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Cut Resistant A6/F PU Coated Gloves [DY110-PU-H6]

13 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber knitted liner, PU coated on palm, cut resistant gloves. Cut resistant gloves offer cut protection with ANSI cut resistance level A6 and ISO 13997 cut resistance level F.

Product Details

  • Liner:13 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber
  • Coating:PU
  • Size:6/XS, 7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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  • ANSI cut resistance level A6;ISO 13997 cut resistance level F
  • 13 gauge nylon, HPPE and steel fiber ensures superior hand protection without sacrificing comfort
  • PU palm coating is ideal for general handling and offers excellent grip in both wet and oily conditions
  • Suitable for use in the aerospace, automobile, construction, maintenance, manufacturing and steel industries
  • Customizable

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What Are Cut-Resistant Gloves?


Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as defensive gloves are required in a multitude of sectors and professions against cuts, temperature, and punctures. Many types of safety gloves are created to safeguard the worker from certain risks but are most commonly used to defend against friction, slitting, electrocution, chemicals, or overheating. Hand safety is an absolute must. When there are possible known risks, the National Institute for Occupational Safety mandates workers to pick and enforce their staff to use hand covering.


Cut Resistant A6/F PU Coated Gloves:

Cut Resistant 3/A2/B PU Coated Gloves safeguard the user's hands and knuckles from severe cut dangers, including those seen in routine industrial labor, printing activities, and working vehicle equipment. These gloves have a high cut level and give more flexibility that gives more protection than a low cut level. They act as a shield to save your hand from cutting edge at small levels.


Fundamental Properties Of These Cut Resistant A6/F PU Coated

A6 ANSI Cut Level:

A6 can resist pressures of 3,000-3,999 grams. Molding steel process, shredding, glass manufacture, and meat processing all use ANSI – A6 gloves to protect workers from high cut dangers.


HPPE Spandex and Nylon Lining:

HPPE creates a lighter, ventilated, and adaptable glove that also helps with cut and tears prevention. While the nylon and spandex material in the lining composition is unhindered by humidity, which renders Nitrox 244 perfect for food prep, manufacturing, and packaging applications.

13-Gauge Thickness:

Gloves with a gauge of 13 and above are all regarded as highly dexterous, as the greater the gauge thickness, the thinner the glove.

PU Coating:

It's one of the most versatile for any cut-resistant situation because it has superb puncture and abrasion resistance as well as excellent grip and maintaining tactile sensitivity. PU coatings have excellent resistance to oils, fats, greases, solvents, and gasoline.


Advantages of these Cut Resistant 3/A2/B PU Coated Gloves:

Following are some of the benefits of using Cut Resistant gloves.


Resistance To Burns/Heat:

Sleeves that are cut-resistant not only protect the wearer from cuts but also provide some protection from extreme temperature changes whether you’re working in a catering business and you have to deal with high heat ovens must buy these gloves to avoid burns or if you work in an industry and working with hot objects then PPE should prioritize to avoid any unwanted situation.


Glass Packaging:

When working with materials like glassware packaging and steel pressing tasks, use anti-cut gloves to avoid scratches and tangles. Knitted cut-resistant gloves can provide some protection from dirt and other foreign objects.


Metal Stamping:

Installing or producing thin metal sheet goods is the responsibility of a sheet metal worker. Metal sheets must be lifted, punched, formed, rolled, welded, and joined. As a result, gloves are essential for these operations to prevent harm from an inadvertent cut of sharp and thin metal bits.


Resistance Against Bruises:

The biggest advantage of wearing cut-resistant gloves is to have 99.9% protection against cuts. Before buying your gloves must have a look at the cut level section and choose the right glove according to your work demand. Regardless of the industry, the proper usage of the NMSaftey anti-cut gloves will keep your hands safe from dangerous objects.


Application Of These Cut Resistant A6/D PU Coated Gloves:


Here are some recommended industrial workers which can get good protection wearing these PU coated cut gloves:

  • Steel
  • Automobile
  • Oil mining
  • Heavy duties
  • Handling glass
  • Processing meat
  • Textile industry.



How to Choose the Right cut-resistant Glove?


  • Look for size:

Your glove should be flexible enough that it adapts to the shape of your hands right away. Additionally, they fit properly as oversized gloves may drop off and agitate the user while the extreme foam fitting also causes discomfort.


  • Grip:

Look for gloves that offer a good grip providing the ease of material handling.


  • Level Of Protection:

Check out the specification of your gloves to make sure they’re the right pick according to your workplace demand.

  • Lining:

Look for breathable liners as it provides a sense of comfort and safety.


  • Gauge Thickness:

If you want thinner gloves then go with 10+ gauge thickness.


  • Coating material:

Look for the right coating material to gain 100% against the hazards that you’re facing.


  • Thermal Resistance:

Your cut-resistant gloves must offer heat resistance making them compatible to work in a warehouse or dealing with hot objects.


Some Of Our Favorite Cut Resistant Gloves:


Cut Resistant 3/A2/B PU Coated Gloves:

Cut Resistant 3/A2/B PU Coated Gloves safeguard the user's hands and knuckles from mild to severe cut dangers, including those seen in routine industrial labor, printing activities, and working vehicle equipment. These gloves have a low cut level and give more flexibility and ease than gloves with a high cut level. They act as a shield to save your hand from cutting edge at small levels. They are not, however, completely cut-resistant.


18 Gauge Cut Resistant A3/C Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:

These gloves have 18 gauge nylon & HPPE & Glass fiber knitted liner, nitrile palm coated, cut resistant gloves, and reinforcement between thumb and index finger. They provide mild protection and hence are a great choice when performing water-related jobs and need a good grip glove to perform your work easily.



Cut resistant 3/A2/B PU Coated Gloves are the best option to gain cut and abrasion resistance along with ideal grip and sense of satisfaction. You should use them to keep your hand safe while performing any task with certain risks. Buy from a verified source that deals with quality products just like NMSafety. Their product quality gonna blow your mind.