Anti-Impact Gloves: 6 Amazing Features Will Attract Your Attention

24 Feb, 2022

By hqt

Best Types of Cut and Impact Resistant Gloves
Best Types of Cut and Impact Resistant Gloves

Why safety gloves are essential in risky environments?

Essentially, these products are totally different from the run-of-the-mill work gloves that workers generally use for their regular tasks.

So, what exactly these products are as well as why you should wear them? Additionally, what are the special features of impact-resistant gloves?

Further, what are the most hazardous industries that usually use safety gloves?

Stay with us to know more!

What are the anti-impact gloves?

There are many jobs in which you need high protection for your hands because there are maximum risks of injury from impact. Hence, gloves manufacturers specially design anti-impact gloves to provide you better protection while doing a heavy-duty job.

In addition, these impact-resistant gloves not only protect you from impact but also from;

  • abrasion
  • cut
  • and puncture injuries as well.

These gloves also save you from arc flash and provide you great protection from pains and aches from the constant pounding of some heavy objects.

Moreover, these special safety gloves give you extreme protection with the help of their knuckle areas, extra grip patches, and padded palms.

Why do you need anti-impact gloves?

It is obvious that protecting your hands, means, you want to save your hands from several injuries and you are able to do your job safely. So, you need to wear these gloves without worrying too much about the risk of injuries.

Anti-impact gloves have the ideal capability to protect you from mud, oil, chemical, and gas, etc. Hence, you should properly wear impact gloves to protect yourself from all potential injuries in your harsh work environment.

How do a pair of anti-impact gloves work?

Basically, impact protection gloves have designed with special materials that have the excellent ability to dampen or lessen all the harsh impacts of your work.

These gloves are perfectly able to turn all harsh impacts that can cause a serious injury into a comparatively lesser bump or knock. Hence, by wearing these gloves your hands stay safe from critical injuries during tough duties.

What are the special features of anti-impact gloves?

When gloves manufacturers start constructing anti-impact gloves, they always choose a perfect combination of materials so that you get ideal protection for your risky jobs.

But you should always keep in mind that the pair of gloves you select must have the following good features such as;

1. They must have a durable outer shell.

2. This shell should be made up of sections of properly raised solid materials.

3. Further, all these solid materials must be perfectly affixed to your pair of gloves.

4. They must be beneficial to use in several risky industries.

5. They must have a high level of grip on your palm.

6. These safety gloves should be designed using the best quality thermoplastic rubber (TPR).

In fact, only an ideal material of TPR has the ability to provide you superb impact protection. Additionally, it can improve the overall movement of your hands in order to complete your job properly.

The most hazardous industries that use anti-impact gloves

Virtually, impact injuries can occur in almost all industries but here we are discussing the most hazardous industries where they are necessary to use.

Moreover, if you will not wear these anti-impact gloves in such a risky environment, you will have to face some serious crushing, pinching, and puncture issues.

Let's know about these most hazardous industries!

These industrial workplaces are;

  • shipping,
  • mining,
  • quarrying,
  • fishing,
  • exploration and extraction of gas and oil and many more.

Additionally, there are several other workplaces where significant risks of impact cuts or injuries are possibly existing, and impact-resistant gloves are greatly helping in all such issues.

The 3 helpful tips to choose the perfect pair of anti-impact gloves

Today it is not a tough job to find impact-resistant hand gloves as a quick Google search easily reveals dozens of gloves with their price as well. But it is not an easy job to choose perfect gloves among the crowd.

So, we are here for you with some useful tips so that you can easily choose a perfect pair of anti-impact gloves for your messy environment.

1. Deeply examine at the hands’ comfort first

2. Ideally Impact-resistant Padding Coverage

3. Extreme durability.

Let’s discuss them in detail!

Deeply examine at the hands’ comfort first

The first and foremost aspect that is highly needed to consider is comfort. It is fact that without hand comfort, you will not able to do your job properly. So, comfort plus impact resistance are the basic good features that your selected pair of safety gloves must-have.

Basically, if you will not feel comfortable during your job, it is obvious that you will take off your gloves. Hence, this is the time when your hands will get some serious injury. That’s why we are deeply focusing on comfort features.

Ideally Impact-resistant Padding Coverage:

It is very important that the pair of anti-impact gloves that you select for your tough and risky job must be TPR covered at the specific areas of your thumb and fingertips. Moreover, if gloves are not properly TPR covered at the back of your hand and fingertips, and then they have no ability to protect you from high impacts.

Extreme durability:

It is a fact that nothing is forever in this world. But when it comes to impact-resistant gloves, all of us obviously want that they should be long-lasting. Several workers are lazy. Further, they may not afford to buy these gloves early that are why choosing durable gloves will be your wise decision.


In fact, half of all types of accidents in industrial areas include hand or finger injuries. Hence, it shows that all these industrial risks can be reduced with the proper use of anti-impact gloves.

These gloves have particularly designed to avoid impact injuries while working in risky environments.We are sure that the tips that we have presented in this guide will completely help you to select a perfect pair of safety gloves.