ANSI CUT 5 Anti-Impact and Cut  Resistant Work Glove -DY1350AC-R
ANSI CUT 5 Anti-Impact and Cut Resistant Work Glove -DY1350AC-R
ANSI CUT 5 Anti-Impact and Cut  Resistant Work Glove -DY1350AC-R
  • Anti-impact padding TPR on finger back, Reduce the damage to our hands.
  • Shock absorption TPR on glove back protect your hand get away hurt.
  • Dipped sandy nitrile palm and sponge filled on palm, keep the glove anti-impact and Anti-oil function.
ANSI CUT 5 Anti-Impact and Cut  Resistant Work Glove -DY1350AC-R
  • LINER:
    Nylon+ HPPE+ Glassfibre
  • PALM:
    Sandy Nitrile+Sponge padding
    Anti-Vibration,Anti-Cut function
  • SIZES:
    7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL
OEM Service

NMSafety 13 gauge grey Nylon+UHMWPE+Glassfibre liner coated orange sandy nitrile gloves, anti-vibration padding TPR on back.


1.13 Gauge Seamless knitted grey Nylon +HPPE+Glassfibre liner, TPR on back.

2.Cut resistant level 5 liner and orange sandy nitrile dipping on palm.

3.Flexible and super sponge palm that fit like a second skin.

4.We can make your logo on glove back.
5.Anti-Impact, Anti-Oil and Anti-slip function.
6.The glove liner colors can be changed.
7.CE Standard: 2016 EN388: 4544EP
8.Normal Package: 12 pairs/polybag, 60 pairs/carton.


1.Mechanic working.
2.Automotive assembly.
3.Heavy Equipment Operation.
4.Handing sharp parts.
5.Abrasive material handling

6.Oil & Gas industry.

A vehicle industry develop very fast and in an industry where robotic systems are prevalent, the array of hazards for which hand protection is required.
Cut resistant Industry
The material handling and product assembly worker may require gloves that can protect against cuts,punctures, and abrasion, Apply for cutting, slicing, peeling, grating, glass handle, wood carving, oyster shucking, carpentry, metal work and more.
ESD gloves are designed to work with static sensitive devices where bare hands are to be avoided. These gloves are ambidextrous to allow flexibility, reduce fatigue, and are washable.
We know that construction workers are exposed to a multitude of hazards on a daily basis and hand protection requirements vary at every stage of a project.
CE Standard
EN420,EN388: 4544EP
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