Logistics & Warehouse



  • Nitrile / Smooth Nitrile
  • Sandy Nitrile
  • Foam Nitrile
  • Crinkle Latex
  • Foam Latex
  • Sandy Latex
  • PVC
  • Rubber
  • Uncoated
  • PU
  • Water-based PU



  • Spandex
  • CoolMax
  • Polycotton
  • Flocking
  • Acrylic
  • Carbon
  • HPPE
  • Glass fiber
  • Steel fiber
  • Aramid fiber
  • Cotton Interlock
  • Nylon
  • Cotton Jersey
  • Polyester
  • Terrycloth


Cut Level

  • ANSI A4 / CE D
  • ANSI A5 / CE E
  • ANSI A6 / CE F
  • ANSI A2 / CE B / 3
  • ANSI A3 / CE C / 5


What Are Logistics & Warehouse Gloves?


Warehouse employees are exposed to risky scenarios daily; packages or containers could fall on them, they could get a puncture from a pallet in their hand, or they could slide on an unclean spill. Every company's warehouse protection and managing risk are two top concerns. When there are no other options for avoiding or limiting these conditions, it's time to put your PPE on. During the period of their working shift, warehouse PPE aims to safeguard employees from certain potential threats. At NMSafety these logistics gloves are available in a huge variety that performs their functions accurately while not missing out on comfort and dexterity.


Advantages Of Using Logistics & Warehouse Gloves:


Using logistic gloves to gain optimal protection for your hands is essential. Transporting items and other warehouse activities manually is a strenuous task for your hands. The most critical gear you'll need to work in a warehouse is your hands. Working in a warehouse exposes you to a variety of hazards that could impair your health.


  1. Capability of Doing Tasks Tactfully:


All logistic and warehousing tasks may pose a distinct risk, so it's crucial to make sure that employees have the right protection to let them complete their work to the best of their skill levels while remaining protected all the time. There are numerous jobs and activities within a logistics organization, including packaging, loading, material handling, and transportation.


  1. Protection against Cuts and Abrasions:


Workers can reduce the chance of cuts and bruises in the workplace by donning these cut-resistant gloves in extreme applications, and they can feel more skilled in recognizing that they are suitable to accomplish the task at hand. Cut-resistant gloves, first and primarily, protect employees' hands from nicks, cuts, and bruising while dealing with metal, knives, and other sharp tools. Though not every industrial cut-resistant glove is made equal, a good pair of cut-resistant gloves can make a big difference in a worker's physical protection.


  1. Prevention of RMIs That Warehouse Workers Are At Risk:


Carpal tunnel disorder is a neuromuscular condition caused by repetitive actions, improper postures, and overexertion. These gloves are specially designed to provide an incredibly comfortable fit and support musculoskeletal health, lowering the risk of injury from longer and frequent hand movements. Not only that but HAVS are also seen In warehouse workers, the use of these logistic gloves going to prevent you from the most common cause of injuries which is inappropriate physical movement and control.


Categories Of Gloves That Can Be Used In Logistics & Warehousing:


Polyester and Polyamide Gloves:


These warehouse gloves can protect the warehouse personnel from heat better because polyester/fiberglass/nylon is the material that ensures the safety of your hands and fingers in industrial settings and delivers a perfect grip to drivers. After all, they not only offer heat and oil resistance but also allow for lightweight construction with an in-built quality to protect against abrasions and cuts.


Knitted Gloves:


People who are at risk of skin punctures should prioritize these gloves because they can incorporate safety into the user's hand when it comes into contact with needles, blades, or other sharp objects. After all, these gloves are made of woven Kevlar or can be manufactured to look like fish skin.


Chemical Resistant Gloves:


There could be certain potential hazards, such as flammable, toxic chemicals, explosives or gases, or a health hazard, potentially causing mild or severe medical issues. Irritators, contaminants, peroxides, and carcinogens are all potential health concerns. We have a variety of gloves available that protect you from certain chemicals. Neoprene, butyl rubber, and other similar materials are used.


Leather and Aluminized Gloves:


These materials make these logistics gloves not only resistant to extreme heat but also remarkably adaptable and simple to deal with these things are strongly shielded and carefully stitched together with durable Kevlar fabric thanks to an outer coating of aluminum-infused cloth aluminized gloves are particularly fit for welding operations and performing job responsibilities using high-heat burners since they are designed to work with extreme heat.


Role of Coated and Uncoated Gloves in Logistics & Warehouse:


Coated gloves offer some more resistance versus uncoated ones but typically won't shield you against burns or ruptures. Due to the obvious thinness of the cotton fabric, these are best as preventing tiny cuts, abrasion, and splinters during logistics activities. Polyester gloves are among the most popular type of work gloves in the economy because these offer the utmost basic level of protection for most activities. Compared to coated gloves, uncoated gloves offer more breathability and maneuverability. They eliminate the chance of harming the surroundings or the items with coatings.


Some ideal Logistics and Warehouse Gloves:


CoolMax® Foam Latex Coated Gloves:


These Foam Latex Coated gloves offer you a great deal of all the above-mentioned qualities but thermal & shock resistance is one of the main things that can never be ignored while buying your gloves. Not only that these logistics gloves protect their wearer from certain airborne infections.


Cut Resistant A6/F Sleeve with Thumbhole:


These sleeves are incomparable to use as PPE in warehouses because of the A6 cut resistance level they provide and the materials like 13 gauge polyester & spandex & HPPE & Steel fiber & Aramid fiber knitted sleeve with which it is made are enough to protect you against many severe risks where it is impossible to keep your limb safe.




Now you have acknowledged all possible aspects to which wearing these logistics & warehouse gloves is important and on what levels they can protect you. We strongly believe that ‘Catchy prevention is better than cure slogans list’ so before wasting your time buy your gloves now as they are available everywhere in the market or online in a huge variety. We recommend you to purchase your gloves from NMSafety if you want premium materials that provide certain protection as they are the only reliable vendor who never fails to impress with the quality.