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  • PU
  • Water-based PU
  • Nitrile / Smooth Nitrile
  • Sandy Nitrile
  • Foam Nitrile
  • Crinkle Latex
  • Foam Latex
  • Sandy Latex
  • Rubber
  • PVC
  • Uncoated



  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Polycotton
  • Spandex
  • HPPE
  • Glass fiber
  • Steel fiber
  • Aramid fiber
  • CoolMax
  • Recycled polyester
  • Acrylic
  • Carbon
  • Cotton Jersey
  • Cotton Interlock
  • Bamboo
  • Terrycloth
  • Flocking
  • Unlined


Cut Level

  • ANSI A2 / CE B / 3
  • ANSI A3 / CE C / 5
  • ANSI A4 / CE D
  • ANSI A5 / CE E
  • ANSI A6 / CE F
  • ANSI A7
  • ANSI A8
  • ANSI A9


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Safety Work Gloves:

These gloves are considered an important personal protective equipment PPE tool to get protection against all the harms from infections to shock, abrasions to burns, chemicals to cold depending on the type of gloves you are using. NMSafety is known for years to provide such gloves in premium quality that are exemplary not only in performing the functions accurately but also offer a good range of flexibility, comfort, and durability that makes them an ideal option to choose.

Are These Products Offer Upgraded Protection?

NMSafety is a famous safety glove company for the quality and innovation of its products. This time, they’ve come to restore all the benefits in one product as they gonna provide you protection from various kinds of hazards; the most prominent of them all are cut resistance, impact resistance, oil, and chemical resistance, and last but not the least germ resistance. Having said that, employers should focus on employees' hand safety and make sure that they have gloves that offer specialized general protection so that employees can multitask with agility and a sense of protection. These products are desirable because they’ve everything you need to perform your work with agility depending upon the occup[ation.

What Kind Of Products Are They?

These products are work gloves specialized for hand protection which is a key element you need while working in any industry. Our concern is to make you feel secure and protected this is why we have designed these products in our work glove factory where your all safety concerns are being shaped. These products include cut-resistant, impact resistance, liquid, and infection resistance. the material from which they are made are polyester, nylon polyester, synthetic Polyester Fabric, and various natural materials. However, NMSafety provides a cut+impact resistance with the best material. The NMSafety cut-resistant gloves contain gauge polyester & spandex & HPPE & glass fiber. Also, they are knitted sleeves providing you more comfort. The fabric of the cut-resistant sleeve distinguishes it from the sleeves of other brands.

Advantages Of Using These Products As Your PPE:

  1. Impact Resistance & Cut Resistance:

This product gonna change your perspective regarding hand safety as a pair of gloves that offer a combination of protection against different types of harm shouldn’t be purchased from any unauthentic store or online as only the best safety glove company can know what is the right material for them and how they can be among the best category. NMSafety has made it easier for you as they choose the best quality material to design them.

  • Impact-resistant Gloves for lighter duty jobs:

These gloves should be made up of knitted liner containing 18 gauge nylon HPPE and steel fiber as it is the right material that someone is needed while performing lighter work. Though they are not heavy-duty gloves they have a lightweight TRP padding on their back that helps the users to perform the work without feeling any load while keeping them safe from pinch or bruises to lacerations hazards. To make them oil-proof, their palms are coated with sandy nitrile which makes them perfect to get protection against abrasions while improving their durability, longevity, and grip.


Impact Resistant & Cut Resistant Gloves Yellow 04 [DY1850AC-H]


  • Impact-resistant gloves for heavy duties:

Your heavy-duty gloves must contain 13 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber knitted liner as knitted material gonna keeps you comfortable while HPPE and steel fibers are ideal to offer protection against cut and impact. Anti-vibration padding is also required especially if you are working in the fabrication industry or any other where more hand movements are required so it gonna keeps you safe from HAVS which is the most common syndrome seen in such employees. The main thing is to buy from a reliable safety glove company. The gloves should have specialized TRP padding on the back so that it will reduce the impact of something falling on your hand or from crushing to pinching situations. Reinforcement between the thumb and index finger is also essential that should be made of the same material as the gloves. Many users complain about the grip while using nitrile gloves because nitrile coating is used to make the oil or liquid repellent but nitrile soaks the moisture and it reaches the worker’s hand so to avoid that situation your gloves should have sandy nitrile coating or foam nitrile coating.

Impact Resistant & Cut Resistant Gloves Black 03 [DY1350AC-H]


18 Gauge Cut Resistant A6/F Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce [DU1850F-H6]


  1. Infection resistance:

It is important when you are working as a patient care staff and at the risk of getting an infection. Having such gloves that offer you protection against bacteria can solve half of the problem. For that purpose, your gloves should be bought from an authentic safety glove company so that you don’t regret buying or have any doubts about the capability of your gloves against protection. The ideal material for resistance against microbes is a 15 gauge nylon and spandex knitted liner, as nylon and spandex are breathable and it should have nitrile palm coating that will provide you protection against cut whilst good for chemical resistance.

Anti-Bacteria Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves [NY1350F]

4 Keys to choosing your gloves:

  1. Choose the right fit
  2. Look for the grip
  3. Prefer sandy nitrile coatings for durability and longevity
  4. Look for padding material


As you may get aware of the benefits you are gonna have using these products so add them to your protection equipment as an important tool as hand safety is requisite for health. They’re available at many different websites or stores but to buy them from an authentic vendor is a smart idea. We suggest you purchase NMSafety as it is the leading safety gloves company that gonna proves a reliable choice for you when it comes to quality.