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27 Jun, 2022

By hqt

Heavy-Duty Latex Gloves


Hevea brasiliensis, the 'rubber tree,' is the source of latex, a naturally occurring substance. Natural rubber latex (NRL) is appropriate for various applications because of its suppleness. Utilized initially in latex gloves in the late 1800s, latex may be found in a wide range of home and workplace items. Gloves, tires, condoms, medical instruments, and more are all included. Since their first beginnings, latex materials have been produced to be thinner, more flexible, and more adaptable.

Since their beginnings, latex gloves have been a popular option for disposable gloves because of their flexibility and protective characteristics. Latex gloves are very light and flexible, making them simple to wear and allowing for a great degree of talent, making them a popular choice for medical professionals.

Benefits of heavy duty latex gloves

Intensity Latex gloves remain one of the most popular types of gloves on the market, despite the rise of vinyl and nitrile in commercial and industrial settings. Rubber latex's physical qualities make heavy-duty latex gloves exceptionally elastic and resistant to ripping while also protecting against a wide variety of dangers, including biohazards like germs and viruses and certain chemicals.

It is widely accepted that heavy-duty latex gloves are the most comfortable and second-skin-like disposable glove material available, allowing users to execute delicate jobs that need high levels of touch sensitivity. Natural rubber latex gloves are more quickly degraded than synthetic rubber latex gloves. Thus they're a popular option among eco-conscious consumers. As a result of these features, heavy-duty latex gloves are incredibly adaptable and may be utilized in a wide variety of applications across several sectors and industries.

Why buy heavy duty latex gloves?

Businesses must work together to eliminate or prevent hazards, such as hazardous materials if practicable, to provide the safest possible working conditions for their employees. Despite their best efforts, many workplaces may still have certain dangers that need to be addressed. Personal protection equipment (PPE) comes into play here.

Protective gloves should be one of the first items of PPE to be considered if your personnel are exposed to potentially dangerous products.

In addition to keeping workplaces and materials hygienic, heavy-duty latex gloves also protect employees themselves. Protecting hands and wrists from chemicals like detergents, alcoholic beverages, and biohazards like viruses and germs, body fluids, abrasives, and other potentially harmful substances is easy with a pair of latex gloves.

Why are heavy duty latex gloves available in different colors?

Nm Safety' heavy-duty latex gloves come in a variety of colors. In this manner, we can provide several options to our customers while also providing a simple and effective means of preventing the spread of infectious diseases in the workplace. Workers may prevent the transmission of materials, pollutants, and risks from one area of work to another by using a distinct shade of paint for each application or stage of labor.

Do heavy duty latex gloves offer better protection than other gloves?

Chemical and biohazards, as well as abrasive or tear-inducing, may all be protected by latex gloves. Gloves made of latex are more durable and resistant to rips and punctures than those made of vinyl. They are also more comfortable to wear for extended periods and provide better agility because of their tighter fit and increased elasticity. On the other hand, nitrile gloves are better suited to situations where abrasive materials and rip or puncture threats are more prevalent.

It is also possible to employ heavy-duty latex gloves to protect workers from exposure to potentially dangerous substances, such as cleaning chemicals, detergents, and biohazards. Cleaning and janitorial positions and care and domestic labor are popular because of this. Nitrile gloves are once again a better option when dealing with harsher chemicals, such as oil-based ones.

In other words, these Latex Double-Coated Gloves offer employees a firm grip while simultaneously protecting them from harm. NMSafety, as your reliable supplier, recommends purchasing these gloves, and we firmly believe you will not be disappointed. Cuts around sharp objects may be made safely with these gloves on. You'll be able to work more quickly and confidently since your hands are better protected from injuries.

Latex vs. rubber gloves

Latex and rubber gloves are commonly confused in the workplace, even among individuals who often wear latex gloves. There are considerable distinctions between these gloves, and understanding them can assist you in making an informed decision.

Plastic microparticles are suspended in an aqueous solution to form latex microemulsions. Latex (or latices) may be found in nature but can also be created synthetically. Liquid latex is generally transformed into a solid form.

Rubber is a long-lasting, water-resistant, and elastic material manufactured from natural or synthetic latex. Generally, this is the final result or a solid intermediate.

Latex from rubber trees is harvested and processed into rubber goods by producers once the latex has been gathered. Depending on their treatment, products like this may be elastic, waterproof, and resistant to chemicals and other risks. A lot of misunderstanding is caused by using the words 'latex' and 'rubber' interchangeably, which is expected.

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Synthetic and natural rubber latex are both widespread industrial and domestic materials, and latex gloves are among the most popular disposable glove options. Nitrile gloves are often mistaken for rubber when people search for "rubber" gloves. Acrylonitrile, butadiene and carboxylic acid monomers are used to make nitrile, a synthetic substance. This synthetic substance is entirely devoid of proteins, making it an ideal substitute for latex.


So, as you know, these heavy duty latex gloves are intended to provide workers with a secure grip while also ensuring their safety. NMSafety, your trustworthy dealer, suggests buying these gloves, and we promise you that you will never regret it. When you wear these gloves, you can cut safely around sharp surfaces at work. Because your hands are adequately protected against accidents, you can complete your tasks with greater confidence and speed.