Nano-Metre Team Travelled to Saipan (4.27-5.1)
From 27th,Apr to 1st,May, Our Company have a happy travelled to Saipan in America.

1. Sea beach blue sky and white clouds

By traveling we can enjoy the beautiful scenery in different places. We will see with our own eyes many places read of in books, and visit some famous cities and scenic spots.

2. Jungle Adventure

We will meet people with different interests and see strange and different things when we travel. We can get ideas of the conditions and customs of other people, taste different foods and local flavours and sports if we like. In this way, we can understand how differently other people live.

3. Beautiful crocodile island

A masterpiece of nature, a natural crocodile statue,so beautiful.

Travel will not only help us to gain knowledge of geography and history and other knowledge, which will arouse our deeplove :for our m0therland, but also will help us keep healthy and make us less narrow-minded. Travel does benefit us both mentally and physically.

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