red foam-latex-coated-gloves
red foam-latex-coated-gloves


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Polyester Foam Latex Coated Gloves [NM1350PF]

13 gauge polyester knitted liner, foam latex palm coated gloves. The 13 gauge polyester knitted liner offers excellent comfort and breathability while providing durability and flexibility. The foam latex palm coating offers exceptional grip in dry conditions.

Product Details

  • Liner:13 gauge polyester
  • Coating:Foam latex
  • Size:7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:12000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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  • 13 gauge polyester liner offers excellent comfort and durability
  • Foam latex coating offers exceptional drip grip and elasticity
  • Suitable for use in the agriculture, warehouse, maintenance and manufacturing industries
  • Customizable

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Polyester Foam Latex-Coated Gloves:


These polyester Latex Grip Gloves are broadly used due to their working abilities and are effective in the prevention of harmful substances.

Gloves composed of polyester yarn are lighter, more flexible, and pleasant, reducing hand fatigue. These gloves have a polyester interior that makes them stretchier at the extreme since latex coating is extremely pleasant and eliminates stress and fatigue. They can be used in a variety of scenarios, including laboratories, food processing industries, janitorial jobs, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and more! Coating of latex made these gloves flexible, stretchy,

and long-lasting, but they can't prevent you from ruptures or burns.




Polyester forms are rigid and have greater tensile strength. Polyester is a type of polymer with an ester functional group in each repeat unit of the main chain. It most frequently refers to a type of polyethylene terephthalate as a material (PET). Polyester fibers are sometimes mixed with natural fibers to create a textile with a blending effect. Cotton-polyester blends made the product durable, wrinkle-resistant, and shrink-resistant.




Latex is a water-based stable dispersion (emulsion) of polymer microparticles. Latexes occur naturally, but synthetic latexes are also particularly prevalent. It is medium material that is neither too soft nor too rigid. Any water-based or stretchable polymer is referred to as latex. Natural latex is also known as natural rubber latex. Products having latex coating gonna make them flexible and comfy. Latex-coated gloves are used by the workers, working in automotive industries, construction, and for general purposes.


Construction Of These Foam Latex Gloves:


For optimum comfort, these polyester Foam Latex Gloves are constructed of highly seamless polyester and foam latex. The palm and fingers have a black latex wrinkle finish coating that provides exceptional grip and flexibility in both wet and dry circumstances. They have a flawless high visibility polyester liner included in the glove which serves its purpose in adding tactful qualities while making them strong and light, abrasion and wrinkle-resistant, easy to clean, and quick-drying. Besides polyester, the coating of latex ensures the gloves' endurance, puncture resistance, overall durability, and dexterity.




  • High agility and sleekness, as well as excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Advantages of double coating include increased durability.
  • On the rear, the whole coating allows quick waterproofing.
  • The foamed latex covering provides excellent grip in both dry and wet conditions. It's comfortable to wear.


Are these latex-coated gloves safe for laboratory use?


These latex-coated gloves are generally sufficient for protection against accidental splashes or contact with laboratory chemicals as they gonna provide you full protection against chemicals because they have a coating of latex. Handling hazardous materials, chemicals with unknown toxicity, corrosive materials, rough or sharp-edged objects, and many more with the help of these gloves.


Characteristics Of These Latex Coated Gloves Regarding Index:


  • 2 on the Tear PerformanceIndex (on a scale of 1 to 4)
  • 2 on the Abrasion PerformanceIndex (on a scale of 1 to 4)
  • 1 on the Puncture PerformanceIndex (1-4)
  • 1 on Index of Blade Cut Quality (1-5)


Advantages Of These Latex Grip Gloves:


Protection From Detergents:


These Latex Coated Gloves serve as a protective shield for most simple cleaning tasks, such as dusting or wiping, and their ability to screen hands from detergents, chemicals, and other cleansers has made them a popular choice among employees. When working with detergents and chemicals regularly, these foam latex gloves should be used instead of other gloves.



Preventions Against Chemicals:


Chemists and pharmaceutical workers are always at risk of chemical harm, which can include serious skin damage and chemical burns. To protect against potential injury, chemical safety gloves, specifically latex-coated gloves, are required.

These latex-coated gloves protect hands against a variety of contaminants, including cleansers, alcohols, biohazards such as illnesses and viruses, biological samples, scratchy items, and so on.


Rip Resistance:


These latex-coated gloves are more rip-resistant and durable than ordinary gloves, making them useful to deal with dangerous tasks. Because latex is malleable, it will stretch before tearing. These characteristics make these gloves impenetrable to punctures and capable of safeguarding your hands from sharp metal items such as scalpels, shears, nail clippers, and razors.


Strong Grip:


Wearing  Latex-Coated Gloves, you won't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Their polyester shell is extremely breathable, and the foam latex coating improves grip in the wettest conditions so that you will not feel any problem in performing your task.


Best Tip For Choosing Gloves:


  • Examining the specific dangers and hazards that the user is likely to face is the first step in selecting the right glove for the job. Even a minor scrape or cut can result in an infection, demanding medical treatment as well as time off work.


  • As gloves provide numerous layers of protection against a specific hazard, so make sure the glove you're wearing meets the task's criteria. A swap between protection and dexterity is occasionally unavoidable, so you'll have to figure out how to deal with it.


Final Words:


Always be conscious of the hand protection required for your job. Always be aware of whether you are dealing with cut resistance, chemicals, or general-purpose. Once you've determined this, look into the specifics of the tasks for which the gloves will be used. Being your reliable vendor, NMSafety recommends you to buy these latex-coated gloves as these gloves are the best and will be helpful for you if you are finding exactly what you need to protect your hands, whether it's minor cuts and scratches or hot weather conditions and chemical exposure.