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DY1850F-H4 sandy

18 Gauge Cut Resistant A4/D Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce [DY1850F-H4]

18 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber knitted liner, sandy nitrile palm coated, cut resistant gloves, reinforcement between thumb and index finger.

Product Details

  • Liner:18 gauge nylon & HPPE & Steel fiber
  • Coating:Sandy Nitrile
  • Size:6/XS, 7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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What Is cut Prevention? Who Needs It?

The amount of effort forced to break through a material with a sharp edge is known as cut susceptibility. Because it is concise to evaluate using specific evaluation methods and equipment, it is sometimes the only consideration examined when selecting gloves for cut prevention. Anyone who works in a field that demands delicate material handling is concerned about cuts. Cut-resistant gloves are designed specifically for this purpose, protecting cuts, abrasion, and a range of other hazards. Purchasing cut-resistant gloves from a reliable provider should be your priority. NMSafety is a well-known company that sells these gloves in great condition for a low price. Their gloves are extremely comfortable, inexpensive, and safe to wear.


18 Gauge Cut Resistant A4/D Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:

These gloves have all the features that allow you to handle different material with a better sense of safety because it has an A4/D cut level that is required to gain protection at a certain but slightly moderate level these gloves have nitrile coating which ensures durability and flexibility in them. They are thinner which means that they don’t put any burden on your hand so hand muscle fatigue is not a risk using them. All in all, these gloves are comfortable and an ideal choice to maintain grip and work efficiently.


Benefits OF Using 18 Gauge Cut Resistant A4/D Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:


Motor Coordination:


Handling slippery materials necessitates good motor coordination, which these gloves might aid with. Wherever grip is a challenge, it will allow you to complete your task quickly and tactfully. The risk of slipping is lessened when these gloves are worn.


Tactile Sensitivity:

As these gloves have 18 gauge thickness- it means that they’re extremely good for the sensation of feeling the object which surely means you can perform any task tactfully as you now know how to handle the objects.


Rebar Handling:

Cut-resistant gloves are an excellent alternative for preventing injuries and lacerations from forceful hits. It's convenient for employees to knock their knuckles or cut their fingers while working with rebar, whether they're twisting, molding, collecting, or zigzagging it to lay concrete.


Food Services:

If you work as a chef and veg cutting, chopping, and meat handling is your routine then definitely they are good to get a protected feeling.


Abrasion And Puncture Resistance:

These 18 gauge Cut-resistant gloves, first and primarily, protect employees' hands from nicks, cuts, and bruising while dealing with metal, knives, and other sharp tools. Though not every industrial cut-resistant glove is made equal, a good pair of cut-resistant gloves can make a big difference in a worker's physical protection.


Characteristics of 18 Gauge Cut Resistant A4/D Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:


A3 ANSI Cut Level:

A4 offers moderate cut threat mitigation (1500-2199 grams to cut).


Nylon & HPPE & Glass Fiber Knitted Liner:

HPPE creates a lighter, ventilated & adaptable glove that also helps with cut and tear prevention. While the nylon and fiberglass material in the lining composition is unhindered by humidity, which renders them perfect for food prep, manufacturing, and packaging applications.


18-Gauge Thickness:

Gloves with a gauge of 18 and above are all regarded as highly dexterous, as the greater the gauge thickness, the thinner the glove. Because the thickness of the threads is less obvious under this category, we've grouped them. Gloves with a gauge of 13 and above are all regarded as highly dexterous, as the higher the gauge, the thinner the glove.


Nitrile coating:

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber material that is perfect to achieve grip and oil resistance. This layer is a great choice when you come in touch with oily surfaces.


Buying Guide:

These are the following things that can help you find a better safety glove when it comes to cut resistance.

Ease and moisture-wicking.

Speed and agility.

Thickness, dimension, and gauge are all factors to consider.

Grip control is adequate.

Stitches on the palm that are reinforced.

Resistance to wear and tear.

Glove cuffs that are too long or too short.


Limitation Of 18 Gauge Cut Resistant A4/D Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:

The only limitation of using these gloves is they don’t allow you to handle powered machinery because of the cut level. You must avoid using them against heavy machinery as they’re only capable of general resistance in a workplace like an automobile, maintenance, forestry, and gardening.


Our Recommendations:


18 Gauge Cut Resistant A5/E Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:

These anti-cut gloves are a great choice because it has A5 ANSI which means they can protect you from moderate to slightly severe cut hazards, 18 gauge thickness is highly recommended to make them lightweight and thinner enough to provide better tactile sensitivity allowing you to perform work better. Not only that, thumb reinforcement increases its service life and enhances protection for fingertips and areas that requires more protection.


Cut Resistant A6/F Nitrile Coated Gloves Thumb Reinforce:

These nitrile coated cut gloves are a remarkable choice when it comes to protection against puncture, cut, wounds, abrasion, and many other cut related injuries resulting from the close contact to cut prone materials ideally the glass handling industry or a slaughtering industry are on top of the list because there are extremely severe risks handling broken crystal pieces and cutting meat because in both cases the materials are extremely sharp. These gloves are coated with nitrile to add flexibility, smoothness, and a fine grip. Thumb reinforcement also plays a key role to protect your knuckles and increases the service life of these cut-resistant gloves.



You've learned everything there is to know about these 18 gauge Cut Resistant A4/D nitrile Coated Gloves and how they operate against dangerous materials. The quality of these anti-cut gloves, as well as the level of protection they provide, will astound you. You can now state that wearing these gloves makes you feel safe and secure because the possibility of harm is much minimized. To avoid a conflict, the only thing you can do is find a trusted provider. We prefer NMSafety since their gloves include everything you need.