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DY1850AC-H04 yellow

Impact Resistant & Cut Resistant Gloves Yellow 04 [DY1850AC-H]

18 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber knitted liner, sandy nitrile palm coated gloves. Hot-pressed thermoplastic rubber-TPR on the back.

Product Details

  • Liner:18 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber
  • Coating:Sandy nitrile
  • Size:7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:TPR design, Logo, Color, Packing
  • TPR Design Patent No.:US D995,032 S

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Impact Resistance? How Impact Resistance Can Be Achieved?

Impact resistance is defined as a structure's ability to withstand physical collapse caused by a series of loads or stresses applied over a brief time. As a result of heavy hits, humans are subject to dangers such as crush injuries, compression fractures, sprains, and other injuries. Severe cases have even resulted in the loss of a leg or a finger. When the risk of harm is greatest, impact-resistant gloves appear to be necessary. Petroleum and gas, manufacturing, oil drilling, and construction are the industries most affected. Impact dangers to the hands are widespread in the automotive, petrochemical, and aerospace sectors. In industries where there is a substantial danger of harm, high-impact gloves are designed to protect hands and fingers from compressing force threats.


Why TPR Is Used In Impact Resistant Gloves?

The finest TPR glove delivers full protection and redistributes impact force energy away from the bone, all while preserving flex and sensitivity and reducing the risk of hand injuries. TPR is the material that is used to increase compression resistance at all levels. It provides complete protection and disperses stress away from the bone, preserving adaptability and sensitivity while preventing hand injuries. This is the created layer on top of the TPR glove that provides shock absorption in protective gear.


Limitation Of TPR Gloves:

TPR gloves' disadvantage is their heavyweight, which makes workers uncomfortable and frequently causes hand muscle fatigue in the past. This is why it's mixed in with other materials in little proportions. So while finding impact-resistant gloves you should find a pair of gloves that has a low proportion of TPR.


General Benefits Of Impact Resistant Gloves:


Prevent The Risk Of Musculoskeletal Issues:

Several studies suggest that properly designed work safety gloves can help avoid repetitive motion injuries (RMIs) and other musculoskeletal issues. Especially in senior employees who may not be as capable as younger employees in performing responsibilities.

Amputation Prevention:

When working with potentially dangerous machinery, it is obligatory to assure and encourage its use in manufacturing. Your manufacturing gloves really shouldn't rust or erode, and even at low temperatures, they should remain flexible. For this purpose, NMSafety cut and impact resistant range of these safety gloves gonna be your top favorite as they are made of synthetic rubber which offers a great deal of dexterity as well as coated perfectly to maintain comfort while not losing on its main purpose.

Heat Pressing Enhances Comfort:

TPR has recently launched into continuous dipped/coated gloves. Because these mittens are more contoured-fit and are made of knitted material, the sewing on the inside may be felt, causing friction burns and discomfort. This is why heat-pressed TPR is used to make them even more comfortable and sturdy.

Heat Resistance:

Because of a sequence of temperature swings, you might need to touch hot objects frequently the workplace environment becomes intimidating in such temperature situations unless you have the right tools. Workers will be better able to cope with such significant changes and their health will be protected if they wear such versatile safety equipment. This tool made it simple to work in a sophisticated factory environment.

Oil Resistance:

These cut-resistant gloves are good to work in sticky situations as they are oil-proof due to the presence of a sandy nitrile coating. These gloves enhance the capability to deal with material handling in such scenarios.

Buying Guide:

While purchasing these impact-resistant gloves, must observe these features to check out their compatibility with your job. They’re as follows:

Look For The Material:

Ensure the material quality and type according to the level of protection you needed at your workplace. Look for those which offer more strength and breathability.


Size matters in all situations to avoid discomfort. Look for your size according to the contour of your hand. Make sure that your impact-resistant glove has not a tight fit.

Thermal Resistance:

Working in a warehouse or manufacturing industry you are always dealing with extreme temperature situations. This is why thermal resistance is an important factor when it comes to extreme temperature situations.

Resistance To Abrasions And Cuts:

Cut and abrasion resistance is also an important factor when it comes to impact-resistant gloves. As you’re not only prone to impact-related injuries but cuts are also an important concern.


Dealing in an oil and gas industry you’re more prone to slippage of materials which is a major concern as it brings many messy situations along with it. This is why your gloves should be coated with a material that offers an anti-slip grip and contamination protection.

Comfort & Breathability:

Comfort and breathability are the major features that you cannot ignore while purchasing your impact-resistant gloves. Find out those gloves which are made up of polyester or cottony liners to maintain ventilation throughout the glove.

Our Favourite Among All Impact Resistant Gloves:

Impact Resistant & Cut Resistant Gloves:

These gloves are ideal to work in the assembly or petroleum industry as it has 13 gauge nylon & HPPE & Glass fiber knitted liner, and sandy nitrile palm coated gloves. Sewn thermoplastic rubber-TPR on the back. Anti-vibration padding on the palm. Reinforcement between thumb and index finger. Velcro on the cuff. These cut-resistant gloves will keep you safe and comfortable.


In short, the best quality impact-resistant gloves assist hold your hands easy and reduce your hazard of getting injured. Hand safety is crucial while working in a hazard-prone site. Only an authentic safety gloves supplier provides the product quality that will meet the needs. We recommend NMSafety as they never compromise on the customer's concerns. Buying from them will be a pleasant experience for you.