• PVC
  • Rubber
  • Uncoated
  • PU
  • Water-based PU
  • Nitrile / Smooth Nitrile
  • Sandy Nitrile
  • Foam Nitrile
  • Crinkle Latex
  • Foam Latex
  • Sandy Latex



  • Steel fiber
  • Aramid fiber
  • Cotton Interlock
  • Nylon
  • Cotton Jersey
  • Polyester
  • Terrycloth
  • Spandex
  • CoolMax
  • Polycotton
  • Flocking
  • Acrylic
  • Carbon
  • HPPE
  • Glass fiber


Cut Level

  • ANSI A2 / CE B / 3
  • ANSI A3 / CE C / 5
  • ANSI A4 / CE D
  • ANSI A5 / CE E
  • ANSI A6 / CE F
  • ANSI A7
  • ANSI A8
  • ANSI A9


What Are Maintenance Gloves?


These gloves are the most valuable yet supreme handy tools that safeguard your hands from several hazards such as wounds, cutouts, and overall harshness induced by frequent exposure. People must use these maintenance gloves for a huge realm of risks, including routine doings as well as renovation. NMSafety has a great variety to offer when it comes to maintenance gloves. They have the exact product quality everyone would want.


Reasons That Makes Maintenance Gloves Your Top Pick:


Many notable things make these gloves an irresistible choice. Some of the main aspects are discussed below:


Protection Against Various Risks:


Hands Protection Against Chemical Exposure:


Maintenance work gloves keep hands safe while accomplishing services in household tasks, in a workshop, or in the workplace. These gloves defend your hands from cleaning or working with oils, strong acids, or explosives, it is commonly used. These protective gloves can readily avoid most hand infections, exposures, and skin disorders. As a result, it's crucial to select gloves that meet both ease of handling and proper safety requirements.


Protection Against Bloodborne Pathogens & Contamination:


The smartest way you can do to safeguard both the worker and the provider is to get these safety gloves that are promising you no compromise on hand hygiene as they will act as a defending agent yet play a vital role in keeping your hands safe and secure against pollution. Your hands have always been generally shielded from filth, dust, infections, and pollutants.


Cut Resistant Nature Of These Maintenance Gloves:


These are cut-resistant gloves that are consistent in dissecting their benefits and limitations so that they can be used in conjunction with safety knives to lessen the risk of harm, injury, and industrial accidents. Moreover, the use of these gloves functions to prevent your hands from abrasion and burns during the welding process.


Incredibly Comfortable To Wear:


To help alleviate mechanical stress, these properly protected gloves match the basic state of the hand. These gloves should also correlate to the hand in terms of comfort and function. However, maintenance personnel requires not only adequate hand protection both for the job but also comfortable gloves that aid in their performance.


Supported Verses Unsupported Maintenance Gloves:


Unsupported maintenance gloves ensure better protection against infections and oil as they are made of synthetic latex material which offers a great deal of blood-borne infections as well as dexterity and grip to the hospital staff involved in cleaning purposes. Not only that, they can be used as general-purpose or lighter duty gloves while supported gloves are quite expensive yet provide you the ultimate specialized protection against cuts or liquids because of the coating material and substances with which they are made.


When To Wear These Maintenance Gloves:


To Performing Difficult Tasks:


To execute difficult jobs, most maintenance workers require gloves with appropriate maneuverability and touch sensitivity. Maintenance personnel require not just the appropriate hand safety for the job, but also flexible gloves that aid in their performance. When replacing panels from equipment or repairing equipment pieces, they may have to deal with tiny nuts and bolts.


To Preventing Musculoskeletal Disorders (Older Workers):


According to several investigations, carefully designed work safety gloves can help prevent repetitive motion injuries (RMIs) and other musculoskeletal problems. Particularly in senior employees who may not be as adept at performing tasks as young employees. To help alleviate compressive damage, the right fitted maintenance gloves and sleeves should match the natural form of the hand or limb. Gloves should also adapt to the hand in terms of fit and function.


To Deal with Greasy Objects:


Special coatings on various gloves allow employees to handle wet and oily materials without exerting too much pressure. The grip is a difficulty in circumstances where maintenance workers must be able to grab objects securely, especially in oily environments.


Who Needs Maintenance Gloves?


  • Automobile technicians and service facilities need maintenance gloves. If you need to operate an automotive, these gloves will be incredibly useful in protecting your hands. Professionals who work on engines wear maintenance gloves.


  • They do not provide as much shock absorption, but still well to guard against toxic substances (such as engine fumes), intense temperatures, and other vehicle dangers.


  • Some employees choose to complete their tasks without putting on their safety gloves. The great precision, ease, and control given by bare hands are not worth sacrificing engine protection.


  • If you require mobility, gloves with sheer fabric at the knuckles are available.


Our Best Sellers among All Maintenance Gloves:


Polycotton Crinkle Latex Coated Gloves:


They're composed of latex, but if any of your servicing crew members are intolerant to latex, nitrile and vinyl are possible solutions. One can buy these disposable gloves that can be discarded after the task completion of these gloves are also available as multi-functional gloves that have to be washed on a constant schedule. These gloves are both practical and cost-effective. They provide chemical protection and are ideal for operations that need a lot of versatility.


Nylon Smooth Nitrile Coated Gloves:


Multi-task gloves are a fantastic alternative for maintenance activities that demand greater protective measures yet permit the palm to grasp and handle the tiny pieces effortlessly. More materials are used in multi-task gloves for greater safety. These gloves are made of nylon and contained in a polymer film for extra protection from harmful chemicals, scratches, lacerations, and ruptures. The yarns absorb sweat while letting the hands breathe.


Final Words:


As you’re more aware of these maintenance gloves now - why they should be used while performing any oil or cut-prone activity. PPE like these can avoid many harmful situations where hand protection is required. Choose the best vendor to avoid any scams. We suggest you try NMSafety while purchasing your gloves because the quality they offer is highly appreciable which will make you feel proud of your decision.