5 Important Instructions To Use Protect Gloves Easily

24 Feb, 2022

By hqt

5 Important Instructions To Use Protect Gloves Easily
5 Important Instructions To Use Protect Gloves Easily

Protective Gloves and its Importance

Protect gloves are always an essential accessory for workers. It helps to avoid scratches, high temperature for the user's hands. It also helps to increase work efficiency.

According to research, injury to the hand is 40-50% of work accidents. The hands are the part that supports most of the work. Therefore, it is necessary to protect them in the best way. Then the protective gloves come into play.

Depending on the industry or purpose of use, there are different types of protective gloves.  Furthermore, here are some common types of specialized gloves.

Insulating gloves, design and use

The electricity industry is a potentially high-risk industry. Workers who are not properly protected can have a life-related incident. Therefore, before working, they often equip themselves with a pair of insulating gloves.

Protect gloves are usually come of high-strength neoprene or fabric. They come with a convex pattern in the palm of the hand for easy grip. Non-slip, create working efficiency.

Unlike the electricity industry, jobs such as welding, iron and steel production, etc. need insulating gloves. The insulated gloves are designed to fit, hug the hand;

They come with aramid and fiberglass, one side coated with aluminum. Besides, the palm has a soft cushion, protecting the workers' hands at the highest level. Insulated gloves help protect hands from sparks, high temperatures from welding. Helps improve work efficiency.

Cut resistant protect gloves, design and use

Cut-resistant gloves are made from fabric combined with cut-resistant materials. When using cut-resistant gloves during work. The user will eliminate the risk of injury due to knives, scissors; sharp objects ...

Furthermore, they protect workers' hands when working with sharp objects that can injure hands. Occupations that often come in contact with cutlery and sharp objects should not ignore this type of gloves.

Where to buy protective gloves?

Companies and enterprises should equip their employees with protective gloves. To optimize work efficiency and limit potential risks to human life.

What are cut resistant gloves?

Cut-resistant gloves are protective gloves in the field of labor protection equipment. This is a necessary accessory for workers' hands to protect their hands. Used in jobs with sharp metal materials, or with cutting and grinding machines, etc.

Jobs that use a lot of hands often handle and process metal and wood objects. Similarly, they can stab and cut hands, causing scratches and are very susceptible to infection if not handled. Hands are easily injured and difficult to heal because of movement and contact with all objects. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the safe and healthy hands, especially the workers who are working.

Protect gloves protect you from sharp objects hurting your hands, protecting work safety. It is an indispensable tool and is good to use in many different industries. In addition to the cut-resistant advantage, some cut-resistant gloves can be chemically resistant.

Structure and note when using cut resistant gloves


Cut resistant gloves are sewn with materials that are highly resistant to cuts and punctures. For example, nylon, polyester, Kevlar, metal mesh yarns, etc. These fibers have different characteristics, so you can choose the right glove. For example, nylon fiber has dots with good water absorption and high abrasion resistance.

Polyester fiber is chemical resistant, quick drying. Kevlar fibers can withstand high temperatures, each with different properties suitable for different environments. According to a 5-point scale of shear resistance, the metal mesh yarn reaches 5 points. Superior cut resistance, safe for mechanical work, manufacturing, etc.

Important Instructions for Protect Gloves

Before use, you need to check the gloves for holes or damage. Do not use with saw blades, power grids and need to be cleaned after use.

Most are easily washable with soap and water. However, it is necessary to follow the instructions for use because each fabric has its own note. About choosing gloves, you should choose the right size for your hand, not too wide or tight.

Any profession will have potential dangers to human health in varying degrees. Therefore, in a clean room, it is also necessary to have a lot of personal protective equipment to protect people. Similarly, rubber gloves are also indispensable equipment. Protect gloves are commonly good in the medical industry, laboratories, biotechnology.

Cleanroom rubber gloves

Those gloves help workers' hands limit contact with toxic substances, dust, bacteria that is hard to see by the naked eye. These gloves come with with strict requirements to avoid all bacteria, sterility such as in operating rooms, laboratories or during food processing.

With non-toxic material to use. We take this a miracle treasure of people working in the medical industry and related industries.

Note when choosing to buy protects gloves:

Choose suitable waterproof protect gloves. Depending on the concentration, working intensity, contact time with different electronic devices and items.

Should find out if the material used to make gloves is allergic and irritating to the skin to avoid discomfort when using.

Choose the right glove size

Do not choose a type that is too wide, it will cause entanglement in the working process. Also, it should not be too tight; it will hinder the working process and blood circulation through the hands.

Cleanroom rubber gloves

Note when using clean room gloves before and after working:

- Check the quality before use for signs of puncture or tear, do not use.

– Use the right type of specialized gloves suitable for the industry.

When gloves come into contact with toxic liquids or chemicals, do not put them on your face or any other part of your body.


Currently, there are many places to distribute cheap protective gloves on the market. You need to carefully consider choosing a reliable place to buy the most secure product.

Insulated protect gloves are a different type of rubber gloves from the common ones. It has their insulating ability. They come from high-strength synthetic rubber, used for all electrical network works. There are three types of insulating gloves as low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage with different kv numbers. It corresponds to the needs of each job.