• Water-based PU
  • Nitrile / Smooth Nitrile
  • Sandy Nitrile
  • Foam Nitrile
  • Crinkle Latex
  • Foam Latex
  • Sandy Latex
  • PVC
  • Rubber
  • Uncoated
  • PU



  • Polyester
  • Terrycloth
  • Spandex
  • CoolMax
  • Polycotton
  • Flocking
  • Acrylic
  • Carbon
  • HPPE
  • Glass fiber
  • Steel fiber
  • Aramid fiber
  • Cotton Interlock
  • Nylon
  • Cotton Jersey


Cut Level

  • ANSI A3 / CE C / 5
  • ANSI A4 / CE D
  • ANSI A5 / CE E
  • ANSI A6 / CE F
  • ANSI A7
  • ANSI A8
  • ANSI A9
  • ANSI A2 / CE B / 3


Why do industrial settings need safety gloves?


Although the industrial environment has become sophisticated, workplace accidents remain a significant risk. Because the human hand is one of the most commonly used tools in an industrial setting, improper care or attention can often result in disastrous circumstances. Sharp objects, heat and cold, chemical burns, contact dermatitis, and various communicable diseases are all hazards that industrial safety gloves help to protect against.


Types of Industrial Gloves:

Here are some different types of industrial gloves:


  • Handling Gloves:


Handling gloves are made to provide maximum comfort while also protecting against cold, dielectric materials, chemicals, cuts, and other hazards. They are well-known for their protection, flexibility, and comfort. Furthermore, these gloves are intended for professionals working in a variety of industrial fields. They are ideal for manipulating abrasive objects in oily environments while avoiding cuts. Building trades, tiling, precision mechanics, maintenance, and the handling of sharp, slippery parts are all examples of applications.


  • Anti-slash Gloves:


These Gloves are primarily composed of Kevlar twill which provides maximum protection against scratching and slash injuries. Back mesh for oxygenation and ease. At NMsafety, an ideal Safety Glove Supplier offers you a wide spectrum of industrial gloves at affordable rates. Soft pearl leather fabric covers the palm, index finger, and side of the hand. A 3" safety cuff adds extra wrist protection. Kevlar twill is entirely made of Kevlar.


  • Fingerless Gloves:


Riders and motorcyclists wear fingerless gloves to improve grip on the handlebars, whereas skateboarders and bike riders wear them to protect their palms and add grip in the case of accidents. Fingerless gloves are better for waterproofing and ventilation in hot climates, while full-finger gloves keep your hands warm and useful in cold environments. When working with weapons and other equipment, proper fit is essential.


  • The Heat Resistant Glove:


If you working in a bakery or a hot condition, you must need a heat-resistant glove that protects your fingertips from being burnt badly. Heat-resistant gloves insulate the hands and protect them from high temperatures. Some fibers, such as aramid, are naturally heat resistant, whereas other gloves include thermal protection to keep hot temperatures away from the skin.


  • The Critical Defense Glove:


Defense gloves are ideal for protecting your hands from a variety of physical threats such as bruising, cutting, and slashing. Police officers, security guards, bouncers, bodyguards, and anyone else who works in an environment where physical harm is a real possibility should wear defense gloves.


Why Industrial Gloves Is A Point Of Concern?


In the industrial setting, dangers are all around us. Because of the complexities of such jobs, there is a high risk of serious health hazards. Every employer bears the primary responsibility for ensuring that effective safety and health management strategy is in place to protect their employees' wellbeing. Safety Glove Supplier offers you a wide spectrum of industrial gloves, their safety precautions are given below:


  • Aside from adjusting to safety precautions, workers must be given proper safety equipment such as protective hand wear to protect their hands from sudden injuries.


  • Industrial safety is a critical job that necessitates meticulous care and attention; even minor mistakes in this area can have dire effects.


  • Protective hand gloves are a crucial safety tool that offers several benefits to wearers. The effects produced would be great if a commercial enterprise took the advocated efforts in the direction of supplying workers with quality and unhazardous working surroundings.


Why not wearing safety gloves is dangerous for industrial workers:


Risks cannot be eliminated, but they can be greatly reduced if significant precautions must be taken. The following are the top four advantages and reasons to wear safety gloves:


  1.  Prevents Punctures And Needle Injuries:

Safety gloves vary from regular hand gloves in that they protect that a regular safety glove cannot. Its tough and sturdy construction protects against punctures and needle injuries that may occur if the wearer would not use it properly. NMSafety Glove Wholesaler offers you a wide spectrum of industrial gloves.

  1.  Prevents Loss Of Fingers And Hands:

Safety hand gloves are indestructible equipment for providing comprehensive hand safety. In a factory, there are several complex types of machinery, and if a worker comes into direct touch with such damaging components, there is a high risk that the worker will lose fingers or hands. It is unavoidable to assure and promote their usage in the manufacturing environment, especially when working with dangerous machinery, to avoid dangerous circumstances. NMSafety is the best Safety Glove Supplier that offers you a wide spectrum of industrial gloves at cheap rates.

  1.  Provides Protection From Chemical Burns And Injuries:

It's far the corporation's primary obligation to deliver workers with a sufficient and splendid protection system to facilitate a wholesome operating environment. There's a greater probability that a manufacturing unit employee can be exposed to risky chemicals, and if a chemical falls on their palm whilst dealing with chemicals, it can motive serious burns. Such splits, on the other hand, can be averted with the proper use of suitable protective gloves.

  1.  Protection Against Temperature Changes:

It was never simple to work in a sophisticated manufacturing setting. The workplace is tough to work in because of a sequence of temperature swings. Workers will be able to cope with such significant changes greatly and their health will be protected if they use this safety equipment. Working in such an atmosphere might be intimidating unless you have the right tools.




In short, the best quality safety gloves protect your hands perfectly and can reduce the hazard of getting germs that may make infectious. Being your authentic Safety Gloves Supplier NMSaftey provides you the quality product that will meet your needs. Put on these gloves in every situation whether you touch blood, bodily fluids, physical tissues, mucous membranes, or damaged skin. “It’s better to prevent than it is to treat." If you work in an industrial setting where your hands are at risk, you should follow the top 4 hand safety recommendations listed above.