sleeve is probably one of the most popular options. This cut-resistant sleeve is a fantastic miraculous solution for literally saving your existence and limb. It provides your arm an A5 level of protection against sharp objects like a piece of jagged steel. This HPPE and glass fiber-made knitted sleeve can ideally be used to minimize the risk of Knicks, bruises, and punctures as employees are routinely engaged with manual handling or constricted tasks.


Features You Must Consider Before Buying Your Gloves:


Look For Breathability & Comfort:


Polyester is one of the most popular fabrics for manufacturing gloves and many other applications. If you're wearing these high-quality polyester-made gloves, irritation from sweat is nearly escapable. Exposure of this material to your skin gives the particle's ability to maintain the body temperature while retaining the hot air seems to be quite good. In addition, its soft texture going to makes them worthy and provides the appropriate amount of comfort to the wearer.


Look For Right Size And Advanced Grip:


Size is the key to getting an elevated level of comfort and grip. Your gloves shouldn’t be loosely fitted so that they may drop or agitate you while working nor they should tightly be fitted so that they may interfere with your comfort level. The grip is related to the right fitting and coating material.


The Best Material For Manufacturing Gloves:


  • It is the most believable thought that only cotton and Dyneema gloves are cut-resistant by creation. Here we going to introduce one of the best gloves that are manufacturing gloves, well-curated from super absorbent fibers that we have discussed above. On the other hand, these going to provide you with cut resistance more than the leather and many others. With so many opportunities available, you may feel thankful, so consider these considerations to make you take the gloves that are right for you because your hands are one of your most efficient parts for you that is why the selection of the appropriate protective gloves for your profession and hand’s care is extremely important.


  • When it comes to chemical protection, neoprene is an ideal material because it is effective against grease, fat, aromatic compounds, and chemicals. Chloroprene is known by the trademark Neoprene. Chloroprene is a composite material consisting of rubber with superior thermal insulation qualities.




“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. If you work in a factory and your job puts any type of strain on your hand, safety gloves are a must. You should shop these manufacturing gloves at NMSafety for a comfortable yet appropriate safety because they guarantee the quality for which you are paying.