How Work Gloves Became A Globally Well-Known Brand?

26 Mar, 2022

By hqt

How Work Gloves Became A Globally Well-Known Brand
How Work Gloves Became A Globally Well-Known Brand

Advantages of nitrile gloves

A great alternative to disposable work gloves is nitrile products. As a result, the latex variety of natural origin has become less in demand. The scope and characteristics of gloves made of these materials are similar.

The advantage of nitrile products includes neutrality for the skin. Natural latex, on the contrary, can cause severe allergic rashes. For people who are allergic to this material, short-term contact is usually sufficient. Unwanted reactions appear after a few touches to the skin.

Synthetic rubber (nitrile) is a hypoallergenic material, so nitrile gloves widely use.

Nitrile work gloves are renowned for durability and resistance

Synthetic rubber products are safer, but their benefits don't end there. They also have important mechanical properties. Such characteristics are decisive in the medical industry. 

This is an important nuance, since the risk of punctures is quite high, as a result of which you can become infected with serious diseases.

Change in production technology

More recently, the use of nitrile gloves has caused a lot of inconvenience. Products with difficulty fit to the hand. As a result, the level of skill and dexterity of the user significantly reduces. The change in the nitrile production scheme made it possible to minimize this negative factor. 

At the present time, it is quite difficult to find differences between natural rubber and nitrile.

Stable value is a fundamental criterion in the selection process

The price of latex gloves may vary. The main reason is the use of natural rubber. Latex obtains from the processed sap of the rubber tree. This is a rather lengthy procedure. Rubber of synthetic origin obtains as a result of chemical processes, so the production is stable.

Work gloves: Price-quality ratio

In our store, the consumer can easily choose the best option at an affordable price, since nitrile gloves are presented in different price categories. Blue nitrile gloves meet the basic requirements. They have an excellent value for money, so they are very popular. Rarely buy black gloves. 

They have high strength, so they widely use as protective equipment that can use repeatedly.

The advent of synthetic gloves has changed the way things are made, from street food to cosmetics. Vinyl uses to make non-sterile protective equipment, which is necessary for working with chemically inert substances of non-protein origin. Key product features:

Composition of work gloves

Manufactured from a synthetic copolymer of polyvinyl chloride. Safe for humans, as they do not cause allergic reactions. The material is dense and has low elasticity. Has a number of restrictions on contact with certain chemicals;


PVC gloves use where precision of tactile sensations does not require or where there is no contact with aggressive chemicals. It is usually common in the food industry, cosmetology and cleaning companies. Suitable for reusable use;


Trump vinyl - the minimum cost, and hence the retail price. Among workers, they value for the density of the material, which does not let water through. Work gloves are resistant to weak alkalis and acids. The PVC is rough enough to provide a firm grip and thin enough to feel the object being used.


Among the negative qualities of polyvinyl chloride, we note the permeability to protein substances and esters, as well as low strength, which imposes restrictions on regular use. Moreover, PVC products are comfortable and reliable, and therefore popular, despite the shortcomings.

Comparing protective equipment, we first find out how vinyl gloves differ from nitrile or latex. They are less durable, do not electrify and are only suitable for certain activities. Work gloves cost a lot less than others. It turns out that in the conditional quality rating they occupy the lowest position, although they are in demand among the population.

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Nitrile: resistant to accidental damage, abrasion

The discovery of nitrile solved the problem of personal protection for people allergic to latex. Its penetration resistance is on par with natural rubber, although it is less elastic.

Moreover, they are used in industries that require cleanliness or personal safety in contact with raw materials. The main technical characteristics of nitrile work gloves are as follows:


Nitrile is a synthetic polymer made from petroleum products. It bases on a nitrile-butadiene complex: monomers of carboxylic acid, butadiene and acrylonitrile. The properties of the material ensure its resistance to oils, solvents and other chemical compounds.


Nitrile gloves are used in food processing, handling non-toxic liquids and repair work. Moreover, they often purchase by beauty salons and cleaning companies because they do not interact with biochemical compounds.


Nitrile has many positive qualities, but breathability makes it especially valuable for workers, that is, hands in such gloves do not sweat. Moreover, the work gloves are resistant to accidental damage, abrasion and aggressive chemical environment, that is, it is suitable for almost any activity.


The physical and chemical properties of nitrile butadiene latex have only a couple of drawbacks - low stretch and lack of precision in handling small parts. In terms of other parameters and technical characteristics, this material surpasses the highest quality vinyl.

Speaking about which gloves are stronger - vinyl or nitrile - we come to the conclusion that the latter are better resistant to mechanical stress, that is, they are more difficult to pierce or tear.

The durability of nitrile work gloves and their reusability make them ideal for work that does not require sterility or special finger sensitivity.

Latex: thin personal protective equipment

These qualities have made them indispensable in medicine and those areas of production where it is necessary to determine the size and shape of a part by touch. Moreover, the only difficulty may be the natural origin of the material, that is, its ability to cause allergies in a person who forces to wear an IZ remedy every day.

The main criteria for latex gloves are as follows:


Latex is the well-established name for natural rubber, that is, an elastomer with high barrier properties.


Latex work gloves are used for work that requires the most accurate tactile sensation and reliable protection against various chemical and biochemical substances: in medicine, food industry, cosmetology, maintenance, agriculture.


The main thing for which latex gloves value is high barrier ability. Moreover, they are resistant to microorganisms, alcohols and fats. Their elasticity and tight fit to the hands make them indispensable for work requiring special coordination of movements.