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NM1359DC-W sandy

Thermal Latex Double Coated Water Resistant Gloves [NM1359DC-W]

15 gauge nylon and 7 gauge terry acrylic knitted liner, first layer smooth latex full coated, second layer sandy latex palm coated , water resistant, winter work gloves.

Product Details

  • Liner:15 gauge nylon & 7 gauge terry acrylic
  • Coating:Smooth latex & Sandy latex
  • Size:8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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What Is Meant By Latex Coated Gloves?

These gloves are ranked high when it comes to comfort and elasticity as the latex coating material is ideal to provide dexterity and contamination this is why such gloves are used in a variety of industries as they’re natural rubber gloves this is why the level of protection against certain things can’t be achieved by any other pair of glove. At NMSafety, you can get these products and much more at low prices and high quality as they have a huge variety to offer regarding these safety work gloves. Our Latex gloves provide additional safety from a variety of effects, notably toxic and blood-borne pathogens, as well as mechanical and tearing risks. The latex-coated gloves range they are offering is extremely remarkable in terms of quality that's gonna be the most profitable decision you’ve ever made.


Thermal Latex Double Coated Gloves:

As the term suggests these latex-coated gloves are highly resistant against cold temperatures, and weather wicking but also waterproof which makes them ideal to work in subzero temperatures. Thanks to its 15 gauge nylon and 7 gauge terry acrylic knitted liner, the first layer of smooth latex full coated, second layer sandy latex palm coated, that makes them comfy and breathable because the acrylic makes them extremely warm from the inside while the first layer of latex is responsible for adding breathability and maneuverability while the second layer is responsible for introducing grip to them.




Nylon & Terry Acrylic Liner:

Nylon, natural fiber for ease, is combined with acrylic, and synthetic fiber to boost elasticity and, to a certain degree, basic damage tolerance and longer life. Fabricated with loops for added quality and protection. Filler metal and manufacturing are suitable.


Double Latex Coating:


First Layer— Smooth Latex Full Coating:

This coating makes them protective against friction, hole, and snagging owing to the absence of framework, while also delivering superior perforated tolerance, elastic hold, and so much sensory responsiveness. The fabric used and touched on these gloves is seamless, as the term suggests. This pattern was created without the use of any chemicals.


Second Layer— Sandy Latex Coating:

A unique method and salt-like ingredient are employed in the production phase to obtain the sandy texture. As a result, the grasping ability type is exceptional, particularly when operating in damp or sticky situations. This type is pleasant, versatile, and enables the air to pass in addition to grasping. This is the most commonly seen and utilized style of glove due to its exceptional grip.


Advantages Of Using Thermal Double Latex Coated Gloves:


Tear Resilience:

One of the key hazards that one is more likely to experience working in any profession is slashed resistance, which occurs when the item has jagged edges or when the instruments used to manufacture things are often difficult to handle. Using these gloves can significantly reduce the risk of cuts.

Uses: Repair work, home, petroleum industry, vehicle maintenance, and aviation are some of the applications ( not so technical staff).


Generally Pro:

Because these latex-coated gloves have a double latex coating, they make them ideal for small item installation because they provide a secure grip that is frequently required in such operations. Because they provide an extra level of precision, they will provide you with greater comfort and speed, as well as a lower danger of slipping or hand muscle soreness.


Infection Protection:

When handling contaminants, filth, and other pollution-causing environmental variables, latex provides excellent contamination defense and reduces the risk of infection. You may comfortably move about in any infection-prone location while wearing these crinkle latex gloves.




These waterproof gloves feature a water-repellent ability to keep the user's hands dry while spending long hours outside. These professional working gloves for wet weather will be able to withstand the heavy rainfall that autumn, winter, and early spring bring. These waterproof work gloves combine thermal and water-repellent properties, as well as max wearer comfort. To boost employee comfort, these waterproof, as well as lightweight gloves, will reduce the likelihood of users taking the gloves off at any time, all day.


Ideal Glove Thickness:

These gloves have an ideal thickness that is enough to allow you to feel what you're doing while also being thick enough to keep your hands warm. While the gripping power of these winter waterproof work gloves are depending on the latex or its coating that has been used, these gloves have better-gripping abilities than others.



Cold temperature Sensitivity:

They have a high level of temperature resistance, which makes them a good choice for temperature-related operations. Just like high temperature, low temperature is also a major issue in a variety of sectors. These latex grip gloves offer the best protection against flames and burns.


Our Top Suggestions:


Polycotton Crinkle Latex Coated Gloves:

These crinkle latex-coated gloves provide good control, agility, damage tolerance, penetration resistance, and general longevity. Their permeable rear guarantees convenience, and their ergonomic design makes them suitable for lengthy stretches of use. They are incredibly resilient and appropriate for manipulating tiny pieces, used in the automobile industry, metal pressing, building operations, and other uses due to their great cut protection.



So each job and job task has its own set of requirements to meet and hazards to prevent. While it is usually a better idea to get a pair of gloves made specifically for your work, it can quickly become worthy—especially if you are involved in a variety of jobs. Being your trustworthy vendor NMSafety, we suggest choosing these winter waterproof work gloves that will keep your hands dry even if the outer shell of the glove gets wet. It has excellent water-resistant as well as windproof properties that work well in conjunction with the protective layer to provide a highly flexible amount of weather resistance.