interlock cotton-liner-nitrile-full-coated-gloves-knitted-cuff
interlock cotton-liner-nitrile-full-coated-gloves-knitted-cuff


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Interlock Liner Nitrile Fully Coated Gloves Knitted Cuff [NBR1560]

Interlock liner blue nitrile fully coated gloves, knitted cuff. The interlock cotton liner offers comfort with its lightweight, breathable and soft cotton. The nitrile full coating offers comprehensive coverage for superior protection, providing dry grip, water and oil resistance, abrasion resistance, and excellent dexterity.

Product Details

  • Liner:Interlock
  • Coating:Nitrile
  • Size:8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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  • Interlock cotton liner offers comfort with its lightweight, breathable and soft cotton
  • Nitrile full coating offers comprehensive coverage for superior protection, providing dry grip, water and oil resistance, abrasion resistance, and excellent dexterity
  • Knitted cuff ensures a secure fit and helps prevent debris from entering the glove
  • Suitable for use in the agriculture, automobile, construction, forestry, warehouse and oil industries
  • Customizable

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What are Gloves Knitted Cuff?

A Knitted Cuff for Gloves is a knitted cuff that forms the wrist region of the glove or the lower edge of a jacket or sweatshirt sleeve. It keeps gloves in place so that they don't fall off. It protects the wrists and forearms in addition to the wrists and forearms. It has an open cuff, similar to the safety cuff, allowing ventilation and fast removal. It tightens the sleeve edge around the wrist, reducing the possibility of loose fabric becoming stuck in a machine's rotary wheels or gears while it's in use.



Different advantages are following here:

They are strong, comfortable, and elastomeric. Dexterity and breathability are proved more via gaps in the cushioning. With increased mastery and a sense of touch, these knitted cuffs decrease vibration and impact from sanders, grinders, and other vibrating tools. Vibration is lessened, which helps to prevent strain and injury to the arms, hands, and shoulders. Knit gloves are constructed of spun yarns and are therefore breathable and form-fitting.


Types Of gloves:


Electrical Gloves:

When working with the voltage type, electrical gloves are essential to prevent electrical shock, arc flash, and arc blast. These components are voltage rated and may also provide some abrasion resistance.


Flame Retardant Gloves:

Flame retardant gloves provide more protection in industrial procedures where hands may get contacted by an open flame or sparks. These gloves are usually less robust than firefighters' gloves, but they are also less labor-intensive. In industrial tasks, they give increased puncture resistance.


Garden Gloves:

Garden gloves are all-purpose gloves used for gardening and terrain rehabilitation. They protect against abrasion while improving grip.


Inspection Gloves:

Inspection gloves protect objects and procedures from the abrasive/oily texture hand, which is different from typical glove designs. These gloves are lightweight, lint-free, and breathable fabrics with more focus on tactility.



Although gloves protect hands from harmful environmental elements, they have drawbacks when worn frequently.

The most significant issues to consider are dirt, inflammation, maceration, allergy, and discomfort.

Contamination and irritation can occur through glove permeation, spills onto the skin from gloves, and absorption through gloves.

Polymeric glove irritant dermatitis is frequent in the workplace and can be happened due to the polymer itself, additions to the polymer, or glove powders.


What is Nitrile Half Coated Knitted Gloves Cuff?

Nitrile is a tough coating that provides more abrasion resistance without requiring solvents usage. These half-coated nitrile knitted gloves include extended safety cuffs for more protection up the wrists and are perfect for heavy industrial applications.

A person who requires nitrile half-coated gloves is most likely allergic to latex. These heavy-duty gloves are frequently used in the food sector or by people who work with medical supplies. When we compared it to other gloves in the business, the gloves provide a higher level of protection.



  • Safety gloves with a long life span
  • Full nitrile covering for increased protection and a secure grip
  • The lining is of cotton jerseys for added comfort.
  • In these gloves, wrist protection is by canvas safety cuffs.
  • Abrasion resistance is excellent.
  • Safety Cuff, Nitrile Coated, Foam Lined
  • Foam lining provides thermal protection, perspiration absorption, and a comfortable fit on the hands.
  • Oils, acids, caustics, and alcohols are all resistant to this material.
  • Puncture, abrasion, cut, and tear resistance is all excellent.
  • Chemical and petroleum-based product resistance are excellent.


Automobiles, chemical processing, fishing, pharmaceuticals, petroleum refining, forestry, and manufacturing are applications.

Heavy industry, transportation, logistics, engineering, welding, recycling & waste management


Why We Should Use:

Nitrile-coated gloves provide a coating that protects your entire arm, including your five fingers. It is an additional layer of protection that improves resistance to cuts, abrasions, and snags. It also protects you from chemicals, oils, and other contaminants that could obstruct your operations or cause skin injury.

Skill is also improved when wearing heavy-duty gloves. You'll have a firmer grip, and the gloves will last a little longer than regular latex gloves. It also guarantees that your top arm can breathe and stay comfortable while performing the tasks.

Most employees and employers prefer the nitrile-covered glove for reasons other than the level of protection this glove provides. The coating creates a secure and comfortable barrier between your work and your hand. It does not negate your skill, which you would have if you were using your hands without gloves. It's the reason that this glove is a choice by many of the most exciting sectors.

Leather gloves in the past time were an option to manage the level of work that the nitrile gloves could handle. The material proved uncomfortable to wear, and the wearer lacked fundamental dexterity. These heavy-duty gloves have solved these issues, resulting in their increasing popularity. They provide the same comfort and safety at work as if you were working with your bare hands.


Thickness and Protection:

The thickness of your gloves decides the level of protection they provide. As a result, it is one of the factors to consider while purchasing gloves. The thickness determines the likelihood of chemicals leaking through or a sharp object reaching your hand. The coating solution improves nitrile gloves by dipping them many times. It guarantees that the thickness is suitable and comfortable enough for any person to carry out your duties.

If you stay safe at work depends on how you handle heavy-duty gloves and whether you follow the safety guidelines put forth by your business.



As a safety professional, it is you must educate yourself on the best tools available to protect your employees or yourself. The light quantity of information available on heavy-duty gloves and the wide range of gloves available might be overwhelming. When choosing a glove for a purpose, you must ensure you select the correct glove. When we compared it to the alternative - hand injuries – using the proper glove for the job is well worth the price. So for this purpose, the company NM Safety is the best option for buying these trustworthy goods.