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Nitrile Double Fully Coated Gloves [NY1359DC]

13 gauge nylon knitted liner, first layer smooth nitrile full coated, second layer sandy nitrile palm coated gloves

Product Details

  • Liner:13 gauge nylon
  • Coating:Smooth Nitrile & Sandy Nitrile
  • Size:7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:12000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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Nitrile coated gloves: 

Working gloves with a synthetic polymer covering improved grip and safety are known as nitrile-coated gloves. Nitrile is an entirely manufactured product that won't aggravate allergies. Nitrile-coated gloves provide a superior combination of extra warmth for employees.

If you've ever attempted to snatch a screwdriver or a nail in winter, you know how frustrating it is to lack the ability to do simple tasks. Nitrile-coated gloves are suitable for engineers working with tiny pieces that need to secure themselves from steel sheets, chemical compounds, and the elements during the winter. Many companies provide the most acceptable coated work gloves to big manufacturing companies, supermarkets, and research facilities that need protective gloves.


Are nitrile-coated gloves safe?

Yes, nitrile-coated gloves are safe and add a shield against the elements, ruptures, scratches, and other hazards. The nitrile covering is resistant to oil and other petroleum-based compounds. Furthermore, the nitrile membrane helps keep your skin by preventing dangerous chemicals from penetrating. These gloves do not quickly deteriorate and are also washable in ice water.

Coated Nitrile gloves are clear of the elements that contribute to severe allergies. The standard disposable Nitrile-coated gloves are used in the medicine and industrial service sector.


Why choose nitrile full double-coated gloves?

The covering on these coated work gloves covers a palm and five fingertips. This coating protects from scratches, wounds, and tangles. Nitrile full double-coated gloves also protect you from a wide range of lubricants and toxins. These gloves also provide excellent flexibility, strength, and durability while allowing the upper section of your hand to breathe, allowing you to remain comfortable. Nitrilefullu coated gloves are a preferred option for workers and employers in industries. In which technicians, painters, general assembly, and labor gloves are involved.

These nitrile double-coated gloves have the distinct advantage of providing a boundary separating your hands and your task while retaining much of the flexibility of bare hands.


Uses for Nitrile Gloves:

Nitrile gloves can be utilized in an almost exaggerated way and by large numbers of various careers. Indeed, because of the structure of these gloves, nitrile has been the preferred option of many professionals. The following are some of the most common applications for nitrile gloves. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list:


For medical use:

It is critical to choose the proper gloves for security in any profession. You'll need a glove that can withstand the toxins, poisons, and other things. As a result, a wide range of nitrile fully coated gloves is accessible. Because they guard against physiological fluids, and blood-borne diseases, and are highly puncture resistant. Nitrile medical-grade gloves are ideal for use in any medical environment. Most other duties, such as dealing with pesticides, foodstuffs, or even in the house, are best performed with nitrile industrial-grade gloves.


For science lab:

These gloves are used by scientists who work with caustic or toxic compounds. Chemical ingestion, severe burns, thermal wounds, cuts, bruises, and freezing liquid exposure are all prevented by wearing gloves. Handle dangerous substances, unclear toxicity compounds, harmful materials, abrasive or sharp-edged things, and extremely hot or cold materials with gloves. Removable nitrile double-coated gloves are usually sufficient for protecting against accidental leaks or toxic interaction in the lab.


Use for tattoo making:

Tattooists and body piercers use nitrile-coated gloves to keep their clients safe and healthy. Fully double-coated nitrile gloves are hard and sufficient to last through extended sessions. These gloves have more resistant than latex gloves. Black nitrile disposable gloves have become the most popular tattoo glove due to the convinced they provide. Nitrile grip gloves offer high chemical-resistant properties. Tattooing is an inevitably dirty operation, and the nitrile gloves help cover the mess.


Use for food safety:

Nitrile double-coated gloves for food preparation are appropriate. These gloves are sturdy, resilient, puncture-resistant, and help prevent damaging the foodstuff. Just like rubber, which has a high sensitivity rate, nitrile is virtually completely allergy-free and won't cause food poisoning with allergens or substances that could be dangerous.


Used by a hairdresser:

Nitrile gloves are beneficial for hairdressers because they are chemically stable. When dealing with chemicals, hairstylists must put their hands clean. Dryness, severe burns, and skin problems can result from frequent interactions with hair colors.

Sometimes the hair colors contain harmful chemicals that can damage the hairdresser's hands.


Used by mechanics:

mechanics and other workers use nitrile grip gloves while dealing with motors, gearboxes, and other parts. These gloves help o protect themselves from dirt, fuel, and other contaminants. Nitrile grip gloves are one of the best mechanic gloves. They have a better thickness and a black hue that mechanics can use in their regular work. These gloves are of excellent quality and are very safe to use.


Used by carpenters and construction workers:

Many carpenters and construction workers use nitrile fully coated gloves to secure their hands from any hazard. These nitrile gloves prevent nails and many other harmful and sharp objects.


Disposing of nitrile fully double-coated gloves:

Some people may believe that nitrile gloves are tougher to dispose of than a typical latex glove. Before you dump your gloves in a dumpster outside a supermarket, keep in mind that a bin with a plastic liner is the ideal option for disposing of your nitrile gloves.



Nitrile fully coated gloves are much more popular nowadays. The cost of producing nitrile has decreased because of new production techniques.  The fact that people can utilize nitrile while they can't even wear latex is only one of the benefits of nitrile. The properties of nitrile gloves include durability, adaptability, and capacity to be reprocessed. You can buy nitrile fully coated gloves from Nm safety. They have many kinds of gloves with high-quality properties.