7 Top Advantages of Cut Resistant Work Gloves

12 Apr, 2022

By hqt


What are the advantages of work gloves?

Depending on the type of material, workmanship, density and other technological features, good cut resistant work gloves have many advantages in use:

  • Low price. If the product is dirty, torn or worn out, you can always purchase several pairs to replace.
  • The material is elastic, stretches well without damage. It does not have a division into the right or left limb, their size range is very limited. This makes the cut resistant work gloves versatile and facilitates product selection.
  • Dense fabric protects against most surface mechanical impacts - splinters on wooden boards, shards from broken glass or sharp corners of equipment.
  • The cotton material absorbs oil, gasoline, paint and other sources of chemical contamination well, minimizing the risk of these compounds coming into contact with the skin.
  • Moreover, for work in winter, insulated products with a dense membrane that retains body heat uses.
  • Armor on some personal protective equipment is made of materials that are not subject to the negative effects of aggressive environments.
  • The natural component does not melt on contact with a hot surface, thereby reducing the risk of skin burns.

As a rule, with heavy use, poor quality products need to change several times a day, while more expensive products can last 1 to 2 weeks. Similarly, a production site or construction site should always have spare parts available for replacement.

How to choose the cut resistant work gloves?

Generally, quality work gloves can be found at every hardware store. To make the right choice and purchase personal protective equipment, you need to consider some of the nuances:

Choose the right material. When it comes to chemical production or manipulations with small objects, synthetic fabrics better suit for such purposes, since they do not decompose in an acid or alkaline environment, and also fit snugly against the skin, repeating all the curves of the palm.

If the user is working with sharp or heavy objects such as steel machine parts, bricks or concrete blocks, please purchase a thick cloth product.

Pay attention to the area and surface of the PVC armor

When working with a shovel, rake and other objects that involve gripping a smooth surface, you need to pay attention to the area and surface of the PVC armor, as cut resistant work gloves will prevent hands from slipping.

Industrial activities associated with hazardous chemicals require the implementation of safety procedures. In this regard, the fabric must impregnate with a resistant polymer composition, which excludes the contact of a dangerous liquid with open areas of the body.

Generally, the durability of the material depends on the quality of knitting and class. When carrying out professional activities, you should consider a product with an index of 7 - 10 and above.

The base technology design specifically for operation in winter. Knitting is made without seams, providing ease of use without rubbing the skin. Furthermore, they have an acrylic lining that plays the role of a heat-insulating layer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of cut resistant work gloves

  • Perfectly retain the heat of the hands, allow you to work at extremely low temperatures.
  • Outside, the palm area cover with a thin layer of latex, which prevents the hand from slipping when grasping a load or tool.
  • Similarly, the high price of products - from 220 rubles per pair.
  • Due to the increased density, sensitivity is completely lost, which makes it impossible to manipulate small items.

The size range presents in one universal version - 9.

Cut Resistant Work Gloves 2022

Cut Resistant Nitrile Coated Gloves

The cut resistant work gloves intend for fine work in production, or when performing interior decoration. The natural cotton base coats with a dousing nitrile coating over the entire surface area.


  • Ansell's patented GRIP Technology coating with knurling makes it easy to pick up even oily small items.
  • Moreover, the surface is resistant to abrasion, despite the thin layer.
  • In addition, work gloves are absolutely impervious to water and other liquids.


  • The thin layer heats up quickly, making it difficult to work at extreme temperatures.
  • Moreover, delicate material is easy to cut or pierce.

Cut Resistant B Nitrile Coated Gloves

Another model of this brand in the rating of cut resistant work gloves. Knitted gloves with a dense insulated base. They have an original orange signal color and a dotted rubberized coating with reinforcement in the area of ​​the fingertips.


  • The low price of products allows you to change them daily without significant expenses.
  • Furthermore, PVC coating provides reliable grip of the hand with any surface in the grip area.
  • Multi-line machine overlock eliminates the risk of material unraveling.


  • Low strength cannot guarantee long-term operation of the product.
  • Similarly, weak cuff elastic quickly stretches, and gloves begin to fly off the hand.

Two sizes of products are available for sale - 7, 9.

Cut Resistant Nitrile Coated Gloves

A high-quality cotton-based cut resistant work gloves with the inclusion of nylon threads. It has a double dousing latex coating at the point of contact of the palm with the work surface.


  • The breathable base effectively removes moisture from the surface of the hands, preventing diaper rash.
  • The covering possesses the increased elasticity and durability, reliably protects from cuts and punctures.
  • The double machine overlook excludes unraveling of the product.
  • The elastic cuff fits snugly around the wrist.


  • Possesses low strength characteristics.
  • In addition, on the white surface immediately appear traces of pollution.

Cut Resistant Coated Gloves

One of the best cut resistant work gloves in the ranking, widely recognized among professionals. The composition of the product contains both cotton and nylon fibers. Thanks to this composition, the product easily ventilate, has increased elasticity.


  • A knit density of 10 stitches per inch guarantees increased abrasion resistance.
  • Armored PVC coating reliably protects the user's hand from both punctures, cuts, and impact.
  • The seamless knitting technology ensures maximum wearing comfort.


  • The complexity of interaction with a humid environment, as the material gets wet easily.
  • Low degree of frost resistance.

Cut Resistant Gloves Grey/Black

The product represents the best value for money. Cut resistant work gloves use at construction sites, in workshops, in areas of loading and unloading goods. Natural cotton base with a knitting class of 7.5 has a double flow coating of different colors on ¾ of the area of ​​work gloves


  • Low price combined with acceptable quality and reliability.
  • Cut-resistant thanks to rubber coated finish.
  • Moreover, machine over lock on the cuff extends the service life.


  • Low strength cut resistant work gloves - the goods quickly begin to tear in places where there is no PVC coating.
  • Furthermore, the wide cuff is not suitable for every arm.