Leather Work Gloves: 7 Best Features

24 Mar, 2022

By hqt

Leather Work Gloves
Leather Work Gloves

Rubber leather work gloves are designed to protect the skin of the hands from adverse and dangerous factors. These products are good to use in various fields. For example, you can buy medical latex gloves to eliminate the negative effects of drugs, biological fluids, and pathogens.

Gloves are one of the indispensable guaranteeing equipment to help protect workers' hands. That's why the choice of gloves to use is put on number 1.

Currently, nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves are 3 of the many guaranteed gloves that are good to use a lot. Do you know what are the similarities and differences between them? If not, follow the article below we will help you distinguish Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl gloves!

Why use leather work gloves?

As people's living standards are increasingly improved, people's understanding is clearly reformed. That is why strict laws on physical health care observe. As a result, the need to use guarantors increases, in which there is no shortage of gloves.

The glove industry is growing, producing many good models. But the most popular are Nitrile solid rubber gloves, Latex gloves and Vinyl gloves. Below is the most detailed information about these 3 glove product models.

Distinguishing Nitrile, Latex & Vinyl Gloves

All three types of gloves have the same use. leather work gloves are good to use to protect hands against water, chemicals. To ensure hygiene, safety for users and environmental protection. From there, it helps to avoid the risk of infection from the hands, especially in the food, pharmaceutical, medical, and biotechnology industries.

What are latex gloves?

What are latex gloves? Nitrile Gloves? In the last few years, the glove industry has seen a trend of consolidation to form a handful of stronger but manufacturing companies. As a result, the industry has achieved a steady growth rate.

Malaysia is the largest producer of leather work gloves internationally, accounting for about 50-55% of the worldwide market. It is estimated that more than 100 billion pieces or 50 billion pairs of gloves are sold worldwide every year. Every year the international glove industry grows 10-12 %.

Demand for gloves remains strong

Due to the improvement of people's living standards, increased awareness of hygiene, the threat of bioterrorism, and stringent health care regulations. So, more and more people are using gloves, leading to increased demand.

In the rubber glove industry, two types of rubber gloves are commonly produced, latex gloves and nitrile rubber gloves. In the current leather work gloves market, the above two products are widely known by users, but not everyone can clearly know what Latex gloves are, what are Nitrile gloves? According to the manufacturer's definition:

What are latex gloves? Nitrile gloves?

Latex gloves: Latex is a type of tree resin taken from the natural rubber tree, so Latex is also known as rubber, Latex gloves form during processing along with heat and chemicals.

It forms an extremely good protective layer, fits when we wear gloves and is very supple. This type of leather work gloves is widely good to use in the production of medical devices, especially in the production of Gloves such as Powdered, Non-Powdered and Surgical Latex Gloves.

“Powdered”: more convenient to wear

“Powdered’’ means the cornstarch substance contained in the Gloves for the purpose of making Gloves more convenient to wear. Often good to use in the medical industry because of its cheaper price and especially important for the need of "one patient - one pair of gloves".

In order to avoid spreading the disease, it is better to replace the powdered gloves instead. It will be much faster and more convenient.

"Powder Free"means that leather work gloves manufacture by advanced technological process with polymer or chlorine coating on many surfaces.

This powder to prevent adhesion when wearing Gloves. Commonly good to use in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, drive industry, semiconductor and microelectronics, especially important in surgical industry for the purpose of absolute protection for patients with powder allergies.

It is also possible to quickly heal wounds, without causing doubt about surgical gloves when there are symptoms of difficulty in wound healing (if any).

Leather Work Gloves 2022

Features and Benefits of leather work gloves

Latex gloves are made from natural materials - the sap of rubber trees. Thanks to the addition of stabilizers, fillers and other substances, the material acquires special properties. Russian-made latex gloves are in high demand. Their advantages are:

  • High strength and ability to stretch;
  • Excellent elasticity;
  • Maintaining high sensitivity, which allows you to work with small objects and perform precise operations;
  • Comfortable fit on the arm;
  • Good grip in both wet and dry environments.

It is worth buying latex gloves to perform various researches, as they are resistant to acids and alkalis. Examination latex powder-free gloves are indispensable in any medical institution.

Cost of latex medical gloves

Powder-free leather work gloves are easy to put on and do not cause allergies. They reduce the risk of transferring allergens into manufactured food or other products.

Non-sterile, powder-free latex gloves are easy to put on and take off. It does not create inconvenience and discomfort even during prolonged use, fit snugly to the hand, providing the maximum level of skin protection.

Characteristics and features of products

Chlorinated latex gloves have special properties. Thanks to the spraying of the choir, the service life of the product significantly extends. Leather work gloves is important for medical workers performing long-term manipulations, as well as for the optimal organization of some production processes.

The most popular option is latex gloves S. They design for a standard hand and are suitable for most people. Regardless of the purpose of use. The most profitable solution is to buy latex gloves in bulk.

This allows you to provide staff with such products for a long time, as well as save the budget of the organization.

Nitrile (Latex Free) gloves

It is a synthetic rubber, formed exactly like Latex but does not contain Latex. Leather work gloves does not cause allergies in some people who are sensitive to Latex, has good water and oil resistance.

Nitrile gloves are widely good to use in all industries that require high hygiene such as testing, dentistry and health care as well as non-medical industries such as industry, food processing...

According to statistics, about 70% of people use Powdered Gloves, because the price of Powdered Gloves is cheaper than Powderless Gloves. However, there is also a general number of people who use Powder-free Gloves because among them (about 1%) are allergic to Latex and want to try Powder-free Latex Gloves. Whether Latex, Nitrile or Vinyl.

Leather work gloves is good to use more often in nature and environments that are particularly important without powder contamination, for example in electrical assembly plants, laboratories, laboratories, and laboratories. understand crime...