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Nano-Metre Industrial Limited (NMSafety) has been focusing on safety gloves since 1998, supplying a wide range of safety gloves for many brands worldwide. we have professional OEM & ODM Services, including design, manufacture and delivery.

Company Profile

Nano-Metre Industrial Ltd (NMSafety) is a professional manufacturer of safety gloves established in 1998, has became a leading supplier in China.

  • Three factories in Jiangxi, Jiangsu and Shandong province.
  • 15 production lines, 1500 knitting machines and 600 employees.
  • Monthly capacity of 600,000 dozen of gloves.

Safety Work Gloves:

Hand protection is essential to maintain your efficiency and keep yourself safe from the risk of injuries. These gloves are available in a flexible fit that is easy to take off and put on in no time. Mostly the safety work gloves are made with leather, rubber, or synthetic materials like nylon, polyesters, neoprene, or PVC. Here at NMSafety, you can find a pair of safety gloves according to your preferences at the best available quality in town. We are the only work glove manufacturer who deals with such supreme fabrications to make our products durable and reliable as we have used nitrile coating to give a fine grip to them. On the other side to make them an absolute choice for work, we’ve made them with lightweight materials.


Application Of Safety Work Gloves:


Liquid Proof Gloves:


These liquid-proof work gloves are composed of synthetic rubber and protect against a variety of chemicals, as well as chemical exposure, water, vapors permeation, and durability. NMSafety is the best safety glove supplier dealing with exceptional product quality when comes to these gloves.


Cut-Resistant Gloves:


Hand Protection is requisite. Cut-resistant gloves are safety gear (PPE) that are meant to shield the user's hands against cuts when dealing with blunt objects. Not only that these gloves function to protect your hands and fingers from abrasions, bruises, lacerations, oil, shock, etc.

Cut level criteria:

Cut Level 5: Insanely serious cuts.

Cut Level 4: Slightly lower cut concern than level 5.

Cut Level 3: Cut dangers are considerable.

Cut Level 2: Reduced probability of cuts.

Cut Level 1: Cut risks are extremely low.



Fingerless Gloves:


That isn't great for cold-weather angling as your fingers will be uncovered, though if you're also catching fish using your mobile.


Forestry & Fishery Gloves:


These gloves are used when working with trees, ground, or substances, it's also necessary to wear forestry work gloves during other chores to save your hands from liquids, uneven timber, wounds, and skin irritation.


Manufacturing Gloves:


These gloves provide your hands with an ample amount of safety to avoid certain mishappenings when your limb or life is in danger. There is a possibility that you won't even be told at your workplace why you need to wear this gear - only that it's mandatory.


Winter Work Gloves:


These winter work gloves are the most worthy and best option for those who must deal with cold and snowy weather. NMSafety is the best safety glove supplier dealing with exceptional product quality when comes to these gloves.



Electronic Assembly Gloves:


These electronic assembly gloves are exemplary due to their skill tactics. Electrostatic discharge is a major fret while working with PCBs and other tricky electrical equipment, which can be minimized by wearing these proper attires.

NMSafety is the best safety glove supplier dealing with exceptional product quality.

Coating Specifications For Anti-Static Gloves:

Touch and tension charging can be protected by wearing Antistatic Gloves.

To avoid triboelectric and electrostatic charging, as well as particles, it should include long fluffy nylon strands containing carbon.

It should be incredibly elastic and form-fitting.

Prevents dust yield by avoiding friction and contact charging.

The fingertips must have a PU coating that allows for sensitive work easier.

The gloves ideally have a thickness of 13-15 gauge.

It should offer a surface resistivity of 1.3 x 108Ω for the resin part while 2.8 x 108Ω for the fiber part.



Construction Gloves:


These are the gloves that one must wear when working at the construction site they ideally protect against abrasions, punctures, cuts, impact, and temperature changes.


Chemical-resistant gloves:


They are critical for keeping staff safe from harmful and destructive toxic agents. They're the last line of defense between the worker and chemicals. NMSafety is the best safety glove supplier dealing with exceptional product quality when comes to these gloves.



Features of Work Gloves:


Heavy Duty Work Gloves:

These gloves are made to protect your hand against all mechanical hazards from cut to impact, liquid to shock, temperature, and oil because of the material with which they’re made.


Disposable Gloves:

Disposable gloves are a popular alternative for chemical and liquid protection, as well as protection from contamination through skin contact. Rubber disposable gloves are flexible and have a high tactile sensitivity.


Gloves with Grip:

You'll need the following level of dexterity: Fine motor control activities, such as experimental research, may require a lighter glove fabric, yet activities like dusting industrial components may not. While examining the labor standards, the level of dexterity required for each duty must be considered.


Padded Gloves:

Cutting mechanical sawing slacking and slitting are all simple ways to make them into a range of distinct shapes and sizes. SBR foam is often sold as sheets although it can also be rolled out SBR sponge comes in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 40 mm to design these padded gloves.



Types of Gloves:


Polyethylene Gloves:

Poly gloves are meant for light-duty applications and are quite thin. They're also highly cost-effective, and they're ideal for food preparation when employees need to switch gloves often.


Latex Gloves:

Latex gloves are an excellent choice if you want a glove that can do a lot of different things. While it does include a protein that might cause allergic responses in certain people, this material can be used for almost any application except high-risk applications.


Neoprene Gloves:


Neoprene gloves are thick and reusable, and they're flexible, heat-resistant, and occasionally come with a flock inside. They're ideal for high-risk activities like dishwashing and wet handling.


Vinyl Gloves:

Vinyl gloves are latex-free, comfortable, and suitable for use in the food service industry. They may be utilized for a variety of jobs, including food preparation, cooking, serving, and even low-risk cleaning labor.


Nitrile Gloves:

Nitrile gloves, perhaps the most versatile, are available in a wide range of thicknesses and styles, ranging from 3 mil thick foodservice gloves to 6 mil thick industrial gloves. They may be used for almost any work and come in a low-dermatitis version.


What Are The Best Gloves For Handling Concrete?

Our Impact Resistant & Cut Resistant Gloves Orange/Black [DY1350AC-H] is a remarkable choice for construction, maintenance work, or other heavy-duty work. NMSafety is the best safety glove supplier dealing with exceptional product quality when comes to these gloves.

What Are The Best Winter Work Gloves?                                              

Our Thermal Acrylic Latex Coated Gloves are extremely dramatic against subzero temperature conditions. You can wear them for fishing, the warehouse, and many other jobs.

What Are The Best Anti-Static Gloves?

Our ESD PU Palm Coated Antistatic Gloves have become a popular choice against ESD among all the workers who work as electronic assembly personnel or electrician.