Why Oil Resistant Gloves are important for workers?

11 May, 2022

By hqt

Oil Resistant Gloves

Safety at work is a very important thing for employees. Protective tools therefore create to help protect workers in the best way. And labor protection oil resistant gloves also have the same task. It invented to protect the user's hands from harmful agents. We invite you to read with us to learn more about the work safety gloves!

What are safety gloves?

Protective gloves are items to protect and protect the user's hands and wrists. Help workers' hands avoid direct contact with harmful elements. Adverse effects on the body in the working environment.

They will protect the user's hand from injury due to cuts from impact. Prevent the penetration of bacteria and harmful chemicals. Or burns caused by exposure to heat and fire sources.

There are many types of protective oil resistant gloves. They create to suit different industries. The common purposes are to protect the safety of employees when participating in their work

Some common types of work safety gloves:

Currently with the era of industrialization and modernization is developing. Protective gloves are the most commonly good to use tools today. From there, many types of protective gloves were born. To better meet the needs of users. Below are the current popular protective gloves

Fabric work gloves

This is a common and popular type of glove today. They are made of cotton fabric. Fabric oil resistant gloves are suitable for light work with a low level of risk and danger. Widely good to use by gardeners and porters. Or gentle things such as sweeping, weeding, etc.

 Fabric protective gloves have a thick enough structure to limit the impact and friction of the hands with external objects. Protect your hands from injuries caused by impact.

Protective rubber gloves: High flexibility and durability

Surely this pair of rubber gloves every family owns at least one pair. They are made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber. High flexibility and durability. In particular, it can prevent chemical substances from contacting and corroding the user's hand skin.

That's why housewives who wash dishes often own this oil resistant gloves. To avoid chemicals in detergents corrosive to the skin of the hands. They are also frequently good to use in food processing areas, industry, etc.

Medical protective gloves

With the difficult time of Covid-19 pandemic today. It is impossible not to mention the medical gloves. As one of the effective assistants to protect the safety of those participating in the fight against the epidemic. As well as protecting medical staff - who often expose to harmful bacteria and chemicals.

These are also gloves made from natural and synthetic rubber. Helps the wearer avoid bacteria. As well as not bringing bacteria to infect others when giving first aid to the wound. Medical gloves are good to use a lot in hospital environments, tattoo places, cosmetology...

Chemical resistant oil resistant gloves: highly durable and less susceptible

This is a glove made from Vinyl, Tyvek, rubber, PVC, etc. It is waterproof, highly durable and less susceptible to abrasion due to collisions and corrosion. In particular, this material has a particularly good ability to resist the penetration of chemicals. Widely good to use in chemical-intensive environments.

Heat-resistant, heat-resistant protective gloves

Gloves are made from fabric coated with silver, coated with aluminum, coated with fiberglass, etc. They have good insulation and high heat resistance. Therefore, they are good to use in metallurgy, steelmaking, fine art products, ...

And in addition, there are other types of gloves such as anti-static gloves, anti-cut gloves, anti-vibration gloves, etc. These and other gloves create to protect the hands of the user. good to use in each of their work environments.

The role of protective oil resistant gloves for workers

Oil Resistant Gloves 2022

When performing every action or performing every gesture, the hands are the part of constant use. It can be said that the human hand is a flexible part and often touches other objects in the environment. That's why hands are the most vulnerable part. It is also the intermediate part that is most dangerous to the health of our entire body.

When not protected by protective gloves. Workers' hands may injure due to factors outside the working environment. Lightly, there will be cuts and scratches due to impact. In severe cases, it can cause hands to burn, fester due to exposure to heat and fire sources. Or get electric shock from contact with electrical items.

Choose protective gloves that fit your hand size

To ensure the flexibility of your hands, you should choose protective oil resistant gloves that fit your hand size. You should choose gloves with high grip to avoid slipping when in contact with materials and machines.

The more advanced the gloves, the more you can eliminate harmful agents to your hands. Some gloves have super abilities such as electrical insulation, very good heat insulation.

There are different types of protective gloves such as full-hand gloves, individual rubber gloves. Protective gloves are widely good to use in the food, medical, and mechanical industries. It is not always possible to protect your hands during work with gloves. 

Some manufacturing sectors have a high level of hazard but limit the use of gloves such as the production of leather shoes, apparel, stuffed animals, etc.

Some Types of Protective oil resistant gloves

Many types of gloves become labor protection accessories in the manufacturing sector. Top 4 most popular types of gloves include rubber gloves, insulating gloves, electrostatic gloves, protective gloves, heat resistant gloves. Gloves can be reused or good to use only once.

Rubber gloves

Latex gloves have the highest popularity. Almost every family is equipped with this rubber. Gloves are good to use to protect hands from detergents and household cleaners. In the food production process people also use this type of gloves.

Insulated rubber gloves: cheap and heat-resistant

Advantages: waterproof, heat-resistant, cheap, oil resistant gloves can be good to use many times, beautiful design and many colors.

Cons: easily stained, discolored, easily cut by sharp objects

Harmful factors can through our hands that threaten human health. For example, the hands come into contact with bacteria and dangerous chemicals. But we do not take precautions. Pay attention to use our hands to touch special body parts such as eyes, nose, mouth. Creating opportunities for those dangerous things to penetrate our body and destroy our health through inhalation.

From such cases. Workers take care of their bodies seriously. It is necessary to carry out the adjustment of wearing full protective oil resistant gloves. Items that protect us from dangerous agents.