• Uncoated
  • PU
  • Nitrile / Smooth Nitrile



  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Spandex
  • Polycotton
  • Flocking
  • Carbon


Electronics Assembly Gloves And Their Significance:


These electronic assembly gloves are exemplary due to their skillful tactics. Electrostatic discharge is a major fret while working with PCBs and other tricky electrical equipment, which can be minimized by wearing these proper attires. These anti-static gloves, often reputed as ESD gloves and are extremely beneficial in worksites that implement the ANSI/ESD s20.20 regulation. Moreover, these gloves must useful in different anti-static tasks including electronics assembly and handling tactful electrical systems.


Characteristics Of These Electronic Assembly Gloves:


When you think about the pros and uniqueness of these electronic assembly gloves, these gloves going to proffer you with the most worthy features. Some of their significant features are as follows:


  1. Precise Efficiency:


These electronics assembly gloves have all been chosen for a plethora of reasons: some are meant to be anti-static, whereas others are meant to be shock-resistant. For routine work and visualizing these gloves are great for observing and working on electrical components without impacting their functionality.


  1. Prevention of Cut and Lacerations:


Hands are confronted with a variety of risks in the job. Worker's rights mandate the use of cut-resistant gloves to protect hands from potential risks. These gloves are designed to protect users' hands not just from lint pollution, but also from sudden cut damage. If workers do not wear these electronic assembly gloves, their hands are always at risk of being harmed by sharp corners, experience severe ergonomic stress, slips, trips, and falls, and come into contact with crossfire, and burrs of parts.


  1. Electrostatic Protection:


You must surround your hands with these electronic assembly gloves to avoid injury from static electricity. Electrostatic charges are channeled towards the body, where they are diffused in the air and expelled into the ground, these wholly protective gloves preventing them from transferring from the hand to the dealt objects.


  1. Avoid Sudden Accidents:


The objective of these safety gloves is to prevent or reduce damage to the fingers, hands, wrists, and lower arms. Extensively in various cases, proper hand shielding also aids in the prevention of death. There are numerous services and solutions available to ensure that workers are adequately protected. In this regard, these electrical insulating gloves are a must-have as there is a dearth of understanding for electrical safety items in many companies until an incident occurs.


4 Things You Must Consider When Buying Your Electronics Gloves:




Gradually, the price of new gloves will increase. Fabric gloves are recyclable, and rubber-made gloves are less expensive than other options. The glove's price will be determined primarily by the material you select.


Safety Concerns At Your Workplace:


Be careful about your employees, have a check if they are allergic to certain materials as they might have latex hypersensitivity. This is a basic requirement in the decision-making approach.


Objective: Assembly versus Handling:


In the first place, you should identify why do you want to wear ESD gloves? If dealing with electrostatic charge dissipation ESD is your go then make sure that the electronics assembly gloves you have worn are enough to protect you against electrostatic dissipation ESD or shocks, or sparks when you’re potentially at risk.


Chemical Interaction:


Dangerous liquids like chemicals or acid are usually found in the working environment and what sort of impact do they have on the gloves you are utilizing. The second important thing is what sort of synthetic compounds are utilized in making such gloves because certain substance reactivity’s are bad to work with.


Shock Resistance:


For the ideal degree of ESD safety, a glove ought to provide. It essentially figuring out how proficiently the glove conducts power and whether it diminishes the occurrence of electrostatic release.


Where To Use Electronics Gloves?


  • Construction and assembly of a high-end computer.
  • Industry of Chemicals.
  • Dealing with gadgets that are static-sensitive.
  • Operating in a Circuit Board Factory Site.
  • When it comes to working with smart devices, there are a few things to keep in mind.
  • Packaging and manufacturing with absolute accuracy.
  • Construction and assembly of a high-end computer.
  • Repairs and upgrades for smartphones and other devices are available.


Our Top Picks Among All Electronics Gloves:


ESD PU Fingertips Coated Antistatic Gloves


ESD PU fingertips coated gloves are the finest gloves that will surprise you with many advanced effects — it has an amazing shock-absorbing fabric that protects you from short circuits, explosions, and shocks, and keeps your sensitive equipment preserved because they are made of 13 gauge nylon and carbon knitted liner making them a strong Insulating material saving you from electrical shocks, while PU fingertips coating are good to be ESD materials safeguard your specialized equipment. Furthermore, the use of these electronic assembly gloves can prevent sparks and tragedies.


ESD Knitted Antistatic Gloves


Whenever you’re handling any electronic or part of electronics using these ESD knitted anti-static gloves will never disappoint you. You can choose them when it comes to 10/10 protection against touch and tension charging. It has everything you need in your electronics assembly gloves because of 13- gauge nylon containing irresistible carbon. The major turning point is that they’re not coated and still give the incomparable electrical resistance as well as keep you and your equipment safe from certain hazards like an explosion, sparks, or shock. They are knitted which means that they’re extremely comfortable and a classic choice to be worn.


Final Thoughts:


Here, you've learned everything you must know about electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe gloves or electronics assembly gloves and why they should be worn. All you have to do now is order your gloves from a reputable retailer. We recommend NMSafety since their gloves are genuine and come in a wide variety of styles, making it simple to implement them as a preventive step on your job site, such as while installing equipment.