Buy in Bulk: Waterproof Gloves for Industrial and Commercial Use

10 Nov, 2023

By hqt


In various industries and outdoor activities, dealing with wet conditions is a common challenge. Whether you are working in construction, agriculture, fishing, or simply enjoying your favorite water sports, having the right gear can make a world of difference. 

One essential piece of equipment that can keep you comfortable and dry in such situations is waterproof gloves. These gloves are designed to provide excellent protection against water and moisture, and they are available for wholesale buyers. Let's explore the benefits of waterproof gloves and why they are a must-have addition to your gear.

Upgrade Your Gear with Waterproof Gloves

When it comes to facing wet conditions, having the right gear is essential. Waterproof gloves are designed to offer protection and comfort in scenarios where moisture can be a significant hindrance. These gloves are perfect for various activities and industries where keeping your hands dry is crucial.

One notable advantage of waterproof gloves is their ability to keep your hands dry even in the wettest of conditions. Whether you are working in the rain, dealing with snow and slush, or submerging your hands in water, these gloves offer a reliable barrier against moisture. This not only keeps you comfortable but also helps prevent issues like frostbite and trench foot in extreme conditions.

NMSafety is a trusted manufacturer known for producing high-quality waterproof gloves suitable for a range of applications. Their gloves are designed with durability and protection in mind, making them a valuable addition to your gear collection.

Wholesale Options Available: Waterproof Gloves

If you're in the market for waterproof gloves, buying in bulk can be a smart choice. Wholesale options allow you to save money while ensuring you have an ample supply of gloves for your needs. Wholesale purchases are particularly beneficial for businesses and organizations that require waterproof gloves for industrial and commercial use.

NMSafety, the manufacturer of these gloves, offers wholesale options to meet your specific requirements. This means you can order in large quantities, ensuring that you always have an adequate supply of waterproof gloves on hand for your team.

Benefits of Waterproof Gloves

1. Protection from Moisture: The primary benefit of waterproof gloves is, as the name suggests, their ability to keep your hands dry. This is particularly important in situations where prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to discomfort, health issues, or reduced efficiency.

2. Comfort: Wet hands can quickly become cold and uncomfortable, making it difficult to focus on the task at hand. Waterproof gloves maintain a dry and comfortable environment for your hands, allowing you to work or play without distractions.

3. Durability: Waterproof gloves are typically designed to withstand harsh conditions. They are built to be rugged and long-lasting, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of various activities and environments.

4. Versatility: These gloves are not limited to one specific use. They are suitable for a wide range of activities, including fishing, construction, agriculture, and more. Whether you're on the job or enjoying your outdoor hobbies, waterproof gloves have got you covered.

5. Protection from Harsh Weather: In cold and wet conditions, your hands are particularly susceptible to frostbite. Waterproof gloves provide an effective barrier against extreme cold, protecting your hands from frost-related injuries.

6. Reduced Maintenance: With waterproof gloves, you can minimize the need for frequent hand washing or drying. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of skin issues caused by prolonged exposure to moisture.

7. Increased Efficiency: When your hands are comfortable and protected, you can work or play more effectively. This is particularly important in jobs where precision and dexterity are required.

Applications of Waterproof Gloves

1. Construction: Waterproof gloves are invaluable for construction workers who often work outdoors in various weather conditions. They keep hands dry and warm, allowing for better performance on the job.

2. Agriculture: In farming and agriculture, waterproof gloves are crucial for tasks such as handling wet crops, working with livestock, and repairing equipment in muddy fields.

3. Fishing: For anglers, waterproof gloves are essential. They protect against constant exposure to water and fish, keeping your hands dry and warm during long days of fishing.

4. Industrial Use: In industrial settings where exposure to liquids and chemicals is common, waterproof gloves are a must. They protect against hazardous substances and ensure worker safety.

5. Water Sports: Enthusiasts of water sports like kayaking, canoeing, and sailing will find waterproof gloves to be an excellent addition to their gear. These gloves help maintain a strong grip on equipment and reduce the risk of discomfort during extended periods in wet conditions.

Waterproof Gloves: A Must-Have for Industrial and Commercial Use

1. Unveiling NMSafety's Waterproof Gloves

NMSafety, a reputable manufacturer, offers a remarkable product designed for demanding industrial and commercial use. The "Thermal Cut A4/D Sandy Latex Palm Water Resistant Gloves [DY1359NMDC]" is a prime example of their commitment to quality and functionality. These gloves are not only waterproof but also boast several other features that make them stand out in the market.

2. High-Quality Construction

The gloves feature a 15-gauge nylon outer liner and a 7-gauge terry acrylic & glass fiber inner liner. This dual-layer construction provides the perfect blend of durability and insulation, ensuring that your hands stay warm and dry, even in challenging conditions.

3. Cut Resistant

Safety is paramount in any industrial or commercial setting, and these gloves offer the protection you need. The first layer is fully coated with smooth latex, while the second layer boasts a sandy latex palm coating. This design not only makes the gloves water-resistant but also cut-resistant, providing a crucial layer of defense against sharp objects.

4. Meeting International Standards

NMSafety takes safety seriously and has ensured that these gloves meet various international standards. They are CAT-II EN-ISO-21420, EN388 2016 2X43D, EN511-2006-X21, and ANSI-CUT-A4 compliant. This means that you can trust these gloves to provide the protection you need while on the job.

5. Various Sizes and Customization Options

One size does not fit all when it comes to gloves, and NMSafety understands this. These gloves are available in multiple sizes, including 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, and 12/3XL, ensuring a comfortable fit for all users. Additionally, they offer customization options for logo, color, and packing, allowing businesses to tailor these gloves to their specific needs.

6. Bulk Purchase for Cost Savings

For businesses looking to equip their workforce with these top-notch waterproof gloves, NMSafety offers the option to buy in bulk. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 12,000 pairs, making it a cost-effective solution for companies with a substantial workforce.


Waterproof gloves are a versatile and indispensable piece of gear for a wide range of activities and industries. Whether you're facing wet weather, working with liquids, or engaging in water sports, these gloves provide the protection, comfort, and durability you need. NMSafety, a trusted manufacturer, offers wholesale options for those who require waterproof gloves for industrial and commercial use. Upgrade your gear with waterproof gloves and ensure that you are well-prepared to face wet conditions, no matter where your adventures take you.