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Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid [SKV013-H4]

13 gauge nylon & spandex & Glass fiber & Aramid fiber knitted sleeve, thumb hole. Non-slip silicone on the cuff effectively prevent slipping. Cut resistant sleeve offer cut protection with ANSI cut resistance level A4 and ISO 13997 cut resistance level D.

Product Details

  • Material:13 gauge nylon & spandex & Glass fiber & Aramid fiber
  • MOQ:1200 pcs
  • Lead Time:30-90 days
  • Customization:Length, Color, Packing

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  • ANSI cut resistance level A4;ISO 13997 cut resistance level D
  • Nylon and spandex blend liner provides durability and comfort
  • HPPE and glass fiber greatly enhance cut, tear, and abrasion resistance
  • Aramid fiber provides exceptional cut and flame resistance for comprehensive protection
  • Non-slip silicone on the cuff effectively prevent slipping
  • Suitable for use in the aerospace, agriculture, automobile, construction, forestry, glass, warehouse, manufacturing, oil and steel industries
  • Customizable

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The improvement of Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid:


Everything improves and gets advanced each year, so as the cut-resistant sleeves. Cut resistant A4/D sleeve aramid sleeves get improved, providing more coverage, more satisfactory cut prevention, and improved heat insulation. Although these improvements and advancements are necessary, we can not neglect the importance of comfort. People will use the Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid that is comfortable for them as many people work at places where they need to wear Cut Resistant Sleeves for more than 18 hours. So, in the future, every brand needs to focus on both improvements and the comfort of sleeves. NMSaftey keeps improving its items and articles and provides you with better, safer, and reliable products every few months. Many workers complain about skin irritation because of the cut-resistant sleeves of certain brandsIn the summer months, people sweat a lot which causes irritation and becomes hard to wear. NMSafety cares for their customer and makes the best quality cut-resistant A4/D sleeve aramid that prevents you from cuts in addition to skin irritation.


Innovative materials of Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid provide more comfort and safety than ever before:


Innovative fiber mixes, precision machined fiber with intensity microscopic particles, and advanced fabric patterns provided a whole new level of cut, abrasion, and puncture protection without weight or rigidity. Manufacturers are also incorporating and integrating these composites with attributes such as specific cut-resistant sleeves coverings and weather protection to keep these people healthier, cleaner, and more pleasant in any situation. Cut-resistant fibers' basics haven't altered. Mostly the core materials make the Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid. However, now some innovative materials are also used. NMsafety is improving cut resistance sleeves by using special fiber winding techniques.


Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid solving the problems of workers:


  • The improvements in fabrics and mixed fabric wrapping advancements made breathable Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid. Workers sometimes have to remove their sleeves again and again for some tasks. NMsafety uses ultra-thin and durable material that your sleeves feel like your own skin. They're tight and elastic as a solution, helping people to grasp up and operate their tasks. The stretchable material is so light that people forget about the irritation of wearing cut-resistant sleeves.


  • Extremely sharp metals in industrial-style production, automobile and aviation manufacturing, and even home electronics manufacturing is too risky for the workers as they can get cuts from them. But new innovations in anti-cut sleeveshave solved this problem by producing flexible and comfortable gloves.
  • Work that requires extensive, pointy items, slippery fluids, or grease is equally hazardous, making it challenging to keep people relaxed. This oil and grease get into the gloves and give unpleasant feelings to the workers. The new Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid has material that absorbs the oils and helps the workers to maintain grip.


Myths about cut-resistant sleeves disproved:


Following are some myths about anti-cut sleeves.


Myth - Cut resistant is cut-proof:


The term "cut resistant" does not imply "cut-proof." There is no such thing as "cut-proof" sleeves. Hence, companies should not use the 'cut-proof' term to describe. Protecting cut resistance sleeves must be able to stretch, rotate, and be tugged in and out in order to be comfortable and functional. To accomplish this, manufacture these sleeves of a stretchable cloth and hence cannot be deemed impermeable. So, if you use scissors to conduct your own "cut experiment," no cut resistance sleeves will prevent them from cutting through. Cut-resistant sleeves limit the risk of being cut to the greatest extent possible, although cuts sometimes happen in the field. Using cut-resistant sleeves in these situations can substantially lessen the degree of the injury. Even if you get the cuts after wearing cut-resistant sleeves, you can heal from them.


Myth - The higher the cut level, the better:


IT IS NOT THE CASE! You could be mistaken for believing that having the maximum level of cut prevention is a perfect idea, but that isn't the reality. The kind of work you do tells you about the amount of cut protection you require. If you only need to join little pieces, nuts, and pins and only use a slicing blade once in a while, you don't need as much cut protection as someone who works with jagged metal or crystal all day. Some workers at first use extra protection and wear heavy sleeves, and they find it challenging and stop wearing Cut-resistant sleeves. It puts their hands at stake.


Myth - Cut resistance reduces after washing:


It's a popular misconception that washing sleeves reduce the amount of cut resistance they provide after washing. It depends on the brand you use. If you are using cut-resistant sleeves of a low-quality brand, it will definitely lose its strength, but high-quality brands make sure that their cut-resistant sleeves don't get wasted after a few washes.


Different features of NFSafety Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid:


Following are some features of Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid.


  • Safe to use-It enhances by combining diverse elements such as polyethylene, glass fiber, and spandex. As a result, it can resist even the most rugged knives and help prevent major injury.


  • User friendly-They are the tightest sleeves with the best fit. The sleeves are also user-friendly because they are lighter, sleek, and composed of polymer modulus. You can wear these gloves quickly for instant tasks.


  • Machine-Washable- The sleeves can be machine washed and dried after being washed with a cleaning solution. It will have no effect on the quality of the sleeves.


Which is the trustworthy brand?


Several companies require cut-resistant sleeves. With technological advancements, there is a more comprehensive selection of cut-resistant gloves accessible. It is beneficial to everybody, but it might make selecting the proper cut-resistant sleeves for you challenging. NMSafety brand is a brand that provides you a guarantee of their Cut Resistant A4/D Sleeve Aramid.




Hand injuries are common when you do risky tasks, and their protection is a must. Now it has become easier to protect your hands as new innovations have been introduced, and brands like NMsafety are using these high-quality new fabrics to provide better articles.