Work Glove Factory: Best Place to buy Gloves in China

12 Apr, 2022

By hqt

Work Glove Factory: Best Place to buy Gloves in China
Work Glove Factory: Best Place to buy Gloves in China

What kind of work gloves do you need?

In this article, we will look at the main types of work glove factory and for which work certain types are needed. The first most common type, of course, are knitted work gloves. They can be both with drawing PVC pattern, and without.

Working knitted gloves without PVC pattern are the most affordable, at the same time they are the most primitive in hand protection. As a rule, they are used to protect hands from dirt, dust, small debris. These gloves are made of cotton fabric, so they are hypoallergenic.

In all models of cuffs of gloves on elastic bands, which provides protection against small debris getting inside the gloves. The most common size 10, almost never found in sizes 9 and 8.

Work glove factory with PVC drawing

This is the most popular type of work gloves, since the PVC pattern provides good grip on tools and materials, you cannot be afraid that the item will slip out of your hands. Applying a PVC pattern to the palm part also prolongs the life of the gloves. These work gloves are indispensable in almost any industry and household where hand protection is required.

There are also knitted work gloves with a PVC pattern on both sides. This method allows you to use work gloves for a longer time, but they will also be more expensive than gloves with a PVC pattern applied only to the palm of the hand. Also, all models of work glove factory are divided into classes. As a rule, the two most common classes are used, namely 7th and 10th grade.

In grade 7, loops knit per square centimeter, and in 10, respectively, 10 loops. The higher the class, the denser the knitting and the smaller the hole in the loop, respectively, less dust gets inside. There are also two ways to knit work gloves plating.

Melange is when knitted and synthetic threads are used that are intertwined. While plating is a layer of knitted thread that is in contact with the hand and a top layer of synthetic thread that protects against external mechanical damage.

Gloves workers are combined from a split leather.

This type of work glove factory comes as a rule with cuff type gaiter. What is this cuff for? As a rule, this type of gloves is good for welding, with sharp objects.

These gloves have an elongated part that protects the forearm almost to the elbow, gloves with cuff cuffs, it is very convenient to quickly remove in case of a burn or melted splashes inside. Made of split leather gloves (specially treated calfskin). But the combined models are made of a combination of leather and non-combustible materials.

Latex coated work gloves

This work glove factory is made of knitted or nylon fabric coated with latex. There are gloves with three types of dousing, such as:

  • Not full coverage
  • 3/4 pour
  • Full pour

Not full, pouring is when the latex material is applied to the palm and captures the fingertips. 3/4 pouring is when the material is applied to the palm and fingers of gloves. Full, pouring means that the glove is doused with latex material up to the cuff of the gloves. These gloves are indispensable for work in such areas as:

  • Chemical industry
  • Car services and auto industry
  • agriculture
  • Abrasive materials and metal
  • alkaline substances
  • everyday life

Latex, dousing gives additional protection to hands, hands will be dry and clean.

Work Glove Factory 2022

Nitrile coated work glove factory

This type of work gloves is similar to the latex-coated gloves described above, but nitrile coating is used instead of latex. What is the advantage of nitrile over latex? If latex can be used with alkaline materials, then nitrile, in turn, is not afraid of chemical liquids such as:

  • Petrol
  • Solvents
  • Acetone
  • Painting types of liquids
  • Combustible lubricants

Gloves with a nitrile coating are the best protection against chemical and alkaline liquids, when in contact with an aggressive environment, the nitrile coating does not melt or flow, and withstands prolonged contact.

The winter work gloves close our list

Winter work glove factory, as a rule, use double knitting, they come with or without a PVC pattern. Also in our assortment there are insulated work gloves with latex dousing. There are also fleece models made of fleece material. In our company there are all the above types of work gloves, they can be purchased both wholesale and retail.

When ordering in bulk, the price indicated for a package of gloves applies, when buying at retail, you can order from one pair of gloves.

Overalls are important in any production and enterprise, performing protective functions and as a measure of compliance with hygiene standards. Work glove factory are an integral part of any work wear and are used in almost all industries: from healthcare to aircraft construction. Each type of activity has its own gloves:

Hands in such gloves do not sweat. Of the minuses of knitted materials - it is wiped rather quickly. Therefore, most gloves are produced with PVC, latex and nitrile coatings, which have an anti-slip effect and extend the life of the gloves.

split and leather gloves protect the skin of the hands from mechanical damage, high and low temperatures. They are resistant to abrasion, used for working with rough surfaces.

The work glove factory are extremely strong and durable

Hands in mittens are comfortable, they do not sweat, there is no decrease in the tenacity of the fingers. Gloves are well suited for protecting hands during heavy work.

latex gloves are elastic, stretch well and fit the hand, resistant to acids and alkalis. At the same time, it is not recommended to work with chemicals and gasoline in them.

Nitrile gloves are resistant to mechanical and chemical influences

Nitrile gloves are resistant to alcohols, phenols and acids, as well as to mechanical and chemical influences. Work glove factory withstand high temperatures, do not cause dryness of the skin of the hands and allergic reactions. At the same time, nitrile gloves also have some disadvantages: they are not elastic enough, and with prolonged continuous use they can cause skin irritation.