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Microfoam Nitrile Half Coated Gloves Nitrile Dots [NY1355FD]

15 gauge nylon and spandex knitted liner, microfoam nitrile half coated gloves, nitrile dots on palm

Product Details

  • Liner:15 gauge nylon and spandex
  • Coating:Microfoam nitrile
  • Size:7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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What Are Nitrile Coated Gloves? Why Are They Important?


Nitrile-coated gloves prevent employees from the unpleasantness of cooler temperatures while also offering extra prevention from cuts, scratches, and irritants. Nitrile gloves can be manufactured with a unique Nitrile composition to perceive and suit like latex, while also allowing for a good motion range and exceptional mobility to reduce tiredness. They‘re made powder-free to make them ultimate stable and better texture and are more durable because it does not include natural rubber latex it has become a popular choice for people with type I hypersensitivity the automotive industrial manufacturing woodworking deglazing painting and gardening industries all benefit from these gloves.


Form Nitrile Half Coated Gloves:

This material is a variation of nitrile or a synthetic rubber material to add more oil resistance and improve grip. It is similar to nitrile in function but extremely lightweight

It creates small pores on the surface using a chemical, making it smoother and more breathable. Construction, industry, agriculture, general assembly, electronics, and gardening are just a few of the applications.


Advantages Of Using These Foam Nitrile Half Coated Gloves— Dotted Nitrile


Chemical Protection:

Chemical workers are always at risk of chemical harm, which can include serious skin damage and chemical burns. To protect against potential injury like blisters or burns in more severe situations chemical safety gloves, specifically foam nitrile-coated gloves, are required.



The conventional male multifunctional waterproof gloves have a Velcro strap and silicone embossed knuckles for added protection. Nitrile is resistant to a wide range of medications, acids, and materials, and is, therefore, waterproof lubricant repellent, and oil-proof. The nitrile protects the wearer's hands from illness and keeps them from damaging any object or location they come into touch with.


Safety From Arc Flash:

These gloves can do a lot more than just keep your hands warm. When working with transformers, it's also important to make sure that staff is appropriately protected against arc flash. In this approach, synthetic fibers like nitrile-coated gloves serve a second role by protecting against grease, shock, and arc flash.


Characteristics of Foam Nitrile Half Coated Nitrile Gloves —Dotted Nitrile:


It creates small pores on the surface using a chemical, making it smoother and more breathable. Construction, industry, agriculture, general assembly, electronics, and gardening are just a few of the applications. Some major foam nitrile coated glove characteristics are given below:


They're breathable, comfortable, and puncture-resistant, with superb grip, texture, and response.


Oil-resistant - functions like a spongy cushion on oily surfaces.


They're dependable in wet settings since they're moisture resistant, thus the ideal method to utilize foam nitrile is in damp and dry environments, depending on the vital properties of each type of coating.


Knitted nylon gloves with a nitrile coating are well-known for their dexterity and grip.


Dotted Nitrile palm and knuckle coatings — are extremely thin and strong, and give an excellent grip that makes these nitrile dot palm gloves an exceptional choice.

  • Microform Coating:They have a small interconnected network of pores functions differently from their parent:
  • The ultra-light cut level 5 micropore foam nitrile glove does an excellent job at providing an excellent grasp.
  • Pore sites help to maintain palms drier and devoid of discomfort by preventing oil and liquids from being soaked. Micropore nitrile has a surface morphology that differs from foam nitrile in that it has a network of small entries.


How To Choose The Right Foam Nitrile Coated Gloves With Nitrile Dots


Find The Accurate Size:

To make your gloves breathable and comfortable, it is important that they’re the right size. Tight gloves can cause discomfort on the other hand loose gloves may drop and there’s no point that they going to benefit you as you are much exposed to the hazards. To meet the needs of security choose your gloves sensibly.



You'll need the following level of dexterity: Fine motor control activities, such as experimental research, may require a lighter glove fabric, yet activities like dusting industrial components may not. While examining the labor standards, the level of dexterity required for each duty must be considered.


Check For Tears or Holes:

Give a check on the pair of gloves you’re buying for holes or any tears as these gloves are extremely puncture resistant but still sometimes can get affected by sharp blades or needles.


Lining Material:

Woven liners do the same thing as weaving liners and also give some thermal insulation. Polyester flocked liners are used for basic sweat absorption. Gloves with flock and woolen liners are offered in a range of styles. Handling has been improved by using gloves with brushed coatings.


Our Top Pick From All Foam Nitrile Half Coated Gloves:


Foam Nitrile Half Coated Gloves Nitrile Dots:

These gloves are extremely comfortable and lightweight providing extra firm dry grip and making the handling smooth for you. 15 gauge nylon and spandex knitted liner- makes it breathable and flexible while foam nitrile half coated gloves and nitrile dots on the palm enhance its service life and excellent against punctures, chemicals, and water.



These Foam nitrile-coated gloves striped nitrile is the ultimate protection tool when it comes to handling dry substances. They will not only protect against bumps and irregular surfaces but also provide a firm grip. These gloves are disposable and inexpensive but quality comes first as they can be found in every store or online. It’s your call to buy from a reliable vendor. We suggest NMSafety as they’re not only authentic but have a huge variety. Buying from them makes you feel proud of your decision.