Foam PVC Coated Gloves: Are You Making the Right Choice?

18 Jan, 2024

By hqt

When it comes to hand protection in various industries, Foam PVC coated gloves have proven to be a reliable choice, offering a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and grip. However, making the right choice involves more than just selecting this type of glove; it also requires understanding how to determine the right size for your hands. Let's explore the key considerations and dive into the details of a specific product – the PVC1350F by NMSafety.

Diversity in Foam PVC Coated Gloves Colors and Styles

One of the notable features of Foam PVC coated gloves is the range of colors and styles they come in. Manufacturers, like NMSafety, understand the importance of offering options to cater to different preferences and work environments. Whether you're looking for high-visibility gloves for enhanced safety or subdued colors for a professional appearance, Foam PVC coated gloves have you covered.

The vibrant spectrum of colors not only serves aesthetic purposes but can also aid in color-coding systems for specific tasks or departments within a workplace. This allows for easy identification and contributes to an organized and efficient work environment. Styles may also vary, with options such as cut-resistant or thermal-lined Foam PVC coated gloves, providing specialized protection for specific job requirements.

Replacement Frequency for Optimal Foam PVC Coated Gloves Safety

Ensuring the ongoing safety of workers is paramount, and understanding when to replace it is crucial for maintaining their effectiveness. The replacement frequency depends on several factors, including the intensity and duration of use, exposure to chemicals or harsh substances, and any visible signs of wear and tear.

As a general guideline, experts recommend replacing Foam PVC coated gloves every 2 to 4 weeks in regular usage scenarios. However, if the gloves exhibit noticeable damage, such as cuts, punctures, or excessive wear, they should be replaced immediately to prevent compromising hand safety. Regular inspections and prompt replacements are essential practices to uphold the integrity of the gloves and safeguard the hands of the wearer.

Care Instructions for Prolonging Foam PVC Coated Gloves Life

To maximize the lifespan of Foam PVC coated gloves and ensure they remain in optimal condition, proper care is essential. While these gloves are designed to withstand challenging work conditions, following some simple care instructions can significantly prolong their life.

Firstly, it's crucial to clean the gloves regularly. Depending on the nature of the job, this may require cleaning with mild soap and water. Or use a specialized cleaning solution to remove more stubborn residue. Allow gloves to air dry thoroughly before storing. And avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, or harsh chemicals during the drying process.

Secondly, proper storage is key. When not in use, Foam PVC coated gloves should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Hanging them or laying them flat can help maintain their shape and prevent unnecessary stress on the material.

Lastly, be mindful of the tasks for which the gloves are intended. Using the right type of Foam PVC coated gloves for specific applications can prevent premature wear and tear. For example, if handling sharp objects, opting for cut-resistant it is advisable.

The NMSafety Foam PVC Coated Gloves Advantage

When it comes to Foam PVC coated gloves, NMSafety stands out as a reliable manufacturer committed to providing top-notch hand protection solutions. With a focus on quality and innovation, NMSafety ensures that their gloves meet the highest industry standards, offering peace of mind to workers and employers alike.

Determining the Right Foam PVC Coated Gloves Size for Your Hands

Ensuring that your Foam PVC coated gloves fit properly is essential for their effectiveness and your comfort during work. The sizing of these gloves is typically denoted by numbers or letters, ranging from small (S) to extra-large (2XL). To determine the right size for your hands, follow these simple steps:

1. Measure Your Hand: Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of your dominant hand, just below the knuckles. This measurement, in inches or centimeters, corresponds to the glove size.

2. Refer to the Sizing Chart: Each manufacturer, including NMSafety, provides a sizing chart that correlates hand measurements to the appropriate glove size. Check the product details or packaging for this information.

3. Consider Your Work Environment: If you'll be wearing the gloves for extended periods or engaging in tasks requiring dexterity, a snug fit is preferable. However, if you need to wear liners or if the gloves will be worn intermittently, a slightly looser fit may be more comfortable.

Product Spotlight: Foam PVC Coated Gloves PVC1350F by NMSafety

The PVC1350F by NMSafety is a prime example of high-quality Foam PVC coated gloves designed to meet the diverse needs of workers. Here are the key specifications of this product:

1. Liner: The gloves feature a 15-gauge nylon knitted liner, offering a balance of flexibility and strength. This liner ensures a comfortable fit while providing the necessary protection for various applications.

2. Coating: The palm of the gloves is coated with foam PVC, enhancing grip and durability. This coating is designed to withstand abrasion and provide a secure hold on objects, making the gloves suitable for tasks requiring precision and control.

3. Size Options: NMSafety understands the importance of offering a range of sizes to accommodate different hand dimensions. The PVC1350F is available in sizes 7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, and 11/2XL, ensuring that every worker can find the perfect fit.

4. Certifications: The gloves comply with the EN-ISO 21420 and EN388:2016 standards, with a rating of 3131X. These certifications highlight the product's performance in terms of abrasion resistance, blade cut resistance, tear resistance, and puncture resistance.

5. Customization: NMSafety goes the extra mile by offering customization options for the PVC1350F gloves. Companies can add their logo, choose specific colors, and even customize the packing according to their branding requirements.

Foam PVC Coated Gloves Ordering Information:

1. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity): 6000 pairs

2. Lead Time: 60-120 days, ensuring timely delivery to meet your business needs.

Foam PVC coated gloves, such as the PVC1350F by NMSafety, are not only about size and fit but also about meeting specific safety standards and catering to the unique demands of your work environment. By choosing gloves that align with your requirements and ensuring the right size, you are making a conscious decision to prioritize both safety and comfort for your hands. NMSafety's commitment to quality and customization further solidifies their position as a reliable manufacturer in the realm of hand protection.


Foam PVC coated gloves are a versatile and practical choice for hand protection across various industries. By understanding the options available, knowing when to replace and following proper care instructions. Users can take full advantage of the safety, comfort and longevity of these gloves. Choosing a reputable manufacturer like NMSafety ensures that you invest in gloves that prioritize quality and reliability. Ultimately helping to create a safer, more productive work environment.