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DY1850F-H5 sandy

18 Gauge Cut Resistant A5/E Sandy Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce [DY1850F-H5]

18 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber knitted liner, sandy nitrile palm coated, cut resistant gloves, reinforcement between thumb and index finger. Cut resistant gloves offer cut protection with ANSI cut resistance level A5 and ISO 13997 cut resistance level E. Reinforcement between thumb and index finger for additional protection and durability.

Product Details

  • Liner:18 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber
  • Coating:Sandy Nitrile
  • Size:6/XS, 7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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  • ANSI cut resistance level A5;ISO 13997 cut resistance level E
  • 18 gauge nylon, HPPE and steel fiber ensures superior hand protection without sacrificing comfort
  • Sandy nitrile coating provides excellent durability and grip in wet and oily conditions
  • Reinforcement between thumb and index finger for additional protection and durability
  • Suitable for use in the aerospace, automobile, construction, maintenance, manufacturing, oil and steel industries
  • Customizable

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What Is Cut Resistance? How Can It Be Achieved?

Cut susceptibility is the amount of effort required to cut through a material with a sharp edge. It is sometimes the sole factor considered when selecting gloves for cut prevention because it is simple to test using defined assessment methods and equipment. Cuts are a major worry for anyone who works in a field that requires delicate material handling. Cut-resistant gloves are created for this purpose, and they give specific protection against cuts, abrasion, and a variety of other risks. When it comes to cut-resistant gloves, buying from a reputable retailer should be your top priority. NMSafety is a well-known brand that offers these gloves in excellent condition at a discount. Their gloves are incredibly comfortable, affordable, and safe to use.


18 Gauge Cut Resistant A5/E Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:

These cut-resistant gloves are extremely good to provide safety against cut prone objects as it has all the basic things incorporated that are required for better hand safety including the cut level A5 ANSI which means they can protect you from moderate to slightly severe cut hazards, 18 gauge thickness is highly recommended to make them lightweight and thinner enough to provide better tactile sensitivity allows you to perform work better. Not only that, thumb reinforcement increases its service life and enhances protection for fingertips and areas that requires more protection.


Significant Qualities Of 18 Gauge Cut Resistant A5/E Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:

These gloves may offer you a wide range of features some vital features are as follows:


Dry Grip: The use of these safety gloves keeps your hands dry, allowing you to maintain stability and control of the task you're handling.


A6 ANSI Cut Level:

A5 provides moderate to heavy protection from cut hazards (2200-2999 grams to cut). Molding steel process, shredding, glass manufacture, and meat processing all use ANSI – A5 gloves to protect workers from high cut dangers.


Temperature Insulation: These gloves are certified to prevent your hands from the super cold winter and cold-related problems like frozen fingers and pain in joints. So everyone who wants to keep themselves safe should wear safety gloves.



Soft & Smooth: Even in extremely cold areas, these nitrile gloves will keep your hands comfy, allowing you to complete your duties without any problem.


18 Gauge Cut Resistant A5/E Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:


Material Packaging: Workers face a dilemma when it comes to packaging delicate glass pieces because they must frequently handle broken glass. These cut-resistant gloves are an excellent alternative for reducing the danger of cuts and accidents.


Gross Motor Control:

Motor coordination skills are important while handling slippery materials, and these gloves can help with that. Wherever grip is a difficulty, it will allow you to accomplish your duty with quickness and tact. When these gloves are worn, the chance of slipping is reduced.



These anti-cut gloves are waterproof, oil-proof, and chemical-proof, allowing you to use them in the oil business or on any water-related operation that requires a delicate grip. Furthermore, these gloves are suitable for usage in laboratories.


Why We Have Used Nitrile Coating In Manufacturing OF These 18 Gauge Cut Resistant A5/E Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce?

Yea, nitrile is highly versatile, and work gloves with a rich layer of nitrile coating are more robust to corrosive solvents and are more resistant to scratches and cuts. This is why nitrile is known as the "horsepower" of the glove industry since it provides large-scale protection while also allowing for fine motor skills and multitasking. You can use them not only for industrial purposes, but also for any situation where contamination, damage, or moisture resistance are a problem. All forms of protective work gloves will, on average, protect you against burns, bruises, and light chemical exposure.


Buying Guide:

Some of the gloves' standard features for cut resistant gloves are as follows:


  • Thickness, size, and gauge
  • Moisture-wicking and comfort.
  • Mobility and quickness.
  • Grip control is sufficient.
  • Stitching on the palm that is strengthened.
  • Resistance to wear.
  • Glove cuffs that are excessively lengthy or short.
  • Cutting and puncture resistance.


18 Gauge Cut Resistant A5/E Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:


Our Bestsellers:


Cut Resistant A6/F Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:

These anti-cut gloves are a remarkable choice when it comes to protection against puncture, cut, wounds, abrasion, and many other cut related injuries resulting from the close contact to cut prone materials ideally the glass handling industry or a slaughtering industry are on top of the list because there are extremely severe risks handling broken crystal pieces and cutting meat because in both cases the materials are extremely sharp. These gloves are coated with nitrile to add flexibility, smoothness, and a fine grip. Thumb reinforcement also plays a key role to protect your knuckles and increases the service life of these cut-resistant gloves.


Soft Cut Resistant 5/A3/C PU Coated Gloves:

These PU-coated cut gloves serve to shield the wearer's fingertips and hands from moderately severe cut dangers, such as those encountered in everyday industrial labor, publishing, and vehicle operation. Gloves with a low cut offer more flexibility and comfort than those with a high cut.



As you know everything about these 18 gauge Cut-resistant A5/E nitrile-coated gloves with a nitrile protective layer is indisputably excellent hand defense, allowing you to work in a far safer environment while handling sharp objects. You should choose the ideal gloves for your employment based on your worries. All you have to do is purchase from a reputable seller. We propose NMSafety since their products are known for their high quality; purchasing from them will make you proud of your decision.