How to Choose the Right Cut Resistant Impact Gloves?

11 May, 2022

By hqt

How to Choose the Right Cut Resistant Impact Gloves
How to Choose the Right Cut Resistant Impact Gloves

What are resistant impact gloves?

Cut-resistant impact gloves are good to use to protect the hands of workers exposed to a lot of heat. Promotes well in welding, casting, heater, and heat reflector industries. Silver-coated gloves are flame retardant, and resistant to temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. Protect hands from hot and cold temperatures.

Characteristic of resistant impact gloves

Leather gloves manufacture from the main raw material leather. The types of leather commonly good to use to make gloves are suede, full-grain leather, sheepskin, kidney leather, and artificial leather. Because they are sewn from leather, leather cut resistant gloves give users a higher aesthetic value than other types of cut resistant gloves.

In terms of durability, there are outstanding advantages of cut resistant impact gloves compared to ordinary cut resistant gloves. The glove surface is smooth, and comfortable to use. In addition, leather gloves are also resistant to heat up to 3000 degrees Celsius.

Good penetration resistance and electrical insulation. Therefore, the price of leather cut resistant gloves is often higher than that of cloth cut resistant gloves.

Uses of resistant impact gloves

Leather gloves are often good to use in metal cutting, welding, electrical, mechanical, and chemical industries. Some leather gloves also serve the needs of road users for sun protection and heat protection. Besides, leather gloves also have great use in enhancing aesthetics.

Cut resistant impact gloves for skin protection

Latex gloves are mainly composed of rubber. Depending on the rubber material and the purpose, it classifies into many different types. Most rubber gloves manufacture from synthetic rubber, natural rubber, artificial rubber, etc. Depending on the purpose of use, gloves will manufacture in different thicknesses and ratios.

Latex gloves have a lot of good properties in labor protection. As insulation, anti-acid, anti-water, and anti-chemical. We can see household rubber gloves good to use to clean the house to protect hands from dirt.

In the component manufacturing industry, workers wear rubber gloves to prevent static electricity. In laboratories, staff wears cut resistant impact gloves to protect against chemicals. Especially in epidemic prevention, use medical gloves to prevent the penetration of bacteria.

Acid-resistant gloves

This is a part of rubber gloves. Gloves construct to a special proportion. Thicker than regular rubber gloves. Because the environment when using acid-resistant gloves is alkaline and acidic. The environment is very corrosive.

As the name of acid-resistant gloves. It is good to use in hazardous work environments. Such as heavy industry, automotive technology, printing, and chemical processing.

How to choose the right cut-resistant gloves?

Knowing the importance of cut-resistant gloves, users must also know how to choose the right gloves. To choose a suitable cut resistant impact gloves, users need to understand the job position to use.

In the process of working, what items will the hands come into contact with the most? How is the abrasion? Conductive or not. Understand the environment workers are working in: high or low heat, conductive or not, chemical or not?

Example: Construction workers have a lot of exposure to bricks, cement, and steel reinforcement. During the working process, there is contact and friction. Working conditions in a hot outdoor environment. The preferred choice is cloth cut resistant gloves, which are easy to handle and reduce abrasion.

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If you are still wondering or do not know how to choose the right type of cut resistant impact gloves. Please contact NMSAFETY for product advice. It is a place specializing in providing all kinds of workwear.

Workwear has the function of protecting the body while working. Then work gloves are worn to protect the wrists and hands. Use many different materials to serve many different uses. Prevent injuries from burns, cuts, and chemicals during work.

All activities are done by hand, so to ensure your safety, as well as keep hygiene while working. We should own a pair of work gloves to protect ourselves and others.

Types of Labor cut resistant impact gloves Popular Today

Cut Resistant Impact Gloves 2022

Each type of labor protection gloves is good to use for different work purposes. So let's learn the name and function of each type. From there, make the right choice for your job.

Cheap Protective rubber gloves

Rubber work gloves offer many types as well as many different sizes and colors. Make sure it is suitable for the nature of the work as well as the hand size of each person.

For jobs that come in contact with a lot of corrosive solutions such as bleach, dishwashing liquid, and laboratory chemicals. Minimize the harmful contact of chemicals directly on the skin. Good waterproof cut-resistant impact gloves are composed of 2-3 layers. In addition, rubber gloves have good electrical insulation, so they can be good to use as protective gear in the electrical industry

Korean leather work gloves

Products are usually made of cowhide material. Has the effect protected the skin of the hands from sparks and moderate heat?

Welders, cutters, and metal tool manufacturers can refer to this product because it has extremely high durability.

Fabric work gloves and yarn gloves

Fabric gloves and yarn gloves are good to use in factories, mechanical workshops, or construction sites. The cut resistant impact gloves are mainly made of thick fabric, yarn, and cotton to limit damage good to use by iron, steel, and cargo.

Wool safety gloves

The product is made from pure wool mixed with cotton and some polyester fibers. Known for its high durability and outstanding waterproofing ability. Protect hands from the impregnation of harmful chemicals. No rot during use, good sweat absorption to create comfort for the user.

Insulated gloves

This is a special product for the electrical industry to help protect workers from dangerous accidents. Made from natural rubber and synthetic rubber. In addition to electrical insulation, gloves are resistant to acids, mild chemicals, ozone, and alkalis.

An indispensable accessory in a doctor's uniform. Cut resistant impact gloves are disposable gloves good to use during medical examination and treatment for patients. Limit cross-infection between patients. Products are usually made of thin rubber, have a strong smell, thin and light, creating a comfortable feeling for the user.

Use and Care of Labor Protective Gloves

When the product arrives, it is necessary to check the condition of the goods to see if they are torn or patched and not. This can check by blowing air into the glove.

For specialized gloves such as insulating gloves, it is necessary to ensure that the goods meet the standards. When not in use, dispose of gloves according to regulations.

Disposable cut resistant impact gloves such as medical gloves should discard as soon as the product shows signs of exposure.

Gloves that can be good to use many times should wash after each use.

For gloves that come into contact with chemicals, it recommends to check and wash them before removing gloves. Avoid touching your face, hair, and other skin with gloves.