Why should nitrile garden gloves be the first choice?

17 Jul, 2022

By hqt


Nitrile Garden Gloves:

Depending on the work, several types of gloves are recommended to use in the garden. When you're doing hard work, like digging, farming, or raking, thick fabric or leather gloves offer adequate protection and aid in preventing blisters.

Wearing nitrile gloves is a better and safer choice when working with garden chemicals including fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides. 

Composition of nitrile garden gloves:

Although you are probably aware of the various kinds of gloves that are produced today, many distributors and even the person who wears gloves are not well familiar with the fascinating process that goes into creating each kind of glove.

Nitrile butadiene rubber is used to create nitrile gloves. This material is a copolymer made from the union of the molecules butadiene and acrylonitrile. In particular, acrylonitrile, which improves chemical resistance, and butadiene, which produces flexibility and tear resistance, are crucial for the functionality and quality of the gloves.

What distinguishes nitrile gloves from latex, vinyl, and other types of gloves?

The three materials that are most usually used to make disposable gloves are vinyl, latex, and nitrile. In this article, we'll look at how these gloves differ from one another and why nitrile garden gloves are regarded as ideal.

Nitrile and vinyl gloves are made from synthetic materials, whereas latex gloves are made from natural latex rubber. As a result, they are produced slightly differently.

Certain items are better suited for specific situations due to different materials and design decisions. Additionally, ordering the incorrect kind of glove for your practice might result in resource loss and a higher chance of tears, rips, and punctures.

Latex Gloves:

The most common material for gloves is latex, which is a biodegradable substance obtained from the latex ducts of rubber plants. Because of this, the wearer has great comfort, and dexterity making these gloves best suitable for use in the food service industries, medical, and automotive industries.

Vinyl Gloves:

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used to create the synthetic, protein-free substance known as vinyl. Vinyl is not biodegradable. Due to their low cost of production, gloves are relatively affordable to buy. Vinyl gloves are available in a variety of thicknesses and powdered or non-powdered variants, similar to latex gloves.

These work well in food service industries where product security is required but don't call for a lot of dexterity or tactile accuracy.

The disadvantage of vinyl is that it provides minimal protection against chemicals and microbes. Vinyl also restricts the dexterity and comfort of wearer and increases the probability that the glove may catch and rip since it is less form-fitting than latex or nitrile. These are used for serving food.

Nitrile gloves:

Since nitrile gloves are composed of nitrile butadiene rubber, a synthetic material, nitrile gloves have maximum shelf life which is far greater than latex gloves and offer an alternative for people who are allergic to latex.
Nitrile is somewhat similar to latex in dexterity, comfort, feel, and durability, but it resists fats, solvents, oil, and chemicals better, making it the best material for usage in laboratories, the photochemical industry, farming and pesticide applications, and medicinal applications.

Why are nitrile garden gloves preferred over others?

Protection from allergies:

The occurrence of latex allergy is the main factor driving people, businesses, and even entire sectors to convert from latex to nitrile. Natural rubber is used to make latex, and some of the natural proteins included in that natural product can result in moderate to severe allergic responses.

The symptoms of allergic responses are frequently modest and include itching, pain, and skin irritation. However, those who have a latex allergy may have an anaphylactic shock in the most extreme circumstances. 

Safest work environment:

Nitrile gloves are best at dispersing electrostatic charges and adding the fewest particles to the work environment. They are advantageous for automotive applications because they can withstand greater temperatures than latex.

Resistance against chemicals:

Your hands and skin are shielded by gloves from foreign materials including chemicals, oils, and other fluids, as well as small cuts and scratches. In addition to offering greater defense against chemicals, liquids, wounds, and punctures, nitrile gloves do not trigger the same kind of allergic responses that latex does.

Best grip:

While handling damp or slippery materials, they offer a solid grip that helps prevent accidents when they fit properly. They also don't rip from little scratches.

Variety of colors and thickness:

Nitrile gloves are available in variety of colors and thickness ranges. Powdered and powder-free form is also available.

Uses of nitrile garden gloves:

  • In the garden, nitrile gloves are used to keep hands clean, avoid contamination, and keep chemicals like insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides from coming into direct contact with the hands.
  • A durable pair of gloves for hands that work hard!
  • Nitrile, which is stretchy and impermeable, is applied to the palms and fingers.
  • Despite appearing to be lightweight, these work gloves are quite durable. They'll keep your hands dry and clean whether weeding, spreading compost, or planting seeds. Nitrile, a very resilient yet thin and flexible substance that can endure punctures and even minuscule thorns, is coated on the palms and fingers. When you're through working, wash them. Purchase a few and have an additional pair on hand at all times; they also make thoughtful gifts for gardeners.

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