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Nylon Crinkle Latex Half Coated Gloves [NM1355]

13 gauge nylon knitted liner, crinkle latex half coated gloves. The 13 gauge nylon liner provides strong durability while maintaining flexibility. The crinkle latex half coating not only provides outstanding grip but also guarantees control in dry conditions.

Product Details

  • Liner:13 gauge nylon
  • Coating:Crinkle latex
  • Size:7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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  • 13 gauge nylon liner provides strong durability while maintaining flexibility
  • Crinkle latex half coating ensures durability and fantastic grip in dry conditions.
  • Suitable for use in the agriculture, glass, warehouse, maintenance and manufacturing industries
  • Customizable

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Nylon Crinkle Latex Half Coated Gloves:


These nylon crinkle latex half-coated gloves are extremely crucial yet so fascinating because of their strong grip and reliability which made them an incredibly useful tool. These nylon crinkle gloves that have been half-coated in latex have a lot of elasticity, and breathability, and can endure the heat. They are also highly tearing resistant and can be used in dealing with slippery materials like glass. It's mostly utilized for cut resistance, but it also allows for sensitivity. It's ideal for use in the electrical and sanitary sectors. Oil, solvent, fat, grease, gasoline (excluding rubber), oxidation, and UV resistance are all present, however, it is not resistant to hot water and should not be used at temperatures beyond 79°C (175°F).


Material From Which These Foam Latex Gloves Are made Of?


Nylon fibers are used to make these latex half-coated gloves. The physical qualities of these gloves give protection against bio-hazardous threats, while their exceptional elasticity and tensile strength provide unsurpassed user comfort and reasonable cut and abrasion resistance. These gloves are derived from both; organic and inorganic substances and are more biodegradable and eco-friendly than Vinyl and Nitrile gloves, which are made from man-made synthetic materials. Pure latex and nylon fibers have been used in making these nylon crinkle Latex Half-Coated Gloves.


Are these latex-coated gloves useful for cleaning jobs?


These Foam Latex Gloves function as a protective barrier for most basic cleaning jobs, such as dusting or mopping, their quality of shielding hands from detergents, chemicals, and other cleaners gonna made them the personal choice of workers. When there is frequent exposure to detergents and chemicals you must opt for these foam latex gloves instead of vinyl gloves and butyl gloves.


Significant Uses Of These Gloves:


Nylon fiber gloves with crinkle latex coating are cut and impact-resistant, used in different applications such as;


  • Automobile Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Handling of glass
  • Welding of Metal
  • Electronics


Uses of latex-coated gloves in food outlets & catering services:


It's important to be aware of the destruction that infections like e-Coli and salmonella can cause, and these foam latex gloves are an important instrument in the fight against them. These gloves are recommended in many food safety courses around the world for use in the catering and food industries. Most people who work in the food industry today, from food processing plants to shops and major supermarkets to restaurants and cafés, are trained and understand the need not to spread bacteria onto food items provided to the general public.


Used By Criminals:


Criminals may wear these foam latex gloves when committing crimes to prevent leaving fingerprints that could be used against them as evidence. These gloves, on the other hand, may allow fingerprints to slip through as glove prints, transferring the wearers' prints to surfaces. Fingerprints are also left on the glove, and latent fingerprints can be developed from gloves left at or near the crime scene.


Esthetic Surgery: Practitioners doing cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections, chemical peels, and perming always wear these foam latex gloves to protect themselves and their clients by making their workplace hygienic.


Advantages Of Using These Foam Latex Gloves:


Resistant To Viruses And Bacteria:


These latex-coated gloves provide additional protection against viruses and bacterial contact and can be used in highly infectious areas such as emergency rooms and medical facilities. These gloves are approximately twice as strong as regular gloves and are extra cut-resistant to equip users with more protection and coverage.




When handling slippery goods like cartons, glass, and mirrors, the slip-resistant and oil-proof qualities provide you a sense of relief. Even though working, the breathable design keeps your hand cool and dry.


Puncture Resistance:


These latex-coated gloves have a higher puncture resistance and durability than regular gloves, making them ideal for all the different operations. Latex is pliable and will stretch before tearing. These properties make these gloves impervious to punctures and capable of safeguarding the hands from sharp items including scalpels, shears, nail clippers, and razors.


Protection From Bacterial Infections:


In medical applications 95% of microorganisms are transmitted through your hands, wearing these foam latex gloves reduces the transmission of viruses, bacteria, and diseases greatly. Microbes are easily transferred in healthcare facilities due to physical contact between patients and healthcare professionals, as well as workplace injuries among healthcare workers. This could be inhibited by the use of these gloves.


Benefits And Attributes Of These Latex Grip Gloves:


  • Agility, versatility, and will not irritate the skin
  • A crinkle latex grip is included.
  • Washable
  • Anti-abrasion and anti-slip properties are excellent.
  • Boosted dexterity
  • The most popular option for general assembly.
  • Superb traction in wet and oily conditions.
  • Dirt and debris are kept out of the glove thanks to the knit wrist.
  • Liquids, oils, and grease should be avoided.
  • Highly comfortable and have good flexibility.


Evaluate Our Advice While Purchasing Gloves:


  1. Assess glove and check their qualities and whether it is capable of the work you want to do.


  1. Choose your gloves according to your job because most people choose highly insulated gloves, but they will regret it after a while because highly insulated gloves can cause your hands to sweat.


Final Words:


Foam latex gloves may provide a distinct risk in all tasks, including warehouse, medical, and so on, so it's critical to ensure that workers have the best safety tool to allow them to accomplish their work to the best of their abilities while being protected at all times. NMSafety, your reliable vendor recommends you buy these nylon crinkle latex half-coated gloves as these are useful and undoubtedly, will live up to your demands.