Different types of Gardening Gloves

17 Jul, 2022

By hqt

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Gardening gloves are a piece of clothing that have separate parts for each finger and protect your hands and wrists. Gloves are used to protect, warm, and/or dry the hands.
Before going into a comparison of different types of gloves let’s briefly discuss several types of gloves including plastic or synthetic gloves, cotton gloves, and leather gloves.

Cotton gloves:

These gloves are more pleasant to wear and simpler to take off. For light gardening tasks that don't entail coming in contact with thorns or prickles, cotton gloves are perfect. When handling rose, stems, and other thorny plant material or cutting prickly material, these gloves shouldn't be used. To increase durability and protection, some cotton gloves have an upper side made of cotton and a bottom side (palm) made of rubber, leather, or another material. Cotton gloves are more comfortable than others and don't bother the hand.

Leather gloves:

A leather glove is a customized hand covering with separate sheaths for the thumb, each finger, and each finger joint. This covering is made of an animal's tanned hide that has been stripped of its hair, while synthetic leather has become increasingly popular in recent years. For heavy gardening and yard work where spines and prickles are likely to be an issue, leather gloves are typically preferred. In hot weather, leather gloves frequently become unpleasant and may not offer the dexterity needed for some manual work.

Synthetic gloves:

Gloves made of synthetic materials come in a variety of qualities but are not always as handy as gloves made of leather. The cost, quality, and thickness of the materials utilized will determine this. These can also be used for gardening purposes.

Rubber Gloves:

Gloves made of rubber or latex may come in handy in specific situations, such as when you are working with non-prickly plants. These can be used to remove small pests present in the garden with the help of a hand even though they aren't often much beneficial in the garden.

Chemical resistant gloves:

Gloves composed of synthetic rubber, such as neoprene or nitrile, may shield hands from chemicals as well as scratches and wounds. They are also designed to be flexible and breathable. Unpleasant thorns, though, can still pierce through them. For the application of weed eaters, fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, oils, and acids, chemical-resistant gardening gloves are employed. These gloves are produced from vinyl, nitrile, or neoprene. When gardening, the usage of chemicals can leave exposed hands with burns or blisters. An extra pair of chemical-resistant gloves must always be kept on hand by every gardener.

Puncture-resistant gloves:

When working with cactus, rose bushes, or berry bushes, garden gloves with puncture resistance should be worn. The majority of puncture-resistant gloves are constructed from leather or a proprietary combination of materials. Gloves that can withstand punctures are typically also cut-proof, making them ideal for usage around chainsaws and other pointed objects. These gloves are perfect if you need to handle rodents or insects in your garden to avoid getting bitten.

Selection of gloves:

While selecting safety gloves for the workplace may seem simple, it is important to remember that not all gloves are designed to serve the same function. Work gloves are made particularly for a variety of tasks. Employers must be aware of the risks that might arise from their employees' regular employment, and as a result, they must supply personal protective equipment to those workers. For instance, a leather glove should never be used with chemicals. Therefore, it's crucial to comprehend the task before purchasing protective gear. 

Comparison between different types of gardening gloves: 

Cotton gardening gloves are typically constructed of Cotton that shields the hands from mud and is lightweight, flexible, and inexpensive to produce. Cotton gloves don't offer much protection against thorns, though. Additionally, when they are wet, they become heavy and the wetness might make the gardener's hands chilly on a chilly day. Cotton can deteriorate quickly as compared to any other material which is why it must be changed.

To overcome the shortcomings of cotton gloves gardeners can replace these gloves with other types of gloves. Another kind of glove that offers a little bit more protection than cotton gloves is one that combines leather and cotton. However, they can't be regarded as the best option for essential gardening duties because they still get wet and can't offer much defense against thorns and prickles. Pure leather gloves still get wet but last longer and offer some thorn protection. Composites gloves are created with nylon on the fingertips to increase durability and keep moisture off the hands.

Features of gardening gloves:

Gardening gloves come in a variety of styles, materials, and features, such as waterproofing, extra grip and padding, to assist control hand temperature, and many others. Depending on the gardening tasks you want to complete, you'll need to decide on the design and features you want. For tasks like potting and planting, where dexterity and the ability to feel what you're doing are essential, thin, lightweight gloves are optimal. When utilizing tools or working on difficult landscaping projects, heavy-duty gardening gloves are ideal for protection and support. No matter the type of gardening gloves used, they must be comfortable for the user. A good pair of gardening gloves will keep the wearer's hands safe from several risks and enable them to hold objects. A gardener may have trouble gripping their equipment if they are wearing gloves that are too large. Blisters can develop when gloves are too small.

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