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Impact Resistant Sandy Nitrile Coated Gloves [NY1350AC-H]

13 gauge nylon knitted liner, sandy nitrile palm coated gloves. Sewn Thermoplastic Rubber-TPR on the back. Reinforcement between thumb and index finger. Velcro on cuff. Custom TPR design is available, custom colours are available.

Product Details

  • Liner:13 gauge nylon
  • Coating:Sandy nitrile
  • Size:7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:3000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:TPR design, Logo, Color, Packing

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What Is Impact Resistance? How does It work?


They are important in lessening the impact and protecting your hand and fingers from heavy objects that are part of the everyday routine for logistic and warehouse employees, such as a box falling on your hand. On the other hand, you may not think of vibrations as hazardous, but they are. HAVS is a widespread condition among fabrication workers these days, so they should use safety gloves as personal care equipment to avoid it. NMSafety is the most well-known anti-impact glove manufacturer, and its products are of exceptional quality.


Top Features Of These Impact-Resistant Gloves:

The main features of these impact-resistant gloves are as follows:

  • TPR sewn- TPR on the back
  • Sandy nitrile coating
  • Velcro on the cuff
  • Reinforcement between thumb and index finger.


Why Only Sandy Nitrile Coating Is Used In Impact-Resistant Gloves?

Sandy nitrile is well-known for its excellent wear resistance. Sandy nitrile glove coatings are sturdy, with good abrasion and pierce protection; nevertheless, because they are less nimble than other nitrile coatings, they are not suggested for precise manufacturing and assembling. It's great in sticky conditions and even better in damp towels. In comparison to other nitrile coatings, it is also more stretchy and contour-fitted.


Importance Of Thumb Reinforcement Between Thumb & Index Finger:

This reinforcement functions to provide extra protection as the area between the thumb involves a lot of pressure handling and the durability of gloves affects. So reinforcement features are also used to increase the service life of these gloves.


General Uses Of These Gloves:

Maintenance & lighter duties:

They deliver the right amount of protection without applying load or tightness, which may result in muscle fatigue. A superb match is cut-resistant impact gloves with a low-profile TPR. Employees would appreciate the sense of comfort these gloves provide if their profession requires repetitive movement and there is a chance of slips, falls, and wounds. NMSafety is a reliable anti-impact glove supplier to choose your gloves from.


Prevent Fingers Or Hands (Cut Off):

When working with potentially dangerous machinery, it is obligatory to assure and encourage its use in manufacturing. Your manufacturing gloves really shouldn't rust or erode, and even at low temperatures, they should remain flexible. For this purpose, NMSafety cut and impact resistant range of these safety gloves going to be your top favorite as they are made of synthetic rubber which offers a great deal of dexterity as well as coated perfectly to maintain comfort while not losing on its main purpose.



Bumps were managed by cut-resistant gloves, but the bruising was eliminated by switching to cut and impact-resistant gloves. Not only that, it has made it easy to perform tasks with heavy objects.


Heat Resistance:

Because of a sequence of temperature swings, you might need to touch hot objects frequently the workplace environment becomes intimidating in such temperature situations unless you have the right tools. Workers will be better able to cope with such significant changes and their health will be protected if they wear such versatile safety equipment. This tool made it simple to work in a sophisticated factory environment.


Tips To Choose Your Impact Resistant Gloves?


Temperature Sensitive (Temperature Change Sensitivity):

Working in a warehouse or the manufacturing industry regularly exposes you to severe temperatures. In extreme temperature circumstances, thermal resistance is therefore critical.


Simply Choose The Product With Superior Material:

Ensure that the fabric is of the appropriate grade and kind for the level of protection you require at work. Those that are more robust and breathable should be chosen.



In all instances, size is crucial to avoid discomfort. To ascertain your size, look at the contour of your hand. Check to see if your impact-resistant glove is too tight.


Puncture & Cut Resistance:

When it comes to impact-resistant gloves, cut and abrasion resistance are other significant factors to consider. You're not only vulnerable to impact injuries, but you're also vulnerable to cuts.



If you work in the oil and gas business, you're more likely to encounter material slippage, which is a serious problem with a number of negative consequences. This is why your gloves should be made of a non-slip, anti-contamination material.


Air Permeability And Comfort:

The most important aspects to consider when purchasing impact-resistant gloves are comfort and breathability. To maintain ventilation throughout the glove, look for gloves with polyester or cottony liners.


Why Impact-Resistant Gloves Are Padded With SBR?

Cutting mechanical sawing slacking and slitting are all simple ways to make them into a range of distinct shapes and sizes. SBR foam is often sold as sheets although it can also be rolled out. SBR sponge comes in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 40 mm they're made of high-quality sponge rubber which acts as both a sealant and a cushion


Features of Ideal Padding material for impact resistance:

  • Durability and acid-resistant
  • Overpressure absorption and vibration dampening
  • Thermal-aging
  • Soft cushioning rubber with packed cells
  • Adaptable and wear resistance


Recommendation From Us:


Impact And Cut Resistant Gloves:

The 13 gauge nylon, HPPE, and Steel fiber knitted liner, as well as the sandy nitrile palm coated gloves, make these gloves ideal for keeping you safe. On the back, sewn thermoplastic rubber (TPR). On the palm, there is anti-vibration padding. The thumb and index finger reinforce each other. The cuff has Velcro.



Impact-resistant gloves can protect you from a variety of dangers, so don't forget to bring them with you if you're heading somewhere dangerous, as hand protection is just as crucial as other body parts. The only thing you need to do is purchase them from the appropriate source. We recommend NMSafety because they are dependable and trustworthy.