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SKD013-H3 soft

Cut Resistant A3/C Sleeve [SKD013-H3]

13 gauge nylon & spandex & HPPE & glass fiber knitted seamless sleeve, Velcro strap on the top for easy donning and doffing, seamless thumb loop provides a secure and comfortable fit. HPPE and glass fiber significantly enhances the sleeve's resistance to cuts, tears, and abrasion.

Product Details

  • Material:13 gauge nylon & spandex & HPPE & glass fiber
  • MOQ:1200 pcs
  • Lead Time:30-90 days
  • Customization:Length, Color, Packing

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  • ANSI cut resistance level A3;ISO 13997 cut resistance level C
  • Nylon and spandex blend liner provides durability and comfort
  • HPPE and glass fiber greatly enhance cut, tear, and abrasion resistance
  • Velcro strap on the top for easy donning and doffing
  • Seamless thumb loop provides a secure and comfortable fit
  • Suitable for use in the aerospace, agriculture, automobile, construction, forestry, glass, warehouse, manufacturing, oil and steel industries
  • Customizable

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What is Cut Resistant Sleeve? 


Hand safety is an absolute must. When there are possible known risks, the National Institute for Occupational Safety mandates workers to pick and enforce their staff to use hand covering. Cut-resistant sleeve certification safeguards arms from mild to severe cut dangers, including those seen in routine industrial labor, printing activities, and working vehicle equipment. These sleeves have a greater cut level and give more flexibility and ease than sleeves with a lower cut level. These sleeves are often paired with cut-resistant gloves to cover your wrist, arm, and elbow. They act as a shield to save your hand from cutting edge. They are not, however, completely cut-resistant.


Cut Resistant A3/C Sleeve:


The cut resistance A3/C sleeve has a thumb hole that you can easily use your fingers. The most cut-resistant sleeve material is polyester, nylon polyester, synthetic Polyester Fabric, and various natural materials. However, NMSafety provides a cut resistance A3/C sleeve with the best material. The NMSafety cut resistance A3/C sleeve contains gauge polyester & spandex & HPPE & glass fiber. Also, they are knitted sleeves providing you more comfort. The fabric of the cut-resistant sleeve distinguishes it from the sleeves of other brands.


Benefits of using Cut Resistant A3/C Sleeve:


Following are some of the benefits of using Cut Resistant A3/C Sleeve.


Dedicated Arm Protection:


The first stage is to evaluate whether or not your staff should wear arm sleeves at all. If their profession requires people to protect themselves from flames and scratches, fluids, and other dangers, they need to protect their arms. Although gloves can protect you, they do not give as much coverage as Cut Resistant A3/C Sleeve.


Protection Against Cuts:


The main benefit of wearing cut-resistant sleeves is that they shield you against scratches, as the name implies. It is not sensible to expose your arms and hands to cut dangers if you don't have the necessary protective gear. There are also other designs of ventilated cut-resistant sleeves available, each with a distinctive Anti-cut resistance grade. Regardless of the industry, the proper usage of the NMSaftey Cut Resistant A3/C Sleeve will keep your arms safe from dangerous objects.


Heat Resistance:


Cut Resistant A3/C sleeves do not only shield the person from cuts, but they also give some shielding from flames and sunburn. Most importantly, you must obtain body armor that is helpful against a variety of occupational risks. If you work in a field where you must deal with various dangers, multi-purpose NMSaftey cut-resistant sleeves are the way to go.


Ease of Material Handling:


If your job needs you to lift heavy, pointy objects, you may find yourself scraping across your arms. Use cut-resistant A3/C sleeves full-arm sleeves while managing materials will prevent you from getting scrapes and tangles. Plastic arm sleeves can give a basic amount of protection against dirt and other material while also preventing dead skin tissue from entering food manufacturing operations.


Some best Cut Resistant A3/C Sleeve:


Following are some best cut resistant A3/C sleeves:


Cut resistant A3/C sleeves with thumbhole:


These cut-resistant sleeves offer the coverage you need, and you can wear them for various purposes. Anti-cut sleeves with dual safety are more likely to fit your arm and give flexibility. They're composed of flexible material that won't stress your arms, and it is one of the numerous advantages. You get almost what you need in these sleeves: a fantastic style and perfect durability that allows you to use them the whole day.


Crawn Fly Protective Cut resistant A3/C sleeves:


Crawn Fly Protective Cut resistant A3/C sleeves cut-resistant sleeves are probably among the top choices. It has elevated fabric that guards against cuts and bruises. Their usefulness, however, extends above-cut resistance to include elements such as energy absorption, elbow support, and more. These sleeves are exceptionally versatile, allowing for a perfect fit always. The stretchable quality makes it simple to put on and take off, and it precisely fits your hands.


How To Choose the Best Cut resistant A3/C?


Before buying A3/C cut-resistant sleeves, make sure the following things.


  • Make sure they fit right:

When performing, it's critical to have cut-resistant sleeves that are the proper size because you move your arms while working. Loose cut-resistant sleeves will put hurdles when moving, and tight cut-resistant sleeves will cause discomfort.

  • Slip-resistance:

To keep a firm hold on the tools you're dealing with, A3/C cut-resistant sleeves must have an anti-slip grip. If you want to know if they're anti-slip, look at the specified dimensions.

  • Make sure they are comfortable to wear:

If you but A3/C cut-resistant sleeves, and these sleeves give you discomfort, then it's a waste of money. You wear these sleeves for ease and to prevent yourself from cuts and other things. But buying uncomfortable A3/C cut-resistant sleeves will make things uneasy for you rather than easy.

  • They must not shrink:

Have you ever noticed some A3/C cut-resistant sleeves shrink right after washing for the first time? What can you do here? Choose the brand wisely that provides quality material and long-lasting fabric. NMSafety is the brand that guarantees you durable fabric and quality. Their gloves don't shrink after the first wash, and you can wash your gloves whenever you feel the need to clean them. If you buy your gloves from NMSafety, you won't be disappointed!




So, you may know about what cut-resistant sleeves are and what measures you should take before buying your A3/C cut-resistant sleeves. People don't really feel like investing in cut-resistant sleeves regardless it is necessary to buy for the sake of protection of your hands, arms, and elbow. There are many brands available online and offline from where you can buy. However, it is in your hands to make a better choice, but we are here to assist you. We suggest you go for NMSafety as they are reliable and trustworthy.