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DY1350AC-H02 yellow

Impact Resistant & Cut Resistant Gloves Yellow/Black 02 [DY1350AC-H]

13 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber knitted liner, sandy nitrile palm coated gloves. Sewn thermoplastic rubber-TPR on the back. Anti vibration padding on palm. Reinforcement between thumb and index finger. Velcro on cuff. Custom TPR design is available, Cut level A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9 are available.

Product Details

  • Liner:13 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber
  • Coating:Sandy nitrile
  • Size:7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:3000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:TPR design, Logo, Color, Packing

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Impact Resistance And Role Of Safety Gloves In This Domain?


A combination of forces or stresses applied over a short time determines a material's or structure's ability to withstand structural disintegration. In the same way, humans are prone to such hazards as crush injury, compression fracture, sprain, and many more as a result of forceful hits. In severe cases, loss of limb or finger has also been seen.

When the risk of injury is greatest, impact-resistant gloves appear to be essential. Petroleum and gas, manufacturing, oil drilling, and construction are the industries most affected. Impact dangers to the palm and fingers are widespread in the automotive, petrochemical, and aerospace sectors. High-impact gloves are meant to protect hands and fingers from compressing force threats in industries where there is a significant danger of damage.


Notable Features Of These Impact Resistant Gloves:


Sandy Nitrile Palm Coating: Sandy nitrile is an extremely dexterous material. In addition to dexterity, it also offers upgraded abrasion protection. This is why these gloves are coated with this to give you the required efficiency to perform your task.

TPR On The Back: Thermoplastic rubber is perfect to distribute impact. This is why most impact-resistant gloves are made with this material. It is the main thing that makes them durable and a reliable choice for impact resistance

Velcro On The Cuff: Velcro on the cuff provides an adjustable fitting and ensures that your gloves remain in place. It is also useful to get protection against the dirt as it does not allow anything to come inside.


Advantages Of Using Impact Resistant Gloves:

Impact-resistant gloves provide general protection against a variety of hazards. Some of them are discussed here:


Steel Reinforcement:

These Cut-resistant gloves are an excellent alternative for preventing injuries and lacerations from forceful hits. It's convenient for employees to knock their knuckles or cut their fingers while working with rebar, whether they're twisting, molding, collecting, or zigzagging it to lay concrete.


Repetitive Motion Injuries:

Carpal tunnel disorder is a neuromuscular condition caused by repetitive actions, improper postures, and overexertion. These gloves are specially designed to provide an incredibly comfortable fit and support musculoskeletal health, lowering the risk of injury from longer and frequent hand movements. Not only that but HAVS are also seen in warehouse workers, the use of these logistic gloves gonna prevent you from the most common cause of injuries which is inappropriate physical movement and control.


Cut Protection:

When it comes to impact-resistant gloves, cut and abrasion resistance is also a key consideration. You're not only vulnerable to impact injuries, but cuts are also a major risk.


Tactile Sensitivity:

Because these gloves are 13 gauge thick, they're excellent for the sensation of feeling the object, which means you'll be able to execute any task tactfully now as you've learned how to handle the objects.


Chemical Protection:

These impact-resistant gloves keep hands safe while accomplishing services in industrial tasks, in a workshop. These gloves defend your hands from cleaning or working with oils, strong acids, or explosives, it is commonly used. These protective gloves can readily avoid most hand infections, exposures, and skin disorders. As a result, it's crucial to select gloves that meet both ease of handling and proper safety requirements.


How TO Choose The Right Glove?

There are some common features that you must notice before buying your pair of impact-resistant gloves.



When working in the oil and gas industry, you're more likely to see material slippage, which is a huge problem because it leads to a slew of nasty scenarios. This is why your gloves should be coated with a non-slip substance that also protects against contamination.


Airflow And Coziness:

When shopping for impact-resistant gloves, the most important aspects to consider are comfort and breathability. To preserve ventilation throughout the glove, look for gloves with polyester or cottony liners.


 Choose the Right Fabric:

Make sure the material is of the right quality and kind for the amount of protection you require at work. Look for ones that are more durable and breathable.


 Diameter: To avoid pain, size is important in all scenarios. Look for your size by examining the shape of your hand. Check to see if your impact-resistant glove is too tight.


Temperature Resilience:

When you work in a warehouse or in the manufacturing industry, you are constantly exposed to severe temperatures. This is why, in extreme temperature circumstances, thermal resistance is an unavoidable factor.


Some Of Our Incredibly Favorite Products:


Impact Resistant & Cut Resistant Gloves:

These gloves are not only protective against impact but also very good for cut resistance and you can use them for material handling and assembly purposes too. This is because of these 13 gauge nylon & HPPE & Glass fiber knitted liner, sandy nitrile palm coated gloves. Sewn thermoplastic rubber-TPR on the back. Anti-vibration padding on the palm. Reinforcement between thumb and index finger. Velcro on the cuff. They’re an extremely reliable choice.



Now that you're more informed about these impact-resistant gloves, you can see why you should use them if you're doing anything that involves impact, oil, or cut hazards. PPE like this might help you avoid a lot of dangerous circumstances where you need to protect your hands. To avoid any scams, choose the best vendor. We recommend that you try NMSafety when purchasing your gloves because the quality they provide is exceptional, and you will be pleased with your decision.