5 Popular Types of Impact Resistant Gloves Today

11 May, 2022

By hqt

Impact Resistant Gloves

Impact resistant gloves are indispensable equipment in the process of working with sharp objects. Therefore, it is better to actively protect yourself against unexpected risks by using gloves.

So, what is the structure of this impact cut resistant glove and what is the best one today? Let's explore with us.

What is Impact Cut Resistant Gloves?

Anti-cut gloves are a product made of sturdy, super-durable impact material, for high comfort in use. Thanks to cut-resistant gloves, you can protect your hands from sharp obstacles when working in production, food processing, mechanical industry, construction.

Structure of impact resistant gloves

Basically, impact cut resistant gloves made of thick, super hard and super durable materials, consisting of many small stainless-steel threads linked together. Each 0.05mm diameter steel thread contains Special Polyester, Stainless Steel Wire, Polyester and Elastic Thread composition in the ratio 44:46:9:1.

Because of the structure of the super strong chain, the gloves can give extremely effective anti-cut and anti-scratch effects during work. Besides, the glove design is also very tight, comfortable, relative weight, anti-slip, breathable, and durable.

In addition, in some high-class cut-resistant gloves, people also design more layers of anti-corrosion materials or equip an inner lining, to limit the possibility of being hit by small sharp objects such as needles.

Uses of impact resistant gloves

Cut resistant impact gloves should use as a non-separation tool in the following cases:

  • Producing and processing seafood products
  • The work of slaughtering cattle and poultry
  • Mechanical manufacturing industry, wood, ...
  • Glass maker, iron worker, chef...
  • The recycling and waste treatment industry…

Cut resistant impact gloves often use in heavy industry

What are protective gloves? Why are they important and what are the main categories? Knowing these things will help you better understand the importance of safety gloves as well as make the most appropriate choice.

What are protective gloves?

Protective gloves are necessary equipment to protect hands against external agents such as water, chemicals, cuts, burns... That's why impact resistant gloves made from many different materials, design for each separate environment.

The hands are the place exposed to the most hazards when working. Therefore, the use of protective gloves plays an extremely important role. Each different type of glove will design to provide maximum protection against external harmful agents such as: 

  • Water, cold climate
  • Occupational injury
  • Cleaning chemicals, corrosive toxic chemicals
  • Cuts, scratches from sharp objects, metal ...
  • Heat, arc
  • Electricity

In addition to protecting workers' hands during work, using gloves also aims to ensure hygiene and safety, especially in the fields related to food, electronics, and electromagnetism.

The most popular types of impact resistant gloves today

Impact Resistant Gloves 2022

Depending on the nature of the work, each line of protective gloves will correspond to different protection capabilities. Therefore, choosing the right glove line plays an extremely important role. Here are some of the most commonly used protective gloves today, for your reference.

Medical gloves

This is a popular line of protective gloves used in medical and applications such as tattooing, cosmetology. They made mainly of natural rubber or synthetic rubber to ensure safety during the process work, especially surgery.

Fabric/fiber/cotton protective gloves

Fabric, yarn/cotton are common materials used to make protective gloves. Most of these impact resistant gloves use in fields such as construction, gardening, motorcycle and car repair, etc.

Protective rubber gloves

Rubber considers a "golden" material used to produce protective gloves thanks to its many outstanding advantages. They often apply in fields such as industry, food processing, household.

Plastic/rubber coated cloth gloves

This is an upgraded version of the yarn, wool, and fabric glove line. They coat with an additional layer of plastic or rubber to increase grip and friction to support more effective work.

Protective leather gloves

Leather gloves provide good grip, insulation and durability. In particular, they have the ability to retain heat, so impact resistant gloves widely use in the role of keeping warm or jobs such as welding mounds.

Cut resistant protective gloves

This line of gloves can made of rubber or better yet Kevlar to help protect workers' hands against cuts or contact with sharp objects.

Chemical resistant protective gloves

Usually, this line of gloves will made of mainly rubber material. Depending on the chemical level, the glove will have many different features integrated.

Heatproof gloves

The most common type is household gloves. More specialized will be gloves that support jobs in direct contact with high temperatures. Therefore, depending on the temperature, the impact resistant gloves structure will also be different.

Protective gloves against vibration and impact

This glove line commonly uses in fields such as manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, electronics, etc.

What are protective gloves? What types are there? Hope the above information has helped you to answer the above questions. Besides choosing the right type of gloves, finding a quality brand and reputable supplier also plays an important role that consumers need to pay attention to.

Every day, household chores such as cooking, washing, gardening, cleaning, washing dishes... need to wear rubber gloves. Non-tear, durable rubber impact resistant gloves help you save a lot of money buying new. But not always rubber gloves carefully preserve how to make rubber gloves do not tear is a process.

Latex gloves do not tear if stored carefully

After using latex gloves, you need to store rubber gloves in an easy-to-find place, away from sharp objects such as knives, scissors, etc. Because sharing items together will make gloves taller. rubber easily mixes with them and causes unexpected tears.

Nam Long rubber gloves

It is best to have a small glove compartment for easy access. Besides, in the working process, depending on the nature and purpose of the work. Choose the appropriate type of rubber impact resistant gloves.

There are jobs that only need to use short-sleeved, thin rubber gloves. There are jobs that need thick and long rubber gloves, etc. For jobs that come in contact with toxic chemicals, even use a pair of specialized rubber gloves because of the toxicity of the acid. It is also easy to make the gloves worn, damaged and easy to tear.

Latex gloves do not tear if used carefully. Although the price of rubber gloves in the market is not high, even if you buy them in bulk, the "cheap" price can use comfortably.

However, the disposal of impact resistant gloves also affects the environment.

Tips to preserve rubber gloves so that rubber gloves do not tear

Each type of rubber glove has its own rules of use, so you need to strictly follow this regulation. For example: Disposable rubber gloves should only use once should not reuse because there will be a risk of infection and health effects.

Avoid exposure to high temperatures and acids for a long time

The disadvantage of ordinary rubber gloves is the high temperature and acid. So, to prevent the gloves from damage quickly, you need to store the gloves well, avoid exposure to high temperatures and strong acids. Absolutely do not soak impact resistant gloves in chemicals, especially acids for too long.