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Sandy Latex Coated Gloves [NM1350S]

13 gauge nylon knitted liner, sandy latex palm coated gloves

Product Details

  • Liner:13 gauge nylon
  • Coating:Sandy latex
  • Size:7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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Sandy Latex Coated Gloves:


Workers love to use these sandy Latex-Coated Gloves because of their high strength and skin-friendliness. It is used in a variety of industries, including material handling, shipping and receiving, and construction. Natural rubber that has been fully coated and double-dipped provides an incredible grip, making it ideal for wet environments. Twice the grip of sandy latex-coated gloves. They have the right foam fit that improves comfort, grip, and safety. The bonding of the premium natural latex rubber to their base is improved by a special treatment and dipping process. The unique flat wrinkle-finish provides improved flexibility and dexterity, as well as a superb sturdy wet or dry grip.


Qualities Of These Sandy Latex Gloves:


  • Sandy provides better traction in wet/abrasive conditions.
  • For a more comfortable fit, they have a smooth texture.
  • Elastic but not too tight.
  • Material is biodegradable.
  • Due to its exceptional tactile sensitivity, it's ideal for high-risk jobs.
  • Pattern – lasts a long time and improves grip efficiency.
  • Provides a comfortable fit that completely covers the hand.


Sandy Foam Finish:


Sandy foam finish of these Latex Grip Gloves provides next-level comfort and cut resistance. It also has a nylon or latex covering that is extremely pleasant and eliminates hand fatigue. Flexible all-purpose glove for work that necessitates cut protection, such as dismantling or handling of sharp sheet metal or glass. These sandy latex-coated gloves with cut protection level C are best for grip and durability.


Latex material is good in comparison to others. Why?


In comparison to other glove materials, latex has very high elasticity and grip, and it can endure extreme conditions and tear. Latex-coated gloves are ideal for a variety of tasks such as general maintenance, shipping, receiving, assembling, and handling /brick/concrete/lumber. A latex coating is impact resistant and ideal for working with construction materials.


Why should you put on sandy latex gloves?


The skin expels oils and toxins from the body such as various salts and urea, which react vigorously with some materials and cause severe damage. For instance– Fingerprints can end up causing the metal to corrode. These sandy latex gloves should be worn when handling many other objects to protect them from all these secretions.



Uses Of These Sandy Latex Coated Gloves:


These Sandy Latex Gloves are ideal for use in engineering, outdoor activities, cooled areas, shipping, food distribution, making centers, maintenance, gardening, painting, chemical labs, home improvement, and overfishing. These gloves have a smooth latex surface due to being coated in a sandy latex. The gloves are water-resistant and meet the ASNI standards listed below.


ASNI Standards:


  • Puncture 2
  • Cut 2
  • Abrasion 4


Vital Features Of These Sandy Latex-Coated Gloves:


  • Lightweight:


These gloves are made of sandy latex, which makes them lightweight. These lighter and strop-gripped gloves are greatly useful to personnel working in electronics, lab work, electronic components, medications, and other machine operations.


  • Agility:


These gloves are easy to use and the sandy latex coating makes them more cut-resistant and stretchable than the others.


  • Holding Power:


These Latex Grip Gloves are ideal for handling tasks that require a strong grip due to the elasticity and gripping power of nylon material.


Benefits Of Using These Latex Grip Gloves:


Prevention From Hazards Components:


These Latex-Coated Gloves possess high abrasion and puncture resistance and also good resistance to oil, and a wide range of chemicals. This is why many industrial users prefer using these gloves. Moreover, these gloves also offer very good barrier protection from blood-borne pathogens and other infectious disorders. Practices requiring fine motor control, such as experimental research, may necessitate these lighter glove fabrics, whereas activities like dusting commercial components may not. While reviewing the work criteria, the level of dexterity required for each duty must be considered.


Protection From Bacteria And Pesticides:


You can prevent bacteria and toxic substances from coming into contact with the skin of animals or workers by using sandy latex-coated gloves. These gloves are an absolute necessity for any farm or agriculture sector, whether workers are handling pesticides or caring for animals.


Comfort And Stretchability:


These Latex-Coated Gloves are made of lightweight materials, allowing you to maintain the dexterity and efficiency required when working in the fields. They are extremely breathable, ensuring that their hands remain fully protected and dry throughout the working task. These gloves were ideal for all-weather scenarios due to their lighter weight and latex covering.


Resilience Against Contamination:


These sandy latex gloves are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and substances, making them durable, greaseproof, as well as waterproof. These gloves are used to protect the wearer's hands. The sandy latex material protects the wearer's hands from contamination and keeps them from contaminating any item or surface with which they come into contact. These gloves, which have excellent puncture resistance and dexterity, are also commonly used in the medical profession.


Our Suggestion:


These latex-coated gloves have a sandy latex coating is to provide the utmost comfort, wellbeing, and flexibility for the wearer on the job. The coating that has been used also ensures a firm grip at all times, as well as breathability, so your hands do not sweat while handling various tools. NMSafety, as your top-notch supplier, endorses that you must purchase these latex grip gloves because they are the best and will give you protection and nimbleness in tasks.