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Thermal Microfoam Nitrile Coated Gloves [NBR1350DS]

13 gauge nylon & 7 gauge terry acrylic knitted liner, microfoam nitrile palm coated winter work gloves

Product Details

  • Liner:13 gauge nylon & 7 gauge terry acrylic
  • Coating:Microfoam nitrile
  • Size:8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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What Are Nitrile Coated Winter Gloves?


Nitrile-coated gloves are more versatile and remarkable due to their excellent properties. They can be used as a highly robust safety glove or as an alternative to latex gloves. Their prime qualities and insulation have made them more comfortable yet warm to deal with muscular tasks during winter. Safety gloves with a synthetic fiber coating for improved grip and stability are known as nitrile-coated winter gloves. These gloves offer a better wonderful mix of warmth and protection for the employees working in warehouses are other workstations. These gloves are completely manufactured with material that won't bother skin irritation.


Impressive Characteristics:


  • Strong thermal insulating power
  • Extra smooth and comfortable
  • Removes sweat quickly.
  • Resistant to water
  • Resistance from chemicals
  • Water-repellent


Why Do People Use Nitrile-Coated Winter Gloves For Medical Services?


Risk factors of allergies and to access hand hygiene products for antibacterial works, these nitrile coated winter gloves have become a number one choice of glove for nursing services and other infectious tasks, rather than latex coated gloves. These winter work gloves tend to have better bacterial inhibition than latex gloves when tested using the parallel streak process. They’re also good safety gloves for keeping severe diseases and blood-borne viruses at bay. The typical safety gloves are cut-resistant and protect you from anti-bacterial and chemical exposures.


Why These Gloves Are Suitable For Winters?


These foam nitrile gloves are a must-have for the cold time of year, as they are chemical resistant yet cut-resistant which aids in protecting your hands against lacerations, abrasion, burns, and skin contact with harsh chemicals. Make sure to use these safety gloves especially when your task includes hazards to your wellbeing. As difficulties of the winters increase the sudden damages, making it difficult for anyone venturing out to undertake commercial work effortlessly throughout this season it's important to provide your staff with the best working tools as everyone wants to keep their hands safe and warm in the cold.


Are Foam Nitrile Gloves Good For Construction Workers?


By using these warm gloves, construction workers can work comfortably in any freezing weather while also keeping themselves in a safer position. If you're a construction worker and are laboring in cooler weather, you should like to invest in these nitrile-coated warm gloves.


Use Of These Nitrile Gloves:


These winter work gloves are thoroughly used in commercial purposes such as engineering, building industries, roofing, and the medical field. Furthermore, you may also use these gloves for warehousing purposes, painting, fishing, foresting, and in chemical labs to prevent your hands from harmful liquids. Instead of working, these nitrile gloves are ideal for winter activities such as riding, skiing, driving, hiking, wilderness adventures, and snow sports that include downhill racing, snowboarding, skating, etc.


Four Important Benefits Of Using Nitrile Gloves:


  1. Humidity and thermal insulation:


These winter work gloves are the essential winter attires, due to their best working capabilities workers wore these work gloves for handling some difficult duties because they provide thermal insulation as well as better grip and comfort. These gloves offer a humidity feature that keeps your hands dry and warm for a long duration. For people who have to deal with cold and work under snowy conditions, these winter work gloves are the most worthy and best solution for them.


  1. Antibacterial Protection:


This nitrile-coated glove is such a special type of medical inspecting glove with built-in antimicrobial technology to fight infection and battle hospital-acquired infections. The use of anti-bacterial form nitrile-coated gloves in the medical field as, in the Intensive care unit (ICU) these gloves may serve to minimize cross-contamination. In 57 percent of the clinical activities studied, the use of these gloves effectively diminished microbial spoilage and bacterial growth after typical clinical services p-value = 0.01.


  1. Gripping Power:


The layout of these gloves is extremely tough and has good resistance to the surface tension. These offer hypersensitivity and a firm grip with flexible portions for improved dexterity and hold power.


  1. Resistance:


Foam nitrile gloves are chemically resistant to a variety of chemicals and substances, making them waterproof, greaseproof, and oil-proof. The wearer's hands are protected with nitrile gloves. The nitrile substance protects the wearer's hands from contamination and prevents them from contaminating any item or surface they come into contact with. Having excellent puncture resistance and dexterous strength, these nitrile gloves are also commonly used in the medical profession.


Top Features Of These Nitrile Coated Winter Gloves:


These gloves may offer you a wide range of features some vital features are as follows:


  1. Dryness Of Hands:The use of these safety gloves keeps your hands dry, allowing you to maintain stability and control of the task you're handling.


  1. Thermal Insulation: These gloves are certified to prevent your hands from the super cold winter and cold-related problems like frozen fingers and pain in joints.


  1. Comfort:Even in extremely cold areas, these nitrile gloves will keep your hands comfy, allowing you to complete your duties without any problem.


Our Buying Tip:


As nitrile-coated winter gloves can be worn for a variety of duties, including treating patients in hospitals and working on vehicles in garages you must consider your working criteria and the type of nitrile glove depending on what they're used for as each sort of glove comes in a variety of thicknesses.


Finishing Words:


You're well aware of these winter work gloves at this point. Consider them a must-have piece of personal protective equipment, and have them in your luggage alongside other foods and prescriptions because hand protection is essential. If you want to have a good time when shopping for gloves, go with NMSafety because they are the most authentic and trustworthy vendor.